Project Life 2013 | Week Seven (Studio Calico March Project Life Kit)

Welcome to Project Life | Week Seven.

Each month during 2013 one of my Project Life weeks will be using the Studio Calico Project Life kit.

You can check out all the new kits for March over at Studio Calico here: Scrapbook Kit | Project Life Kit | Card Kit.

This week I did lots of cutting and pasting with the journal cards that were included in the kit - adding them to photos and combining them together to create some additional designs.

A peek at the mess in progress on my table.

The date card (upper left corner) was created by combining the folded journal card + a 4x6 journal card (cut) + a 3/4 journal card (cut) + the days of the week stamp + the folded circle accent (cut) + a date stamp from my stash. Those were all stitched together using yellow thread on my sewing machine.

I included two 6x12 divided page protectors as my insert for this week to include more images from my Palm Springs adventure.

I cut the diagonal 4x6 die-cut and the "&" 4x6 journal card and stitched them together to create a partially see-through element. I added letter stickers + the arrow stamp on the front. On the back I added two flags that were cut from journal cards to create an additional element (loved how Allison Walken did something similar last month when she added two horizontal elements on a photo).

The "lucky" banner was cut from a journal card.

"Be Awesome Always" was cut from the March Neverland printable.

I printed out the March Neverland printable and used scissors and a 1 inch circle punch from EK Success to add those elements to my photos with foam dots and rolling adhesive. Especially loved cutting out that "be awesome always" element and adding it to the back of one of the 4x6 cards.


Click on the images to link to the products.

Project Life is a product and a system and a lifestyle created by Becky Higgins. It can be anything you want it to be. The core pieces used in my album are available here. If you live outside the US check Becky’s site for more information on sources. View all my posts about Project Life here.

19 thoughts

  1. Alanna N

    2013-02-28 01:10:17 -0500

    Love that idea with the diagonal die cut... a little sneak of what comes on the next page. Will definitely be putting that on my list of things to do. Thanks!! :)

  2. dawn

    2013-02-28 06:21:20 -0500


  3. alida

    2013-02-28 07:51:16 -0500

    Delightful pages! You are "Awesome always" :) Also loved spotting your Bliss Coffee tin on your desk, remember the blogged story from years ago,and have been following my bliss ever since!

  4. Sandy Davis

    2013-02-28 08:05:03 -0500

    Great pages and love what you did what you did with the daigonal cut card. Cant wait to get my kit.

  5. Tina

    2013-02-28 08:27:57 -0500

    Love the see through element!

  6. Lisa W.

    2013-02-28 09:06:24 -0500

    Always SO so so enjoy your PL posts...good good stuff. And you get to go to such awesome fun getaways!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Enikö

    2013-02-28 09:47:37 -0500

    Love the way you sewed the card on the diagonal! Great products...great giveaways!

  8. Linda

    2013-02-28 11:59:27 -0500

    Gorgeous layout as always!! I love the subtle color scheme of the March Project Life kit!!

  9. Maureen W.

    2013-02-28 12:28:12 -0500

    Another great week - thanks for the continuing inspiration! I know my albums will never look just like yours, but at least I can take bits and pieces of your style and incorporate them into my work.

    BTW - I wanted to say that it's not fair that you're not only super duper talented and artistic, but that you're also beautiful! :)

  10. Catherine R.

    2013-02-28 15:23:41 -0500

    Hi Ali!

    I have a questions. What is the name of the font you used for the phrase "Love how you love this?" Thank you!

  11. MaryAnn Thomas

    2013-02-28 15:56:33 -0500

    Hello Ali,

    What paper do you print your printables on? Do you use photo paper or plain cardstock?


    PS: I'm a long-time fan!

  12. Holly

    2013-02-28 16:22:27 -0500

    Love that sewn in transparency!!! Great idea

  13. Jen

    2013-03-01 13:04:01 -0500

    Awesome pages; love all the ideas and techniques! I've got to make time to get in my scrap room this weekend! Thanks for the inspiration!

  14. Marie

    2013-03-02 15:10:56 -0500

    i am so excited to get my PL Kit - been on the waiting list!! This seems to be a great month to start - super products!!
    I hope that you were going out on the town - you looked GORGEOUS in that self portrait!!!!

  15. susi

    2013-03-03 18:12:59 -0500

    I love the creative inspiration you share in all that you do. Your style is always beautiful, classic and uncluttered. The self-portrait was gorgeous! It is wonderful watching you blossom and embrace your new adventures!

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    2013-03-05 19:51:12 -0500

    [...] title card this week was inspired by something similar I saw on Ali’s Week 7 Project Life post. I have a sewing machine but I’ve been too lazy to get it serviced and so I decided that [...]


    2013-06-20 03:01:03 -0400

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