Self-Paced Workshop Retirement Sale + Day In The Life February Reminder

Two things today.

First, I've decided to retire the three self-paced classes I offer here with the hope that it will encourage/inspire/motivate me to get going on some new ones. Each one is available for $10 each through Sunday and after that they will be gone for good. If you've already purchased these workshops you will continue to have access to them but they will not be available to purchase after this Sunday. I won't be removing the actual content from each classroom.

The self-paced classes include (click on any of the names below to read more specifics about each workshop and to purchase):

Second, this is your final reminder about participating in Day In The Life on Thursday, February 28th. I'm doing this project once a month in 2013. I'll be doing mine from the road as I adventure on a short trip to visit the good people at

Grab all the details about recording your Day In The Life here.

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