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Okay, so if you know me or you've been reading my blog for very long it's likely you've heard me mention my friend Dr. Brené Brown (here's a post where I talk about our story).

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This week I'm focusing on Brené for Heart & Soul because she's got something really big (um, huge) happening this weekend - an interview with Oprah for Super Soul Sunday.


That's her up there in the photo, hanging out with Oprah. And I'm bursting at the seams for her. Brené is a generous, intelligent, real, hilarious, straight-forward, loving and just a totally awesome person that I'm beyond honored to call my friend. Her work in this world is important and it's so worth your time to check out her books (linked below), read her blog, watch her insanely popular TED Talks and mark your calendar for this Sunday to watch her conversation with Oprah.

Read more about Super Soul Sunday here. Check out the preview video here.

If you don't have access to the OWN network you can watch it online live via, or at 11am EST and 11am PST. More details on the silmulcast here.

Check out this great blog post she wrote for Oprah: 4 (Totally Surprising) Life Lessons We All Need To Learn


I hope you have a wonderful weekend making and keeping memories.

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