Catching Up On Project Life

Earlier this week I posted the image above on my facebook page with the following message:

"Lots of holes to fill in #projectlife. Only 3 weeks behind."

I found that lots of you are in a similar place and many others are trucking right along.

As of this moment I'm still three weeks behind as this week proved to be a crazy combination of other projects being due, middle school tours, meetings, taxes and other stuff of life that kept getting in the way (you know, sleeping, eating, etc).

I loved this comment from Kelly Libby and totally thought it was worth posting:

"My new plan for Project life is to "not fall behind". If I miss a week, then I miss a week. If I miss 2 weeks, then I miss two weeks and just start up again when I can in the week I am in. A week here. A week there. Vacations in the mix. I'd rather document this way than feel SO much pressure to keep up AND be creative."

Even though I still want to approach mine weekly and will be taking time this weekend when the kids are with Chris to play catch-up, I think this is such an awesome freeing approach and totally makes sense for so many people.

Do you have a strategy for catching up?

I've got a few things stuck in pockets. My plan of attack is to open Aperture (my photo management program) and start printing photos. I may add more text directly to photos for these last couple of weeks as that's an easy way to get the story down. Planning to share updates next week.

Can you believe we are already 1/2 way through March?

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