Day In The Life 2013 | February

In January I embarked on a new project for 2013. I'm planning to do a Day In The Life the last day (or so) of each month and add the content to Project Life. You can check out that original post here.

You can see how I brought the photos and the words together above using the Day In The Life 6x12 Layered Template Set and Day In The Life 6x12 Photo Collage Layered Templates. This month I'm showing them together as a 12x12 but they will be added to my Project Life album as two separate 6x12 printed pages in a single page protector back to back.

You can find a video tutorial showing how I worked with these two layered template sets in Photoshop Elements here.


  • It was fun to do this on a day that wasn't a regular routine sort of day. I like that this is a project you can do in a variety of situations - whether you travel, stay at home, go to an office, etc.

  • It was a bit of a challenge to remember to document stuff because I wasn't doing things within my regular environment. I also feel like I missed out on some general life reflections that I know I had (travel seems to do that to me) but didn't write down because I was occupied with what was happening around me. It was good for me to do this on a day that was different - new challenges, new perspective.

  • I didn't take along my main camera (traveling light for an overnight) so all my photos were taken with my iphone. I took about 28 photos - many of which were similar to the ones I used above. Thinking next month I might challenge myself to only use my main camera and see what other sorts of images I collect.

  • I'm planning to add some additional embellishments (word stickers, etc) once I print this out and add it to my Project Life spread. I'll share that soon.

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