Day In The Life 2013 | March Reminder

Here's your reminder that I'll be continuing with my monthly 2013 Day In The Life project this week.

This month the last day of the month falls on Easter Sunday. Definitely a worthwhile day to document, but I'm going to aim for a weekday instead - most likely Friday, March 29th. I mentioned this on Facebook and someone said they will already likely be having an additional insert for Easter photos so it makes sense for them to document that day. I love that idea too - whatever works.

I'm including this monthly documentation in with Project Life but it would also work great in a traditional album as well.


Hope you'll consider participating!

9 thoughts

  1. Lisa W.

    2013-03-26 14:29:23 -0400

    LOVE your day in a life!!! Your pictures are always so amazing:)

  2. krys72599

    2013-03-26 14:35:57 -0400

    I'm actually doing it Thursday 3/28 'cause I have things to do that day that are a little out of the ordinary in the afternoon, so I thought that would be a great way to be sure I documented it all - the everyday and the not so everyday...

  3. StacyK

    2013-03-26 15:17:07 -0400

    I'm gonna do it on Sunday. I'm thinking the rest of the year most of it will fall on a week day anyway ;) This is so much fun Ali!

  4. Jen

    2013-03-26 15:33:21 -0400

    Thanks for the reminder! I'm doing this on Good Friday as with it being a holiday, we are all home together and have an Easter gathering as well. It would be a great thing to document!

  5. J3SS1C4

    2013-03-26 19:06:47 -0400

    Thanks for the reminder! I'm actually looking forward to this on Sunday! I love the idea of continuing to document how the last day of each month varies. I am not so good at remembering it though, so the reminder comes in handy!

  6. Kathy L

    2013-03-26 22:17:52 -0400

    Very excited to join in. As I host our Easter celebration, Friday and Saturday will be busy with preparations; shopping, cleaning, cooking. Will be a great perspective to document.

  7. mel

    2013-03-27 04:56:21 -0400

    I'll be there too. Probably go for the Sunday. I agree with you all this is such a good weekend to document.

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