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Today as part of the Behind The Brand series I would like to introduce you to Lisa from Scrapbook Circle.

How did you get started with your business? How long have you been in business?

My friend Crystal and I started creating adoption themed scrapbook kits for an online retailer back in 2005. We both loved scrapbooking and wanted to be create kits that we would be able to use with our memory keeping. We were attending CHA for the adoption kits and decided to start a kit club so that we could feature all of our favorite products each month. Crystal moved several years ago and I now (sadly) run Scrapbook Circle without her. It has been an exciting evolution to learn and grow with this company. Scrapbook Circle will be seven years old this May!

What is your favorite thing about being an entrepreneur?

I love getting to set my hours, work from home and have flexibility to work around our family activities. I also love getting to work with so  many kind and wonderful people who love memory keeping as much as I do.

Where are you located? What’s your favorite thing about the city you live in?

I live in Chandler, AZ and love the sunshine! I've pretty much lived here my entire life and love being surrounds by lots of family and friends.

What inspires you?

My husband, my kids, the beach, Target, Pinterest. I love to travel often and I am inspired when I get to step away from daily life and look at things from a new perspective.

What goodies are on your wish list?

A new pair of Toms, a gold Fossil watch and my kids to get along with each other everyday.

Tell us something new that is happening with your business:

We have been offering a custom printable with each kit for several years now, but now we are also offering exclusive flair, stickers and tags in many of our monthly kits! Our current kit (pictured above) is called My Favorite.

Lisa loves capturing special life moments and recording the stories through scrapbooking. She is happiest when she is home surrounded by her family.

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8 thoughts

  1. cindy b

    2013-04-30 08:09:16 -0400

    Lisa is such a SWEETHEART!! And her kits are AMAZING!!

  2. Jean marmo

    2013-04-30 08:21:01 -0400

    wonderful to read this. thank you for sharing.

  3. Lisa W.

    2013-04-30 08:51:30 -0400

    OHI just love to hear about the "people" behind the product. Just amazes me. I'm jealous Lisa with ALL your sunshine, we just don't get that here in Michigan. One of the first days I AM going to get brave enough to start a business in the scrapbooking world, SO my dream!!!

  4. orange gearle

    2013-04-30 11:04:58 -0400

    YAY! I love Scrapbook Circle! I've been a subscriber for nearly two years and I am always amazed with the wonderful choices that Lisa makes for the kits. They are ever-so-lovely!

  5. Ramses

    2013-04-30 12:14:27 -0400

    Great article! My wife is a voracious scrapbooker and I am trying to get into her interests. And trying to find out why we spend so much on kits! Trying is the keyword.

    I am also a wedding photographer and making a dual research on scrabooking because more and more brides nowawdays are DIYers.

  6. Jenni Calma

    2013-04-30 13:26:09 -0400

    So fun to see another of my favorites! All "My Favorite" products come from Elle's Sudio & Scrapbook Circle! Lisa certainly has a great eye for putting together unique kits with the newest and besets! :)

  7. Shirley K.

    2013-04-30 23:31:59 -0400

    I had no idea they were based in my neck of the woods! Nice!

  8. Bec Kilgore

    2013-05-02 17:18:54 -0400

    I love this company. I have had to sub and unsub a couple of times d/t financial constraints. They have been so kind and understanding. I am hoping I can get it together again to resub. Loved the kits and the service!

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