What We've Learned From You | 4x6 Layered Template Set

You might remember a couple months ago I had a post that listed things we've learned from Simon. If you missed that post you can check it out here.

I knew from the beginning that I wanted to do something tangible with those words. This is something that I hold dear about memory keeping: it's an opportunity to visibly express love in a concrete way via words and photos.

I'm excited to let you know that I designed a 4x6 layered template package to go along with those words so Simon will be able to have a little book for himself.

The 4x6 layered template package includes a title card, right journaling card, left journaling card, and six sentiment cards. They are all layered PSD files so you can completely adjust the colors, add in the correct names, and add your own journaling.

The fonts used are Sanchez and Garamond. The script is my handwriting.

You can re-color these to anything you want or remove the background and have the text on top of a photo like I did here:

Loved playing with that one.

Right now I printed out all the 4x6 pages + photos and placed them inside some divided page protectors. I'm on the hunt for a small album that holds 4x6 photos that he can keep in his bedroom.

Here's a look at all my pages (click to view larger):

Here's a look at these cards placed inside 12x12, 4x6 divided page protectors:

I'm excited to see how people end up using these templates - whether within Project Life or in smaller mini-books. It's an awesome opportunity to show someone in your life how much they are loved and valued via words and photos.

Enjoy! Pick up the layered template set here.

NEW TO DIGITAL LAYERED TEMPLATES? If you are new to working with digital layered templates in Photoshop Elements or Photoshop check out my free series on getting started (along with other tutorials for working with layered templates).

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  1. Kelli W

    2013-04-20 04:38:25 +1000

    I just LOVE this idea! My younger daughter has confidence issues, partially from comparing herself to her older sister. I think doing something like this would mean the world to her.

    * edited 08/09/14 07:50AM
  2. Pidgen

    2013-04-20 05:01:59 +1000

    I cried!! I love.love.love scrapbooking and when I try to convey that and I just come up short. This is why I love documenting life.

    * edited 08/09/14 07:50AM
  3. jeni

    2013-04-20 05:46:49 +1000

    I've been meaning to do a layout like this about my nephew and what he's taught me.

    * edited 08/09/14 07:50AM
  4. shannon j

    2013-04-20 07:07:54 +1000

    Even though Anna is young, it'd be interesting to see what she has learned from her older brother, too! :)

    * edited 08/09/14 07:50AM
  5. Kylie D

    2013-04-20 07:37:44 +1000

    OMG love this! More than anything i've seen you do I think this is diff a fav!

    * edited 08/09/14 07:50AM
  6. Megan Anderson

    2013-04-20 07:38:57 +1000

    This is amazing!

    * edited 08/09/14 07:50AM
  7. Marie

    2013-04-20 07:43:58 +1000


    * edited 08/09/14 07:50AM
  8. lindsey

    2013-04-20 08:51:55 +1000

    this is incredible. i love how you capture just how loved simon is, everyone needs a book of reminders like this!

    * edited 08/09/14 07:50AM
  9. Nicky from Okotoks

    2013-04-20 11:08:10 +1000

    so amazing

    * edited 08/09/14 07:50AM
  10. S Hurst

    2013-04-20 14:28:26 +1000

    If every child in the world knew how much they were loved as Simon does...the world would be a better place.

    * edited 08/09/14 07:50AM
  11. dawn

    2013-04-20 19:24:03 +1000


    * edited 08/09/14 07:50AM
  12. MichelleB

    2013-04-20 19:57:46 +1000

    Seriously awesome!

    * edited 08/09/14 07:50AM
  13. laura g.

    2013-04-20 23:02:20 +1000

    Go, Ali, go!! these are great!!

    * edited 08/09/14 07:50AM
  14. Annette

    2013-04-20 23:31:29 +1000

    love this Ali!! Love using the divided page protectors for themes/topics. Awesome awesome pages.

    * edited 08/09/14 07:50AM
  15. alida

    2013-04-21 00:09:27 +1000

    These are wonderful.

    * edited 08/09/14 07:50AM
  16. Paula

    2013-04-21 02:08:48 +1000

    Love this! You always hit the mark and the heart. Just beautiful, from one momma who has "the kid who loves to wear googles" to another.

    * edited 08/09/14 07:50AM
  17. E bieman

    2013-04-21 10:21:19 +1000

    So great and totally awesome....

    * edited 08/09/14 07:50AM
  18. J3SS1C4

    2013-04-21 11:29:07 +1000

    This album is amazing! It will make an awesomely meaningful mini album for Simon! Has he seen it yet? I'd love to know what he thinks about it!!

    * edited 08/09/14 07:50AM
  19. shelly k

    2013-04-22 01:05:27 +1000

    U r Amazing! and Awesome! and Inspiring!!

    * edited 08/09/14 07:50AM
  20. Jolynn K

    2013-04-22 01:30:59 +1000

    Love the clean look of the layout, but how much love it represents.

    * edited 08/09/14 07:50AM
  21. Vera

    2013-05-03 21:50:09 +1000

    I missed this post because I've been hospitalized. Thank you for mentioning it in your creative lift. This is so timely for me. Being in the hospital gave me another appreciation of the people around me and I thought of making a mini book about it. This is another possibilit. Thanks!

    * edited 08/09/14 07:50AM
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    2013-05-14 20:01:09 +1000

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    * edited 08/09/14 07:50AM
  23. Melissa

    2013-05-19 16:16:52 +1000


    * edited 08/09/14 07:50AM
  24. Karen Freeman

    2013-07-18 21:19:29 +1000

    This rocks. Thank you so much for sharing.

    * edited 08/09/14 07:50AM
  25. For The Love Of Layered Templates | Ali Edwards

    2014-04-10 03:54:12 +1000

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