What's On Your...

Loved this list of "what's on your..." that my sister posted last week as an updated version of many of those list-style memes that travel around the interwebs.

Here's what's on my...

VANITY | I don't have a vanity. Maybe I should get one for my bedroom (that room that usually has no furniture except my bed and side-tables but currently includes all the extra stuff from my office). It sounds feminine and romantic.

PERENNIAL TO DO LIST | Take some clothes to the dry cleaners, clean up the office, meal plan, make more layouts, get out in my yard, exercise, file papers, etc. 

REFRIGERATOR SHELVES | Brussels sprouts, OJ, beef for Shabu Shabu, strawberries, greek yogurt, pickles.

ITINERARY | Planning to attend two concerts at the Gorge (Washington) and a trip to Paris this summer. My sister has been going to Paris during August for the last couple of years and I'm hoping to meet up with her this summer. I'll also be traveling to China in November with Scrapmap (you're invited).

FANTASY ITINERARY | Thailand. Bali. Fiji. Russia. Seriously, put me on a plane going pretty much anywhere and that sounds awesome. 

PLAYLIST | Imagine Dragons, Mumford & Sons, P!nk, The Lumineers, Fun., Dave Matthews, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce (did you guys catch her documentary - loved seeing how she captures her life - inspiring).

NIGHTSTAND | Too many books. Some that have been there for months and others only weeks. 

WORKOUT PLAN | 9am at the gym Monday - Friday. Treadmill. Elliptical. Pool when it the outdoor one opens. That's the plan anyway

IPHONE | Pic Tap Go, Instagram, texts from Katie & Aaron & Chris, Solitaire.

TOP 5 LIST | Being in my yard, travel (planning, embarking, documenting), watching Simon "get stuff," listening to Anna tell me about her day, finding the happy within me.

BUCKET LIST | More travel. More live music. More adventures with friends & my kids & family. Punctuated with a really awesome home life (love + communication + compassion + fun + peace + acceptance + the knowledge that we can do hard things).

MIND | Lots of work projects (new class for Big Picture this summer). Simon going to middle school and entering that next phase of life. Letting stuff go. Opening up. Wanting to get the office put away but needing to get some projects done. Being thankful.   

BLOGROLL | Marc & Angel Hack Life, Elise Blaha, Be More With Less, Danielle LaPorte

WALLS OF YOUR FAVORITE ROOM IN YOUR HOUSE | Decorators White from Benjamin Moore. I'd actually like to have my whole house dipped in it. For now I'll be thankful for it in my office. 

LIQUOR SHELF | Tequila for margaritas. I just tried this spicy grapefruit one last week and it was delicious. I'd like to try this lemonade one next. I also usually have some vodka and rum on hand too. 

LAST CREDIT CARD STATEMENT | Grocery store for lunch yesterday. Dinner with girlfriends last Saturday night. 

SCREENSAVER | This one found via How About Orange. I really think it has helped me take action.

TV EVERY NIGHT | The kids often watch a movie. When I do watch anything lately it's been a movie or back episodes of Californication (almost done with Season 1).

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  1. Suzanne

    2013-04-17 13:16:52 -0400

    Ali- I haven't been to your blog in a while, and I forgot how packed full of inspiration and wonderful little tid bits of food for thoughts you always have. Getting a vanity. Stat. xoxo

  2. jaimee h.

    2013-04-17 13:22:59 -0400

    LOVE everything about this!!!!

  3. northcarmen

    2013-04-17 13:23:46 -0400

    Hey Ali -- ever thought of teaching at the big scrapbooking convention that's held in Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa every year?! I bet they'd love to have you (and so would I). ;)

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  5. Jen

    2013-04-17 14:58:02 -0400

    I just saw Glennon (momastery.com) at a book reading on Saturday. SO inspirational! Love your list- good call on Sasquatch, too.

  6. Jessica @The Mom Creative

    2013-04-17 16:55:42 -0400

    You should check out the show Damages. I think you would really like it. :) Very suspenseful and awesome writing.

  7. Maureen

    2013-04-17 16:59:40 -0400

    Thank you Ali, and thank your sister and all the earlier posters. What a great meme!

    Glad to hear about Paris in August. I'll be interested to hear how hot it is!

  8. k8

    2013-04-17 18:12:32 -0400

    Ah - what a fun exercise! Just finished my version....I love these 'moment in time' types of things....

    Someday, I'll turn it into a layout.......oh, hahahahahaha......ahh.


  9. Queen Mary

    2013-04-17 18:20:46 -0400

    Vanity. My grandmother had one. Love them. Have always wanted one.

  10. Kirsten J

    2013-04-17 20:46:28 -0400

    Fun list! And....yay! A new class at bps?!? I'm in!!

  11. Brooke

    2013-04-17 21:46:06 -0400

    I loved that post from your sister too. It prompted me to want fresh berries in my fridge!! Also loved her skincare and facials post. Want to get my face scanned and start from scratch.

  12. J3SS1C4

    2013-04-17 22:51:12 -0400

    Love this list! This would be interesting to look back on every few months!! :-)

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  14. Elaine Bieman

    2013-04-18 09:01:25 -0400

    whats a vanity?

  15. dawn

    2013-04-18 11:16:03 -0400

    Love reading this, so much to say and going on in your life. Sounds full and happy and future happy plans too. I bet your kids will have your adventure/dreams of traveling far and wide.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

    p.s. I am enjoying the last months of Sam being in elementary too. He is my last one and I would love to enjoy just one more year of this elementary stage.

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  17. Jennifer D.

    2013-04-19 10:35:26 -0400

    Oh, Ali! Your spring flower pictures are killing me! It's snowing here again...with more on the way!

    Love the journaling prompt!

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  19. Melanie A.

    2013-04-20 20:00:34 -0400

    That looks like a Quanson Cherry Tree. I have one in my front yard, aren't they beautiful!

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  21. Kristin Taylor

    2013-04-22 14:33:36 -0400

    Love this list! I wrote one of my own this morning: http://www.kristinhilltaylor.com/2013/04/whats-on-your.html

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