Day In The Life 2013 | April

Coffee for me.

Breakfast for him.

The pile that needs to be donated. The skirts I can't wait to wear more and more as the weather changes. The high heels I haven't been wearing since my new friend is a bit taller than me.

The toes that need a little TLC and some bright polish.

Morning bath with Barbies.

Breakfast for her.

The ride to school.

The time between meetings.

Lunch from Cafe Yum.

The amazing space that is my back yard. One of my blueberries didn't make it and I need to plant a new one in it's place. The weather here has been insane.

Peonies getting closer to blooming.

At my desk before kids get home.

He's been hoarding homework papers at school so he's playing catch up this week.



They had a secret meeting to decide what they want to do this weekend.

He seems to like the new desks too.

Dancing before dinner.

The scene at the end of the day. Laundry piles and dishes to be done. And I'm so very thankful for it all.


  • My overall feeling about this project on Tuesday was fun. I just wanted it to be fun and no pressure and not having to try to come up with some cool new way to present it. I just wanted to live it and snap some photos along the way.

  • That said, it's hard for me not to think about perspective and light and who and what and where and when and how can I shoot this in an interesting way. I'm a creature of habit and this is my lifestyle.

  • Looking back through these photos today my overall feeling is thanksgiving. This is one of the reasons why I do this - it helps me focus on what's really important and helps me remember where I want to spend my time and energy. It also helps me remember what is real vs. what I manufacture in my head about this and that and the other.

  • One of the things I'm working on right now is not looking at everything and seeing something that needs to be done or bought or changed. I have a tendency to just continually put things on a mental running list of "what's next" and that seems to be impeding my enjoyment of what's in front of me right now. Finding that balance between need and want and what's realistic. And working on slowing down the lists in my head.

  • I shared some of my photos on Instagram this time and that kept me motivated throughout the day. I used the hashtag #dayinthelife and I loved seeing so many of you joining in.

  • All photos were taken with my iPhone 5. All edited with Rad Lab or Pic Tap Go on my phone.

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NEXT UP | This month I'll be doing Day In The Life on Friday, May 31st. I'll post a reminder about a week before here and on Facebook/Twitter.


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