Project Life 2013 | Week Fifteen

Welcome to Project Life 2013 | Week Fifteen (April 8 - April 14).

A bit of a simpler week. A few less words. A few less embellishments. It's all good.

Here's a few close-ups:

A little something fun I played around with a few weeks back was writing with Stickles. It works! Definitely let it dry before slipping it into a pocket page. Yellow washi tape along the top and bottom is from Freckled Fawn.

I started this little card to document 5 things that Anna told me she thinks about when she goes to sleep (her happy thoughts to scare away the monsters). I only got three recorded and when I asked her again she didn't remember. This are the sorts of things I really want included in this album.

One of my favorite things right now is just adding text right onto my photos by hand. Quick and easy and adds context.

This was a little experimental play - combining two photos that show progress - from buds to blooms. I taped the two photos together creating a 4x6 image. I added a "1" and a "2" from American Crafts and then drew a border and a little "yes please" sentiment.

I stood and looked at this page for awhile. I thought about adding more - I can always add more. I ended up calling it good enough so I could move on to other things I want to document/work on/need to finish. Bits of our lives are captured here. A ticket. A sticky note. Images. Percentages. Routine visits. Coastal adventures.

The little cork camera is from Studio Calico (Spencers Kit).

"You Make Me Happy" is cut from a card from a Dear Lizzy die cut package (Lucky Charm).

The "weekend goodness" journal card is from my new set called Hello Weekend.


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Project Life is a product and a system and a lifestyle created by Becky Higgins. It can be anything you want it to be. The core pieces used in my album are available here. If you live outside the US check Becky’s site for more information on sources. You can check out all my posts (I started in 2010) about Project Life here.

15 thoughts

  1. marsha j

    2013-05-16 12:47:15 -0400

    i love this. i am glad to see how to use the cork camera. love your use of the glitter glue also. i finally ordered a silhouette, i was just thinking i would get one next time i see it on sale. so the discount sale price through your website was great. i can't wait to get it and start playing with it.

  2. dawn

    2013-05-16 12:55:45 -0400

    Ali, I love so much of this weeks pages, it's PERFECT!! Just the right amount of photos, words and STUFF.

    That HELLO LIFE card made me smile and remember my son writing his name with the mustard bottle last year, he was so proud of himself. I never thought to use stickles or my regular paint to do this, can't wait to try it, love the outcome!!

    What a great idea to put those two photos together of your flowers blooming, LOVE THIS!! I will give this a try too.

    Writing on the photos is what makes me happy too!

    Really loving the yellows in here, just had to say it again!

    Your catching up fast, can't wait to see more! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Krystyn

    2013-05-16 13:16:32 -0400

    Hey Ali - is that "LIFE" notebook like 3x4 card from the Wellington kit or elsewhere? I love it!!

  4. Cindy

    2013-05-16 13:38:20 -0400

    Love your project life spread. Great idea using sticklers and picture comparison! I can't wait to try out. :)

  5. lisa truesdell

    2013-05-16 16:09:38 -0400

    mad love for that now & then photo - so cool!

  6. Stacy

    2013-05-16 16:11:20 -0400

    Do you use the Am. Craft Precision Pens to write on your photos? Would the Sharpie pens work also...or any others? Also, which stamping ink do you use when you stamp on your photos? BTW, I really like your week 15!

  7. stacyk

    2013-05-16 17:21:39 -0400

    Still looking good Ali!

  8. J3SS1C4

    2013-05-16 18:54:57 -0400

    Love the stickles writing and the daffodils!! All the yellow makes me smile!:-)

  9. Rachel del Grosso

    2013-05-16 22:51:15 -0400

    Loving that life insert with the lined paper. I think I will have to try and design one of my own!

  10. alida

    2013-05-17 03:42:31 -0400

    It looks wonderful. But now I'm a little curious about the "adding more" bit. Wonder how your process of adding things works. Is it play and go with the flow? Are there design elements you keep in mind etc... How do you know what a page needs. Maybe one day you can let us in on it :) (and I know you have shared about sticking to things such as adding tabs to photo's and writing directly onto photo's. I just want to know how you make all your pages WORK so well hehe).

  11. Bambou Orchidee

    2013-05-17 08:39:22 -0400

    Beautiful layout, as usual! :-)

  12. Lisa

    2013-05-17 11:30:00 -0400

    *LOVE* the split before and after flower pic!! So cool. You make me want to stop working and starting creating!! #youareaninspirationrockstar!

  13. Janet

    2013-05-17 13:36:52 -0400

    I love using Viva Decor pens for writing too...They work really well! ~God bless~

  14. heidiY

    2013-05-18 08:17:58 -0400

    Great PL pages!!! I love what you did with Simon's tooth! I wish I had PL when the kids were losing their teeth - now their teeth are all over the place. Great ideas from this. Thx for always sharing!! Have a great weekend!

  15. Franny Rogers

    2013-05-20 12:51:50 -0400

    I'm trying to find on your site what brand of albums you use for your project life? CAn you let me know? Thanks!

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