Project Life 2013 | Week Fourteen

Welcome to Project Life 2013 | Week Fourteen (April 1 - April 7).

Am I still doing Project Life? Absolutely.

Am I behind? A little. I've got a bunch of weeks in progress and will be sharing them over the next week. This week and week fifteen have been "almost done" for weeks and photos are printed for the other weeks.

A couple things I need to do:

  1. Order another black 12x12 album for the next four months (I've been doing three albums per year, four months in each album). Right now they are all still in the first one for 2013 and it's getting tight.

  2. Find a new routine that will gel with the work I'm doing for Hello Story (my new class at Big Picture that starts in July). I think it's totally possible to do both Project Life and traditional pages, I'm just working on finding my own groove between the two.

  3. SIMPLIFY. At least for the next couple of months I think I need to keep this project simple while I'm in the middle of content development for this workshop. I think getting the album back down on my kitchen counter with a stack of cards will help me with this.

How are things going for you? Are you new to Project Life? Are you a veteran? Still loving it?

Here's Week Fourteen:

Here's a closer look:

The "listen, believe, trust" card is from my Everyday Love Journal Cards that was printed on photo paper.

"Yo April" are Cream Thickers from American Crafts that I ran through my sewing machine with red thread.

"Heart this boy" word art on the photo of Simon making cookies is from Love You Boy.

I'd love to do a week where I fill out one of those Best/Worst cards everyday. The one above was printed on some leftover paper that I had used as an over-spray catch under whatever it was that I was actually misting with paint.

Here's a look at the right side:

The star card is from Kelly Purkey's kit for Simon Says Stamp.

Little pink word stickers are from My Mind's Eye.

Still loving cutting up journal cards and adding them to my pictures. I like not re-inventing the wheel each week and adding a bit more context to my photos.

The journal card here was included in Studio Calico's Project Life add-on kit (May 2013).


Click on the images to link to the products.

Project Life is a product and a system and a lifestyle created by Becky Higgins. It can be anything you want it to be. The core pieces used in my album are available here. If you live outside the US check Becky’s site for more information on sources. You can check out all my posts (I started in 2010) about Project Life here.

31 thoughts

  1. Jessica @The Mom Creative

    2013-05-15 10:38:51 -0400

    Love the Planning for Paris card and the way you chopped it. :) You always inspire!

  2. Sue

    2013-05-15 10:51:53 -0400

    Oh Ali I am new to PL this year and I am totally in love with it. There are times that I question "why am I doing this-will anyone really care? " But when I look back at my completed weeks, filled with probably way too many pictures, I always smile and feel such a sense of happiness! Since I am not computer savy, my pages are pretty traditional but they are mine and I love them! Thank you for sharing your pages- you give me something to aspire too!

  3. Sue

    2013-05-15 11:01:21 -0400

    Does anyone else struggle with way too many pictures?? Some weeks I use 3 or more pages-18 or more picures? I guess there is really no right or wrong but I sometime just can't bare not to use a picture, even though they really are nothing special!

  4. Megan Anderson

    2013-05-15 11:45:11 -0400

    I love your Project Life so much! There are so many neat little creative touches, but it feels simple and story focused overall. That's amazing.

    I do both traditional and Project Life, and everything goes into one album. This year, I'm mostly planning ahead and making a 12x12 layout half of a spread (which I did this week: ) or I'll do smaller layouts as inserts: 6x12, 8.5x11, or 11x12. Last year, I did a monthly review / intro pocketed pages and put traditional layouts in between them. Or you could always put traditional layouts at the end of your PL albums. I could go on and on about this, but here's a bit more on the BPC blog:

  5. Sarah

    2013-05-15 11:57:55 -0400

    Ali, have you ever toyed with the idea of using an app to add some of your brushes to your pics right in your phone? Since I am using the Selphy printer to print MOST of my pictures directly from my iPhone, I would really love to do this....but haven't found an app that I know will work.

  6. Debbie

    2013-05-15 12:24:26 -0400

    so glad to see your pages today. I have been uninspired for a couple weeks and have pictures but little journaling. I love the Paris idea and the simplicity of Anna in your office and the little sticker words. Thank you for being the best PL inspiration out there!

  7. alexandra

    2013-05-15 12:49:25 -0400

    I'd love to know more about how you simplify the process...
    I over-think it and before you know it I'm kinda bogged down.

  8. leslie cannon

    2013-05-15 13:54:36 -0400

    I am behind as well, but I am NOT AFRAID!! I had to pack up my PL while our house was on the market, and now that we have moved I am joyfully unpacking it and looking forward to catching up. It is amazing, however, how quickly I got out of the habit of taking photos of the everyday without a weekly "appointment" to use them!! THe best think about PL is knowing that whatever and however I catch up will still be ok!!

  9. Denise

    2013-05-15 15:02:09 -0400

    I'm on the same week! Too funny. First year doing it, only one page per week. Really loving it, and also trying to figure out how to get "traditional" scrapping in there, too.

  10. Tracey

    2013-05-15 15:14:22 -0400

    I'm behind too. But like many of you i'm not worried.
    Managed to finish 3 weeks last week and another (week 17) tonight - yehhh.
    Its been handy for me to keep a little book and record highlights and words for each day. I keep a folder on my PC where I upload that weeks photo, Sort them out and then draw in my book where the photos are going to appear in which space of the album. It helps with the process and makes printing out the photos a lot easier!! I'm determined to keep PL alive this year.

  11. Valerie

    2013-05-15 15:15:22 -0400

    There is nothing wrong with simple, it's all about the words + photos right? I think a wise woman has blogged that over and over....

  12. lindsey

    2013-05-15 15:46:04 -0400

    adore the pic of all the paris books. so cool to represent something you are about to do! and paris how exciting.

  13. Elisabeth Costa

    2013-05-15 16:06:07 -0400

    Yes I am behind..but I still enjoy the project. I'm still further ahead than when I stopped PL last year LOL I will catch up and find that I do take more pics or "look" for things more to include on my weekly layouts. My phone has come in real handy for pictures and I do want to take my real camera out more often:)

  14. amy bosma

    2013-05-15 16:37:03 -0400

    Yes, I am so so so behind. I'm not even done with 2012 ... which honestly overwhelms me when I think about it too long. It really encourages me to see that you also struggle a bit with being behind. I feel more normal now :) I will keep plugging away at it. Thanks for the inspiration!

  15. Lexie

    2013-05-15 17:47:56 -0400

    Not actually behind hence I´m taking photos during the week and print them every 4 weeks(once a month) and make the LO´s in a weekend. I keep a ´one-line-a-day´ dairy so I still know what has happened in the past month/4 weeks. It seems to work for me. The difficult days to take photos are Mon/Tue/Wed when I am at work. So most of the time I am taking pictures on Thursday(parttime day) or in weekends. Although I live alone and have no kids or pets, there is still a lot to take photos of. It´s all in the details ;-) Still love and enjoying it. Thanks Ali for all your inspiration!

  16. KarynS

    2013-05-15 19:00:32 -0400

    Ali I cant wait to see/hear how you manage to balance PL with an increase in making traditional layouts. I've had an absolute burst of inspiration over the last month and have made about a dozen traditional layouts (more than I've made in the last few years...combined!!). I've absolutely loved it and am keen to keep the inspiration and ball rolling but PL has definitely suffered during this time. I managed to get photos printed & mostly inserted in the page protectors last week bring that side up to date to week 18 but there are no journal/filler cards or journalling. I know it has to be possible to do both at once but I'm wondering just how to manage & balance it.

  17. J3SS1C4

    2013-05-15 19:31:22 -0400

    I'm an extra 2 weeks behinds you at the moment, but I love what I've done so far, and I have no problem catching up since it's so quick and easy. I love what you've done with the travel guides... I have a stack of travel books, so I might use this idea at some stage when I'm planning my next trip!

  18. lee

    2013-05-15 20:11:08 -0400

    In Project Life, I am currently working about a week behind...not including a three-week span in March that got skipped when Project Real Life took precedence. =) But overall, I've found a good rhythm in my schedule that balances working with my photos, compiling Project Life, and writing a similar weekly blog post.

    Look forward to seeing more of your weeks as they're ready! =)

  19. Suzanne

    2013-05-15 23:20:48 -0400

    Further to the photo of the Paris guide books, check out Paris: An Inspiring Tour of the City's Creative Heart by Janelle McCulloch. A wonderful guide book which I used to help plan a family trip to Paris in March. Absolutely beautiful pictures and great descriptions of places not to miss! Also, try to make time for a visit to the store "Merci".

  20. dawn

    2013-05-16 06:14:21 -0400

    Looks good, lots of fun stuff packed into this week. WOW, Simon is getting so tall! I like those best/words journal cards, even the kids could fill them out.

    I'm a little behind due to problems getting my pictures printed. Still LOVE LOVE my Project Life and all the memories it's keeping for me.

    Thanks for sharing and bringing it to the kitchen will help you, I remember you doing that before. GOOD LUCK!

  21. Bambou Orchidee

    2013-05-16 09:29:24 -0400

    This is my second year of Project Life, and I found my path this year. Indeed, last year, I was discovering PL and I kind of looked at my style, inspired by lots and lots of scrapbookers. However, I spent too much time on it (and was not always satisfied by my layouts) so this year I decided to make things simple, as simple as it can be. So basically, I'm using a core kit (the Seafoam one => love it!), my photos and my pen. From time to time, I add so embellishments, but very few ones, and I'm totally OK with that. I can say that I love my 2013 PL album so far, I spend only 1 hour - 1 hour 1/2 per week on it (and I don't want and don't have time to spend more on it) and with that, I'm able to be "on time" on it. And I feel so relieved and thankful! :-)
    As usual, I love your layouts. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  22. Patti L

    2013-05-16 11:16:30 -0400

    I am on week 6! Lol. I'm ok with it. First year trying, changed format a couple of times. Things got better when I designed a one-page sheet to keep track of everything that happens, where photos are located, etc. My biggest issue is time. Time to work on it, as well as timing (i usually don't have all pictures ready to go, so lots of post-its and reminders).
    What I am liking is I am keeping up with recording the events & journaling, so when I go to work on project my thoughts get more streamlined, and result in more creativity.
    The new A Beautiful Mess app is saving my life by being able to put text on pics easily. I love dslr creative photography, but I've learned I need to live with mediocre iphone photographs if I want to get it done!
    I'm also working on incorporating other layouts/bigger stories within PL. I prefer to keep everything chronological no matter the format, so trying to figure that out. So far I prefer an insert method and I've been playing with using smaller page protectors (6x8) in different ways to add to the weeks.
    It's all a process, a work-in-progress for me as usual. I just go with it.

  23. Aimee

    2013-05-19 12:31:46 -0400

    Ali, I'm so glad you are still doing PL. Your layouts inspire me, and I'm even doing Day in the Life.

    I do still love Project Life but With the nicer weather and baseball starting for my kids, I've gotten behind too. I have project life spread out over half my dining room table. If I put it upstairs in my scrap room, I know I won't work on it. My dining room is a mess and I cringe whenever someone sees it, but I'll be thankful for the memories later. I'm still taking photos and they'll get printed some day. I have some weeks with only a couple photos so I will have some single pages instead of spreads.

    I think I may have to have a "Project Life weekend" soon to catch up. Maybe it will rain soon!

  24. Megan Smith

    2013-05-20 15:23:33 -0400

    Ali - I am "behind" too.

    But like you, I've got lots in progress. I am thru week 14 myself. 15 thru 19 are planned with weekly recaps written. 15 & 16 have photos printed. So I feel like I'm keeping current with the important stuff - journaling and choosing the right photos before the memories escape.

    Thanks for continuing to inspire my PL!

  25. Pilbara Pink

    2013-05-23 20:17:28 -0400

    I am slightly behind too but have been taking pictures and will print them and maintain my pages next week. I work eight, 12-hour days in a row then have six off. However, the past two `off-swings' have been taken over with a quick trip overseas and my husband having surgery on his hip. I have taken photos regardless and made notes either on my phone or in a diary. This helps enormously when trying to remember the sequence of events. Usually my work week pages are very simple, photos and words only, and the off weeks have more embellishment. This is a good representation of how life actually is on this roster - work weeks are routine and simple, off ones have more activity and fun in them :)

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