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May 27, 2013

Random Stuff Of Life

A few of my favorite things right now (the stuff that I keep reaching for, thinking about, etc.):

>> Playing Solitaire on my iphone. I usually do this last thing before I fall asleep. It’s a nice little distraction but it is taking time away from when I might be reading a book.

>> Gummie bears. Specifically the Haribo ones. I think I might love these more than Sour Patch Kids which have been a long-time favorite.

>> Black Sharpies.

>> White dishes. Always. This is one of those things where everyday when I open my cupboard to grab a plate or a bowl I’m super satisfied with my plain white dishes. The main ones I have are from Crate & Barrel and then I have some other smaller dishes that I’ve picked up at places like JC Penny, Target or World Market (I like little bowls and plates too).

>> Popcorn for dinner. Usually with cheese and apples. I cook it on the stove with a big pot and some canola oil.

>> Blonde coffee from Starbucks. It’s a lighter roast that’s become my favorite to pick up there or make at home.

>> Green iced tea. Also often from Starbucks.

>> Jean jacket + skirts.

>> Saltwater sandals. I’ve been wearing a brown pair and I love them just as much now as I did when I was a kid.

>> Watermelon.

>> Cetaphil SPF 50 Face Moisturizer. This is what I wear everyday on my face.

>> Dior Addict Lip Glow. I think I first read about this on Pinterest a couple years ago. It’s super light and just the right amount of pink. I don’t own or wear a ton of makeup but this is one of my go-to items.


  • 1.
    Debora Prass said…

    I play in my Iphone evertyday before sleeping! And I always fell a little guilty because I’m not reading a book… :)

  • 2.
    Petra said…

    Oh my goodness Ali! Solitaire YES! It never gets old. Haribo Gummie Bears have been my fave for years. They are Soooo addictive. I love to chew on them and almost squeeze the juicy sweetness out of them. Mmmm & White Dishes. Love, Love Love…. Let the colour of the food do the talking I say. I am obsessed with White bed Sheets and White dishes go figure. Loved reading your Random Stuff tonight. Thanks For Sharing.

  • 3.
    Brooke said…

    Love this post. Feel like you answered a question I asked a little while back. Thank you.

    Have you tried the gummie bears as popsicles frozen in Sprite?

  • 4.
    Monika Wright said…

    My Mom is German and I grew up on Haribo Gummy Bears. To me, no others compare. Have you tried the red + white together? Yum o! And my now 21-year old son got me hooked on Sour Patch Kids and I still eat them even though he’s out on his own. We made the move to white dishes from Williams Sonoma 3 years ago and I wish I had thought to do that when we married 15 years ago! Have a lovely week my dear.

  • 5.
    Laura Moegenburg said…

    I got divorced 13 years ago and bought white dished (I still use them) to me it symbolized a fresh, clean bright new start.

    • ….
      Ali said…

      Love that.

  • 6.
    Jo-Anne from ZA said…

    Excuse my ignorance but could you tell me what are ‘Black sharpies?’

    • ….
      Michelle said…

      It is a black permanent marker that comes in various thicknesses. Perfect for writing on almost all surfaces. :)

    • ….
      Jo-Anne from ZA said…

      Thanks Michelle! Does it also write on photographs?

      Really battling to get these pens in South Africa:-(

  • 7.
    lee said…

    If you ever feel like making green iced tea at home, you should try Celestial Seasonings’ Honey Lemon Ginseng Green Tea. I brew a cup of it (leaving the tea bag in for about double the time I would for a normal cup of hot tea), then add some ice. It’s a tasty alternative to traditional iced tea, and it has a light, fresh taste that I didn’t know would taste so good as a spring/summer drink!

  • 8.
    kim said…

    we make popcorn in a crate & barrel popcorn popper (stove top kind) and eat it with apples and cheddar cheese!!! yea! we’re not the only ones! have a good week!

    • ….
      Kristen said…

      we do the popcorn apples & cheese thing too, especially on Sunday nights. Started cooking the popcorn in Coconut Oil…yummy

  • 9.
    kat-in-texas said…

    Lisa Bearnson turned me on to Burt’s Bees Shimmery Lip Balm last year and it’s been a favorite ever since! I will try your Lip Addict too–sounds great!!! Great post. Thanks, Ali!!! :)

  • 10.
    heidiY said…

    Yummy – i do popcorn for dinner also – especially when the kids are asleep! What kind of cheese do you use? I love mine with Kraft’s grated parmesan cheese!! I usually pop a bag. I’ve gotta try the stove top way you do it ~ the ‘original’ way :)

    • ….
      Ali said…

      We just have slices of Tillamook Cheddar.

  • 11.
    Karen said…

    Boggle….on my phone….too much fun.

  • 12.
    Julie said…

    Hi Ali, would you mind sharing some of your favorite places to shop for skirts? I am lookin to add a couple more to my summer wardrobe and I’m loving the striped ones I’ve seen in your pictures. Thanks!

    • ….
      Ali said…

      Hi Julie! Most of the ones I’ve had have come from Old Navy or Anthropologie. I haven’t bought a new one for a couple of years but have seen them at both those stores + Target.

  • 13.
    Tracey said…

    Haribo are the best gummy bears. period. the white is my favorite candy of all time:)

  • 14.
    Carmenb said…

    I find reading before going to sleep with my Nook perfect! It is self-lighted (I do not need to turn the bedside light on), it turns off automatically (in case I fall asleep mid page, just be careful where you have it propped so it does not bonk you in the face), & my hubby just slides it under my pillow when he comes to bed…so I have sweet dreams! White dishes…ALWAYS for 40+ married years! I love to change the colors of the table cloths/accessories depending on my whim…but white dishes… perfect backdrop for colorful food! Now, what is wrong with popcorn & Cheese for dinner? That’s what I saved my carbs for all day! Love reading your blog, thank you for sharing!

  • 15.
    Emily said…

    I’m getting married in July and registered for white dishes, glad to see everyone else loves their white dishes. I figure you can easily change everything else on the table, like linens, but new dishes are expensive. White also makes food look good!

  • 16.
    Megan said…

    Have you tried solitaire blitz? It’s a fun twist on solitaire and my current addiction. Fun to play when I’m waiting for the boys or needing to relax!

  • 17.
    Kim Kern said…

    You should try using coconut oil to make your popcorn. I believe it is healthier for you and it gives it a great flavor (just a hint of flavor really).

    Also I play solitaire at night before sleeping, but if I read I will stay up much later because I get into what I am reading. So if you are a true reader, play solitaire before bed guilt free knowing that you are getting more sleep because of it!!!


  • 18.
    Cathie said…

    I love that you eat popcorn for supper. I think I’m going to do that tonight.

  • 19.
    Tammi said…

    Try the green iced tea from Paneras! YUMMO! It’s my favorite!

  • 20.
    northcarmen said…

    I enjoy surfing Pinterest or playing Ticket to Ride on my phone before bed, but you’re right, it does take away from reading. Have you tried the new Granny Smith sour candies (same manufacturer as Sour Patch Kids, I think)?

  • 21.
    Kay Cargill said…

    So glad you are enjoying your life. Met you in Orlando a few years back and follow your blog. Try spider solitaire and 7 little words. Both relaxing to play.

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