Right Now | The Words

The things I find myself saying again and again to one or the other or both of them right now:

Take your hair out of your mouth.

Have a good day at school.

Just a minute.

I'll be right there.

Turn off the TV.

Wait, please.

Please take your dishes to the sink.

Go get your book.

Stop. Just stop.

Please be kind.

Follow directions.

Please put your shoes in the basket and hang up your coat.

Awesome job on your homework.

Inside voices please.

I'm super proud of you.

Use kind words.

I love you.

You are awesome.

Goodnight. I love you.

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  1. Sara

    2013-05-15 10:56:05 -0400

    Stop. Just stop.

    Yup, I say that one an awful lot around here too!

  2. Gaele

    2013-05-15 11:14:00 -0400

    I have the exact same words here... except in French!! I guess kids are pretty much the same all around the world, no matter the language.

  3. Angie Menegay

    2013-05-15 11:19:23 -0400

    So cute :)

  4. Ruth G

    2013-05-15 11:22:44 -0400

    Love the picture and the idea! Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. Anne-Marie

    2013-05-15 11:27:54 -0400

    Oh good, someone else sounds like Pete, Pete and Repeat...

    Where are your glasses?
    Do you have your retainer in?
    Please take your dishes to the kitchen.
    Let's get our laundry IN the basket.
    Have you taken care of your guinea pigs?
    Have you brushed your teeth?

  6. young c

    2013-05-15 13:19:40 -0400

    Great idea! Thanks for sharing.

  7. susan garner

    2013-05-15 14:01:21 -0400

    Ha Ha. I still have grown up sons living with me and I still have to say some of those things !

  8. Laurie

    2013-05-15 14:34:27 -0400

    So glad I'm not the only one who says, "Stop. Just stop."

  9. Jean Marmo

    2013-05-15 16:04:11 -0400

    Yes - still repeating those to the 24 and 29 year olds!

  10. andrea

    2013-05-15 19:18:49 -0400

    LOVE THIS. I can see tying this into A Day In The Life. Different things I have to say throughout the day.

  11. jennie

    2013-05-15 19:42:26 -0400

    stop, just stop frequently crosses my lips as well.

  12. Tarren

    2013-05-15 22:24:24 -0400

    Hi Ali! Thank you for this post. I currently have a 4 (almost 5 year old in July) and a 3 year old. I myself am saying quite a few of those words myself...

    Just a minute

    I'll be right there

    Just stop (this one in particular I am saying a lot! They have seemed to hit the sibling rivalry and tattle-talling stage--at least my 4 year old. My 3 year old son has speech problems and also can't hear only for some mumbling, so he is tattling yet, but he has surgery next week, so as soon as he starts talking, I'm sure it is coming.)

    Wait, Please (This one too, especially right after walking through the door of getting kids off the bus--they are in headstart and a special needs pre-k, and this is the most overused saying as they come in and are antsy for an afternoon snack and they try to raid the cupboards before I can even get their backpacks unloaded and jackets hung back up.)

    I love you.

    Good night, I love you. (Said repeatedly at bed time when my daughter just wants to talk on and on and on and on and on at bedtime to just not go to bed!)

    I just wanted to say thank you for letting me know I am not alone in saying some of these things, and that although all I ever wanted in life was to be a mother, it is very trying and very difficult most days and very, very tiring right now. So it's nice to know that others out there are living the everyday human life as well, and not just trying to be supermom! Thanks for leveling with us!

  13. dawn

    2013-05-16 06:08:46 -0400

    LOVE THIS ALI!! Think a lot of us have to use these words daily too! Thanks for the inspiration!

  14. carol

    2013-05-16 09:20:49 -0400

    brings a day in the life to a whole new perspective. Thanks so much for inspiring me to journal!

  15. Silvia

    2013-05-16 20:26:02 -0400

    This is me, every day ... i think it must be the having an 8 and a 4 year old, not that different to yours in age ! I loved this, thank you for sharing. x

  16. Kimberly Kalil

    2013-05-16 21:17:23 -0400

    There is so much beauty in recording the words we use all the time. Things will change and so will our words ... and without recording them, they will be lost. I love this. Thank you for the inspiration.

  17. liz

    2013-05-17 03:44:23 -0400


  18. Ellie Augustin

    2013-05-17 08:04:12 -0400

    Ha Love this! I have a "Words" for my oldest (14) that I say EVERYDAY actually I just said them to him (first half) as he was about to leave for school....Do you have your ID, Do you have your phone, aren't you gonna grab something for breakfast,Do you have your Spanish Book. I love you. Be Good... Then I have my Littles who has their own lists as well but it's usually different w/the days but for my oldest it's on repeat ha..

  19. Elaine Bieman

    2013-05-17 09:53:41 -0400

    love that picture. Now just where did you get those sunglasses?

  20. Kelsey McEvoy

    2013-05-18 13:01:17 -0400

    Ahhh, what an awesome idea of such everyday moments to document. Totally stealing this concept -- thanks for the inspiration :)

  21. Sandy Camacho

    2013-06-03 21:38:38 -0400

    I'm loving these prompt ideas Ali! Thank you! Such an easy way to document things you don't want to forget! :)

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  23. Liz Kartchner

    2013-06-10 10:28:43 -0400

    I swear I say the exact same things everyday! how funny.

  24. Melinda

    2013-06-10 22:17:48 -0400

    I do this one every November (just 'cause that's when I did the first one) - it's interesting to see how the list both changes AND stays the same year on year :)

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