What We've Learned From You | 4x6 Photo Book Update

A couple weeks ago I shared a new little project I'd put together for Simon called What We've Learned From You.

In that post I mentioned that I was planning to find a 4x6 album that would be just for him that he could keep in his bedroom. I found a simple plastic 4x6 album at Michaels that was perfect for this project.

For this project I designed a What We've Learned From You 4x6 Layered Template Set. Grab it on sale today for 30% off over at Designer Digitals (sale ends this Wednesday, May 14).

Each 4x6 page slipped right into it's own pocket.

I gave it to Simon last week and I'd say he was pretty happy with the result. This stuff matters.

He read it to Anna and then called Chris on the phone and read it to him too.

Anna wanted to add a photo of herself (and she should have been included originally of course) and told me some of the things she's learned from Simon which include:

  1. sharing

  2. not yelling at me (Mom)

  3. writing letters (alphabet)

  4. jumping

  5. writing letters in my own book

  6. doing homework by myself

  7. learning not to hurt him

  8. jumping on the small trampoline

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23 thoughts

  1. Jo-Anne from ZA

    2013-05-14 06:46:42 -0400

    Lovely idea Ali!

    Really cute to see how much joy the kids get from the projects we do. Makes it worth all the time and effort that goes into making it:-)

    You made a 'what we have learned from Anna' book yet?

    * edited 08/08/14 05:51PM
  2. Marie

    2013-05-14 07:09:12 -0400

    This is so lovely!

    * edited 08/08/14 05:51PM
  3. Barb

    2013-05-14 07:31:07 -0400

    That IS the stuff that really matters!! Love it

    * edited 08/08/14 05:51PM
  4. kelly libby

    2013-05-14 08:17:45 -0400

    Love this. Documenting their growing and changing relationship is a beautiful thing. I have one sister and she is my very best friend. : ) Some of my most treasured photographs are of Erin and I when we were little; hugging,snuggling together, holding hands. I'm so thankful somebody captured those moments of our sibling relationship.

    * edited 08/08/14 05:51PM
  5. Paula

    2013-05-14 08:21:48 -0400

    This is probably even more meaningful to Simon than is even evident right now! My son had a rough time of it socially through alot of his childhood - especially in high school...for his 18th birthday I put together a book just for him - a leather bound album I also found at Michaels. I put his initials on it with big silver Making Memories metal letters, and in it I showed photos of him growing up, chronologically, and I focused on a combo of "what we love about you, what we've learned from you, and what makes you so wonderful" - photos of him at our Science Center, getting achievement awards at school, playing tuba in middle school, learning to scuba dive and sail with his dad, hugging his sisters and grandmother, and lots of sentimental photos that include his legos, his "comfort" item that he slept with as a child into his teen years etc...
    Ali, my son didn't date very much until last year when he met a wonderful young lady at 21. When he took her home to meet us, within less than an hour he hunted down this book and was going through it with her. It was then I realized just how much it meant to him and boosted him through some lonlier times. That book is more important than I can put a dollar value on.

    * edited 08/08/14 05:51PM
  6. Carlie

    2013-05-14 08:25:21 -0400

    I love this Ali, ut just wondering if the files' text is editable for 'Mum' instead of Mom for us Aussies?! Cheers

    * edited 08/08/14 05:51PM
  7. Jessica B

    2013-05-14 09:43:10 -0400

    So great! Love this idea.

    * edited 08/08/14 05:51PM
  8. Cynthia H

    2013-05-14 10:44:48 -0400

    Awww, so so sweet!

    * edited 08/08/14 05:51PM
  9. Liz

    2013-05-14 11:00:31 -0400

    just pinned it... not ready for this project but really want to do this later.

    * edited 08/08/14 05:51PM
  10. Jen

    2013-05-14 11:13:02 -0400

    Might be able to make this same idea and templates work for the pets. Could be very funny. Thanks is for the continued inspiration

    * edited 08/08/14 05:51PM
  11. Megan Anderson

    2013-05-14 11:30:37 -0400

    This project is so amazing, Allie. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

    * edited 08/08/14 05:51PM
  12. Nell-Ann

    2013-05-14 12:20:10 -0400

    I have stocked up on these little books ..When My great nieces and great nephews come for a visit I snap lots of photos of our memories makings ..I make them there own little book ..I always enclose a page to let them know how special these times with them mean to me ..

    * edited 08/08/14 05:51PM
  13. Cindy Gale

    2013-05-14 12:33:45 -0400

    Great idea!
    I've made my daughter 2 books already of just pictures - family, friends, doctors, etc (some with name labels). It started as a way to remember and talk about my husbands family in another state and to help her become more familiar with doctors, etc) but is now more about 'People I Know'.

    I think I'll start getting some ideas/quotes together from family to start a book like this next. Thanks!

    * edited 08/08/14 05:51PM
  14. Nancy

    2013-05-14 13:33:06 -0400

    What an awesome book! Sometimes we don't realize how much these things mean to our kids. My daughter turned 24 last week and I decided to BUY her a card instead of making one like I've done for the past 23 years! I thought that would make it more special to her, but she opened it, looked at me and said, "what, I'm not special enough for a handmade card?" I was so surprised and so touched to know that she would rather have something I made, and I'll never make that mistake again!

    * edited 08/08/14 05:51PM
  15. Jessica

    2013-05-14 16:04:47 -0400

    So cute!

    * edited 08/08/14 05:51PM
  16. young c

    2013-05-14 17:59:52 -0400

    Love Anna's addition - love the sibling bond! Great idea for my kiddos someday.

    * edited 08/08/14 05:51PM
  17. J3SS1C4

    2013-05-14 18:41:48 -0400

    So awesome! This would be such a special gift for someone... What a way to make them feel loved and appreciated!!

    * edited 08/08/14 05:51PM
  18. Lisa W.

    2013-05-14 22:17:25 -0400

    LOVE this Ali...his smile makes my day:) Thank you for sharing!

    * edited 08/08/14 05:51PM
  19. Andi Walsh

    2013-05-15 00:01:37 -0400

    Just beautiful!

    * edited 08/08/14 05:51PM
  20. Carol Gray

    2013-05-15 01:45:29 -0400

    I LOVE THIS! I am a consultant to individuals with autism, and I have recently become very interested in the value of scrapbooking, autobiographies, and related ideas and the positive role that they may play in the lives of children, adolescents, and adults with autism. I am so glad that a delegate at my recent workshop in Woking shared this with me - I looked it up this morning. A great way to start the day. All the Best - Carol Gray

    * edited 08/08/14 05:51PM
  21. Wendy Marshall

    2013-05-15 10:17:14 -0400

    I love that she asked to be included it makes it so much more meaningful than if you had of just included her.

    * edited 08/08/14 05:51PM
  22. yin

    2013-05-15 10:37:01 -0400

    Just so beautiful and so great, Simon's joy is so precious! And Anna is too cute - yes should have added her in the first place :)

    * edited 08/08/14 05:51PM
  23. France's Angelo

    2013-05-15 15:58:23 -0400

    I read your blog religiously but never post anything...well a few times for some give always but I never win...boo. I have to say that you continue to inspire me day in and day out. I love your attitude on life and I lover your creative style. I have to say I am especially proud of Simon...this picture of him is amazing! He's grown up to be such a fine young man! Keep the faith! Your awesome!

    * edited 08/08/14 05:51PM
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