What We've Learned From You | 4x6 Photo Book Update

A couple weeks ago I shared a new little project I'd put together for Simon called What We've Learned From You.

In that post I mentioned that I was planning to find a 4x6 album that would be just for him that he could keep in his bedroom. I found a simple plastic 4x6 album at Michaels that was perfect for this project.

For this project I designed a What We've Learned From You 4x6 Layered Template Set. Grab it on sale today for 30% off over at Designer Digitals (sale ends this Wednesday, May 14).

Each 4x6 page slipped right into it's own pocket.

I gave it to Simon last week and I'd say he was pretty happy with the result. This stuff matters.

He read it to Anna and then called Chris on the phone and read it to him too.

Anna wanted to add a photo of herself (and she should have been included originally of course) and told me some of the things she's learned from Simon which include:

  1. sharing

  2. not yelling at me (Mom)

  3. writing letters (alphabet)

  4. jumping

  5. writing letters in my own book

  6. doing homework by myself

  7. learning not to hurt him

  8. jumping on the small trampoline

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