2013 Summer Manifesto Album | Free 2013 Cover Update (PSD or PDF)

I started thinking about summer this past weekend.

Our favorite outdoor swimming pool is open now and it was like a mini reunion over there on Saturday and man did it make me realize that summer is really almost here again.

How can it be here again already?

I know many of you have kids that are already out of school. Mine still have a few weeks to go but being at the pool this weekend was really a signal to me that I better think about my intentions for this summer before I blink and it's gone. I took a peek at the calendar for the next few months and it's already pretty crazy.

  • I've got some travel plans. Both for work and for fun.

  • My Hello Story (which should actually be called Hello Layouts) workshop will run from July 8th to the end of September.

  • Simon's signed up for summer school in July. He's already told me he thinks that summer means he gets to play video games everyday so I need to be a little more clear and structured about how that's actually going to go down.

  • Need to sign Anna up for a couple camps.

  • Hoping for lots of pool time and bike rides and hanging out with friends and family.

All that said I want to make a more specific list like I did last year and it's underway.

Last summer I felt like I had really clear intentions about what I wanted to experience. That initial list lead me to create a mini-album documenting my summer manifesto which you can read about here: Bringing The Summer Manifesto To Life.

I'm thinking that I'll use this same format this year but do it as an insert in Project Life using the 4-up 6x6 pocket page.

If you'd like to purchase this set for the first time I've updated the file at Designer Digitals to include the new cover for 2013. It includes PSD files so you can change the colors and a printable PDF for easy printing in the colors shown in the preview below:

If you purchased the album set last summer and just need to change the date I've got a free update for you for 2013 (click the text below to download either the PSD or JPG version).

>>Download the 2013 PSD cover page here (colors can be adjusted using the PSD/Photoshop files).

>>Download the 2013 PDF cover page here (300 dpi resolution). Choose this one if you just want to print and cut.

Check out my posts from last year about putting this together:

I'll share my list when I complete it soon. I want to chat with the kids about what they'd like to see/experience/have on our list too.

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