Clear Stamp Storage Ideas from Jennifer McGuire

Today I invited the amazing Jennifer McGuire to share a bit about her stamp organization. She created an awesome video sharing the system that's been working for her recently.

Crafty storage can be half the fun when it comes to paper crafts so I wanted to share with you my tips for storing clear and cling stamps. Here is a video with a closer look:

The Avery Elle Stamp Pockets are perfectly sized at approximately 7.25"x5.5" which is ideal for most clear and cling stamps. There are 25 pockets in a pack and the price is quite reasonable. You can even get cardstock inserts or can cut your own from scraps. And if you a bit obsessive about organization like me (haha), you can use a Brother Labeler to add the stamp sets name to each pocket.

There are other options for stamp pockets. You can get cd binder sleeves from Office Depot and carefully cut them down the center to create two pockets. I also like this option and the size is comparable. Another option (which is more cost effective) is to get clear 5"x8" baggies and store them in a similar way. These also work for stamp sets that are a bit taller (such as a few from Ali Edwards), but I use the 5"x8" Office Depot clear pockets.

These stamp pockets fit nicely into many shoebox sized storage containers. However, my favorite is called the "Fridge Binz" and is meant to hold soda cans. No soda in my house, but man is it perfect for stamps! This container is super durable and works with lots of other crafty storage.

Stamps featured above include: Amazing Moments, Beautiful (the arrows), and Incredible.

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