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June 21, 2013

Scrapbook & Cards Today Summer Issue + A Freebie

I’m excited to share that the summer issue of Scrapbook & Cards Today magazine is now available. I’m thrilled to be working with their team to write articles and create layouts for upcoming issues.

Scrapbook & Cards Today offers both print and digital issues. Information on subscribing is available here.

To celebrate my article in this issue (including three brand new layouts around the theme of stories with heart) I created a free download that includes three pieces of word art:

Download Heart This Story.

If you’d like to learn more about working with digital word art in either digital or traditional projects check out my free series on Getting Started With Digital Scrapbooking.


  • 1.
    Amy Myers said…

    Thank you very much! I love your stamps.

    • ….
      Jo said…

      Thanks! These are great!

    • ….
      Linda J said…

      Thank you Ali!

  • 2.
    Ann C. said…

    I absolutely LOVE this magazine. Becky Fleck and her team are so amazingly talented.
    Thanks for the freebie!

  • 3.
    Alida said…

    Oh, their readers are in for a treat! Thanks for the freebies, can’t wait to use them.

  • 4.
    Jo-Anne from ZA said…

    Hey Ali

    THANK YOU!!! Love the word art:-)

    I just want to ask you a question that has got absolutely nothing to do with todays post but everything to do with the phone photography project class that i have enrolled in.

    I see all the leading ladies in this industry (including yourself) use the iPhone 5. Is that because you are all Apple fans or is it because this phone truly takes the best phone photographs in the industry? What is it about the iPhone 5 in particular that makes you all avid users of it?

    I enrolled in the phone photography workshop and am seriously considering buying the iPhone 5 but don’t want to spend $1000 on a phone to take my scrapbook pictures if it is not the best out there say compared to the Samsung Galaxy S5.

    THANK YOU Ali i would really be greatful for your knowledgeable and expert advice on this one.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

    See you in class:-)

    • ….
      Jennifer McNeely said…

      I have no experience with the iPhone 5 but I think I would spend $1000 on a nice camera before I would buy an iPhone for the main purpose of taking pictures (if you don’t already have a good camera) :) I am sure the iPhone 5 takes nice pics, but a really good camera is worth its weight in gold – trust me.

    • ….
      Jo-Anne from ZA said…

      Hi Jennifer!

      Thanks for your reply! I agree with you 100%. I do have a Canon DSLR already but i find myself taking alot of pics with the cellphone because it is quick and easy. I do use my canon alot for more formal shoots but i just find it easier to use my phone for those spur of the moment – can’t miss photos. i have a 2 year old who doesn’t always give me the chance to set up my canon to take a great pic so i have to make do with my phone:-) I probably take more pics with my phone than i do with the Canon at the moment so feel i need to invest in a phone that takes great pics.

  • 5.
    Sue Alg said…

    Thank you and I, too, love this magazine.

  • 6.
    Dori said…

    Thank you so much, Ali. I have lots of your brushes and use them frequently. I truly [heart] your generosity and will be checking out that magazine.

  • 7.
    jennifer said…

    thanks for the freebie – great to see you contributing to a mag again.

  • 8.

    Thank you so much fot this wonderful freebie !!!

  • 9.
    Glen said…

    …thank you!!!!! i love this!! :-)

  • 10.
    kelsey said…

    Thanks for the freebie!

  • 11.
    Marie-Pierre said…

    Thanks so much Ali! I love your word arts. :)

  • 12.
    Marsaille said…

    Thanks Ali! That was super nice of you!

  • 13.
    Carolin said…

    Thanks for the awesome freebie, Ali! I’ll be sure to take a look at the magazine. Love that they offer the option of digital issues!

  • 14.
    Toni From said…

    Thank you so much for sharing Ali!

  • 15.
    ScrappyBarb said…

    Love the freebie.

  • 16.
    Kim S (nerdgrl) said…

    Thanks for the free download!

  • 17.
    Wendy said…

    This is awesome! Thank you!

  • 18.
    Ruth G said…

    I’m so excited to see your work in SCT! <3 those brushes! Thanks for sharing!

  • 19.
    Eileen said…

    Looks interesting. Is the magazine sold in stores?

  • 20.
    Kathy P said…

    Thanks so much Ali, this is so perfect in so many ways.

  • 21.
    Sandra said…

    So great! Thank you very much!

  • 22.
    Faithe said…

    Perfect timing for the first day of summer, so much inspiration

  • 23.
    Shelley P said…

    Awesome, looking forward to reading your article.

  • 24.
    Barb in AK said…

    I’ve been a fan of SCT for quite a while! I’m so glad you are on the team. Can’t wait to peruse this new issue. Thank you. :-)

  • 25.
    Kristi B said…

    Thank you!

  • 26.
    JoAnn B. said…

    Thanks so much. I love SCT.

  • 27.
    Anita said…

    Thanks!!! Can’t wait to see your work in SCT!

  • 28.
    Vickie said…

    Thank you! I love anything with your handwriting.

  • 29.
    EMily said…

    How do I use these as brushes if there’s no ABR file? I’m having trouble…

    Thanks! I love your brushes!

    • ….
      EMily said…

      Nevermind, figured it out. For anyone interested, open the PNG file in Photoshop and go to Edit > Define Brush Preset then name it and it shows up in your brushes!

  • 30.
    Shaela said…

    Thank you for the freebie! Can’t wait to check out the magazine :)

  • 31.
    Suz said…

    Thanks for the awesome download Ali and so excited to see you will be contributing your Stories with a Heart column at SCT! I have missed Studio AE from CK days so this is fabulous news! Congrats on this new adventure! Take care you. :)

  • 32.
    Fabi Ormerod said…

    Thanks for the freebie!!!! ;)

  • 33.
    JC said…

    Awesome — Congrats, Ali!
    And thanks so much for the nifty freebie! Can’t wait to use it this weekend as I document my kiddos’ last week of school!

  • 34.
    Kim L said…

    Thank you!

  • 35.
    Jennifer K said…

    Cool! Have to check out this magazine. Thanks for the freebie, going to be great to use!

  • 36.
    Paula said…

    Wow, thanks so much for the wonderful freebie! Have a great weekend, from start to finish!

  • 37.
    Song said…

    Thank you – wish the mag was available over here in the UK

  • 38.
    Amy B said…

    thank you for the freebie! can’t wait to use it!

  • 39.
    Kelli W said…

    thank you for sharing this! Can’t wait to use it :)

  • 40.
    Beneta said…

    Great freebie. Will be sure to use it. Thanks

  • 41.
    Suza said…


  • 42.
    monica said…


  • 43.
    Pam said…

    Thank you for the freebie. And for the link to the magazine. First I’ve ever heard of it and from a quick browse, it won’t be the last.

  • 44.
    DanielleMW said…

    Thank you so much!

  • 45.
    Scrappin Annie said…

    Thank you so much Ali

  • 46.
    Nancy L said…

    Thank you Ali!

  • 47.
    Iris Soscia said…

    Thanks for the free download.

  • 48.
    Christine V said…

    Thank you, Ali! Congrats on your feature!

  • 49.
    Maruša said…

    thank you, Ali! I love it :)

  • 50.
    Jacqui said…

    Thank you for the freebie. Off to check out the magazine.

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