Simon's 5th Grade Promotion

On Monday Simon finished 5th grade.

Go Simon go!

Around here that means he's done with Elementary School and will transition to Middle School in the Fall.

Talk about a range of emotions. So proud. So thankful for his teachers and aides. So excited for what's next for him mixed with a little bit of fear (that totally natural sort of fear and protective parent stuff).

Simon sparkles.

I cried while hugging his program director. I feel, and I know Chris does too, that she has been instrumental in his educational experience and his development. She's a tireless advocate for him and she has a great sense of humor. I don't think I can ever really express to her how much I appreciate her even when I try.

We all gathered together in the school cafeteria for the promotion ceremony to celebrate all the 5th graders. They have this great tradition where all the kids in the younger grades (K through 4th) line the hallways to "clap" the 5th graders out of elementary school. Yep, that was enough to make me catch my breath right there. I love that kind of lift-each-other-up action.

When the 5th graders started arriving Simon was closer to the front of the line, a benefit of that "E" last name. He walked into the cafeteria with his backpack on and eyes glued to the floor. We tried to catch his attention when he walked in but it was pretty obvious he just wanted to make it to his seat.

Katie and Peter were sitting behind Chris, Anna and I and Katie was able to catch his eye to let him know we were there and that's when he started beaming. From that point on he was all smiles.

5th Grade Promotion from Ali Edwards on Vimeo.

When his name was called we cheered super loud and he walked across the stage with purpose - head down but shaking each of the teachers hands (the hand shaking in and of itself is an accomplishment) and then straight down off the stage and almost out the door before heading back to his seat.

It was awesome. And he was so, so excited which was the best part of all.

We are so totally proud of you Simon!

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