Stuff He's Saying | Stuff She's Saying

He's saying (age 11, end of 5th grade):


What's going on Mom?

What's up?

This is awkward.

I wish I had a bat cave.


I love you Mom.

She's saying (age 4):

Somebody snuggle with me.

I want to watch something.

Who cares?

Simon. Simon. Simon.

Oh my gosh. (said very slowly and emphatically)

Shakin my booty.

Will somebody play with me? No one will play with me!

I love you Mommy.

OBSERVATIONS | I've had this post in progress for a few weeks after I put the one together about what I say. It was much easier for me to think of things that Anna says right now than Simon. I had to actively think about noticing and remembering what he's been saying. I think I need to print this one out so I can add to it. And in case you missed it I did a post a few weeks back about the words coming out of my mouth: Right Now | The Words.

PS | You might see that photo a few more times in Project Life and likely in at least one layout and probably hanging on my wall at some point. Definitely my favorite capture from the weekend.

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