10 Questions For Simon

1. What is your favorite thing right now? Being home from school with Mom and Katie.

2. You seem to be really into Batman right now. What do you love about him? He has a Bat-a-rang, which is like Boomerang.

3. How do you feel about going to Middle School in September? Pretty Excited. I learned how to use a combination lock yesterday.

4. What are you thinking about the most during the day? Cartoons. Adventure Time, Gumball, Regular Show.

5. What's on your summer wish list?

6. What do you love most about summer? I want to head to Enchanted Forest. I can do anything I want.

7. What do you like to do with Anna? (Grouchy face). Watch Netflix on the ipad or TV or computer.

8. What does Anna do that you don't like? Racing. When she agitates me by doing rude faces.

9. If you could travel anywhere right now where would you go? Antarctica. To see some real penguins.

10. What book are you reading right now? Diary Of A Wimpy Kid The Last Straw.

22 thoughts

  1. Alida

    2013-07-12 06:37:26 -0400

    Awesome list & anwers! Simon, you could always visit Cape Town, South Africa to see real penquins. They like hanging out at Boulders beach. Defnitely not as cold as Antarctica.

  2. Bambou Orchidee

    2013-07-12 06:42:31 -0400

    Oh, this is awesome! I totally love the Antarctica part. Go Simon, go!
    Will you do the same with Anna?

  3. heidig

    2013-07-12 08:51:25 -0400

    He's just too cute!

  4. Cindy

    2013-07-12 10:30:46 -0400

    This is great and I just love Simon's responses. My boy are all grown up now, but I think this is a great idea even for myself. I will definitely be doing a similar list with my 2 grandsons. Thanks so much for this wonderful inspiration!!

  5. Tracy Smith

    2013-07-12 11:26:40 -0400

    This is great! I may have to steal this for my 11 year-old boy!

  6. Jonnelle

    2013-07-12 11:57:38 -0400

    Love it, I just did the same thing with my son, thanks for the idea!

  7. Rachel Z

    2013-07-12 12:02:46 -0400

    Wow, Simon has a great vocabulary! Thanks for sharing this.

  8. MaryRose Lovgren

    2013-07-12 13:05:07 -0400

    I loved "grouchy face"! That is what I'll get I'm sure when I ask the same of my two. :) Got to love real life.

  9. Stephanie Burrage

    2013-07-12 13:54:35 -0400

    Simon's answers were awesome! My 13 yr old aspie is also off to middle school this year. I think I may ask him the same questions and see what he comes up with.

  10. Paula

    2013-07-12 15:15:14 -0400

    Hi Simon, my mom showed me this list and I wanted to reply back that I think you are very cool, and if I didn't live in Florida I would want to watch the same shows and try to find waterfalls with you. We are like so alike. And also that if you ever get a chance to go there, go to Ruby Falls or look it up online, because it is a great waterfall that is actually in a cave, I really liked it. Bye.

  11. Megan Anderson

    2013-07-12 15:48:38 -0400

    Simon is amazing.

  12. Queen Mary

    2013-07-12 16:47:04 -0400

    Repeat, using complete sentences.
    What do you like about the Science Factory?
    Why is the Enchanted Forest on your Summer List?
    Have you camped out in the backyard before? Why do you want to do it again? Will you be alone? What will you do if it rains?
    What is the recipe for making a s'more? Is the order important?
    What is a cave? Do you have to wear anything special in a cave? Why do you like to go in a cave? When you go with your dad does anyone else go with you? What is one thing you find in a cave that you do not find outside a cave?
    What is your favorite thing about visiting Grandma and Grandpa at the beach? Does your favorite thing sometimes change?
    Where do you search for waterfalls? Have you ever been to Hawaii? or South America? I haven't. Do you think they have waterfalls? Do you think you could find out on the computer if they have waterfalls? Do you look for waterfalls by yourself? If not, who looks with you?
    What is "open gym"?
    What is your favorite cookie to make? Is it the same as your favorite cookie to eat? My favorite cookie to eat is peanut butter chocolate chip but I'm kind of lazy and my favorite cookie to make is plain chocolate chip. Sometimes the peanut butter is hard to stir.
    How do you make homemade pizza? Do you use English muffins for pizza dough or do you buy those pre-made pizza crusts? I have a pretty fast pizza crust recipe. Do you make your own tomato sauce for the pizza? What's your favorite pizza topping? Mine is pepperoni!
    Simon, would you like to be my pen pal?
    Love, Mary

  13. Lisa W.

    2013-07-12 17:35:25 -0400

    So very sweet, and what wonderful memories you preserve for those lucky amazing kiddo's of yours!!!

  14. Brooke

    2013-07-12 18:00:40 -0400

    Reading you through Feedly on my phone and realising that I am commenting rarely. Miss it. Love this post. The photos of your kids lately are so awesome and so full of light. I have no idea what Enchanted Forest is but Simon's summer list sounds like the perfect childhood list!!

  15. Stephanie Jones

    2013-07-12 19:00:13 -0400

    My son is 11.5 and boy those answers sound familiar! Diary of Wimpy Kid, Adventure Time, Regular Show..... Boy they are two totally typical 11 year old boys!! Love it!! And of course the cookies and pizza.

  16. andrea

    2013-07-12 20:12:12 -0400

    Awesome list Simon! I'm 24 and I want to go the Enchanted Forest, too! (PDX native here, I grew up loving that place in the summer!) As for waterfalls and caves- there is not better place than Oregon to get all of those things, except the penguins, of course.

  17. Carolyn HP

    2013-07-12 20:31:28 -0400

    Awesome Ali, love seeing Simon's handwriting in there too. Sounds like a great summer so far!

  18. Amanda McGregor

    2013-07-12 21:20:15 -0400

    Love the agitated bit! My 12 year old ASD boy also gets "agitated" when his little brothers make rude faces. And by agitated I mean yelling and screaming and slamming doors and occasionally kicking!

  19. Dawn

    2013-07-14 08:51:23 -0400

    Thanks for posting this. A reminder that I need to ask some questions of our younger grands. Did the list with my older ones years ago. Need to do some pages in the scrapbook. Wouldn't want the young ones to think that Mimi dropped the scrapping ball. :)

  20. Linda

    2013-07-15 23:37:28 -0400

    Dear Simon, I have a good friend who worked several years at the McMurdo Station on Antarctica. He has always assured us that if you want to see penguins the best place to go is "Sea World". Real live penguins in the Antarctica have a really REALLY BAD SMELL!!!! When you think about it, they live on ice... their poo isn't washed away. It's not a good scent. He would tell us that you could always smell the penguins before you saw them!

    If you did travel to Antarctica...the site really worth seeing is...the first sunrise of the season.

  21. Wendy Buresh

    2013-07-16 19:46:05 -0400

    Simon, keep the Antarctica dream alive! It's fantastic! The penguins are even better in real life. =)

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