Hello Story Begins Today

Today is the day!

My 12-week workshop Hello Story starts today - thank you for those of you who have signed up. I hope that you enjoy the content and you are inspired to get more of your own stories documented.

There's still time to join - registration will close on July 17th at 10pm PST.

In addition to the weekly handout, video overviews for each layout (2-4 per week + a specific Project Life idea) did you know that each week includes a set of digital/printable items that are designed to go along with the theme of the week? That's a value of $54 right there.

For more information and a preview of the videos go here: Hello Story.

23 thoughts

  1. dawn

    2013-07-08 06:56:08 -0400

    I signed up last night for your class, soooo excited I could barely sleep. Got up early and WOW what a great start to my day!

    If you haven't signed up go run and do so, this first week already looks amazing!! I love that she shares a PL idea for us too!! She shares ideas on how to use the printables which look fun and can be used for many things even Project Life.

    Thanks Ali for working hard to make this class awesome and letting us learn right along with you. I have loved your way of storytelling for years and am looking forward to even more of your awesome style in class.

  2. audra

    2013-07-08 08:01:48 -0400

    So glad to have signed up for this as well! If anyone is on the fence, I encourage you to sign up. I was up early today, and am SO amazed at the content! I'm looking forward to later when I can sit down and watch the videos! Really looking forward to ths Ali!!!

  3. Bambou Orchidee

    2013-07-08 08:56:32 -0400

    I just signed up and already watched the welcome video. Wow! Totally amizing and inspiring! I'm so thrilled! Thank you Ali and see you in BPC! :-)

  4. Sara Belgrove

    2013-07-08 09:23:20 -0400

    Yayayayayayayaya! Just entered the classroom and am pumped to get started. :)

  5. stacyk

    2013-07-08 11:37:04 -0400

    I am so happy I signed up. And I'm so excited...lots of info. ALi!!!! Awesome work!

  6. Yvette

    2013-07-08 11:56:57 -0400

    Hi, just wondered if this course will help with using the project life materials?

  7. annette

    2013-07-08 12:15:07 -0400

    Hi ALi,

    I signed up last night, unfortunately my printer went on the blink and my photoshop program also. Any other photo program I can use to edit photos etc...? thanks so excited to get home from work and take a peek at week one. I have taken several of your online classes and learned alot and had a great time. Thanks.

  8. Lindsay Bateman

    2013-07-08 13:59:16 -0400

    Hey Ali,
    LOVE the class....it looks amazing already and it's ONLY week 1!! I am having a bit of trouble posting to message board, but was just curious what the target/goal for us is each week in relation to the number of layouts we are to create. this week you showed us 4 examples. are we to create 4 layouts based on your ideas, or just create one layout for this week using all 4 as sources of inspiration? I just want to make sure I am on the right track. Thanks!

  9. Jen

    2013-07-08 14:07:50 -0400

    I happened to wake up at 3 a.m. this morning and couldn't get back to sleep so I checked my email and saw that Hello Story started so I downloaded the content and spent the next 2 hours getting totally inspired and I started playing around with ideas and the downloads. OMG Week 1 is totally awesome! I can't wait for the weeks to come.


  10. Barb

    2013-07-08 15:17:09 -0400

    I work 11 pm-7am, so I was able to check stuff out during the night. So excited to get started! Right now I am sitting in a waiting room at the hospital waiting for my granddaughter to be born listening to the video (I should be knitting her little cocoon!). I wonder if I will have any stories to tell! ;)
    Thanks for some great motivation Ali! Last week I had to quit listening to Storyology so I could start writing.

  11. Bonney

    2013-07-08 17:55:45 -0400

    Ali, I love your vision and how you execute it, and so I would love to take the class. I hesitate because I am not a digital scrapper. I don't want to try and learn that in addition to taking the class. When you say items are available printable or digital, I assume that means we can print hard copies of the material? does the printer need to be of a particular capability?

  12. Debbie

    2013-07-08 21:53:51 -0400

    Thank you Ali, I am loving your class. I am so happy I signed up. To learn these principles are a great help in telling our stories. A new tool! I appreciate all the planning and hard work you went through to prepare, and love that we get the visual help with your videos.

  13. Barbara

    2013-07-08 22:43:38 -0400

    I'm so glad I signed up for this class. I've been so busy with life that I really haven't had time for scrapbooking. Also when I sit down, the creativity isn't there. I'm excited to have guided help through telling my stories again. It will take all week for me to find time alone to watch the videos - I'm excited. Thank you!!

  14. Maggie

    2013-07-09 00:54:52 -0400

    Oh Ali, I knew I wouldn't be disappointed but I am ECSTATIC with the content just included in week 1. I'm already so inspired. Thank you for sharing so much with us!

  15. Carmel Keane

    2013-07-09 01:13:27 -0400

    So happy to have finally signed up for this class. I love and appreciate all the effort and the amount of information and inspiration you share with us all. Even if I don't get as much done over the 12 weeks as I would like I know that the inspiration will remain for a long time.

  16. kelsey

    2013-07-09 13:52:19 -0400

    I have been scrapbooking for 16 years. I have taken many classes, including 31 Things, and Storyology. I have done PL, December Daily, and A Week in the Life. I go on Pinterest daily for inspiration.

    In the first week of this class I have 17 ideas for layouts! And the ideas just keep coming! What's amazing is there will be 11 more classes!This class is the BEST class I have ever taken! Ali has the ability to extract the stories right out of you. And she helps you make them pretty too!

    Run don't walk to sign up for this class! You won't regret it.

  17. J3SS1C4

    2013-07-09 18:33:27 -0400

    I'm super happy to have gotten birthday money so that I was able to sign up for this class on the day before it started! Ali, you always have the best classes, but I still did not expect so much video content and such an impressively filled out handout! Thank you so much for how much time and effort you put into these classes!! :)

  18. Laura

    2013-07-09 19:31:57 -0400

    LOVING the class. Despite computer and printer issues last week(Murphy's Law!) I am reading, watching and so very excited. I already have a timeline(circle) in mind for my son's wedding scrapbook, which is the topic of my class project. He will love it, the creativity and approaches, which isn't easy, as he is an architect. THANK YOU. Of course, I have to make two of each page, as I plan to actually keep one for myself.

  19. Kari M

    2013-07-09 22:40:03 -0400

    All I can say is WOW! First week of class and I am already convinced this is worth every. single. penny. (and more!) This is SO much better than I even thought it would be - and I had super high standards! :) Ali, you totally rock it! Thank you for your hard work!

  20. Kim H

    2013-07-10 15:25:04 -0400

    I just wanted to say that you totally ROCKED the first week. I'm super excited about the upcoming weeks. I was a little hesitant because of the price but I think it is TOTALLY worth the money and is something I can use over and over again. Thanks for such an awesome class. :-)

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    2013-07-10 16:25:28 -0400

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  22. Elisabeth

    2013-07-16 19:12:43 -0400

    I have hesitated to purchase "Hello Story" because I am more interested in writing ideas than for layouts. I did "Storyology" and "31 Things" and liked the prompts, but didn't finish "One Little Word" because of it being so layout centered. I have one more day to decide!

  23. Jen Chapin

    2013-07-22 16:41:12 -0400

    Hi Ali,

    I just wanted to let you know how happy I am that I signed up for this class. The content is amazing and there is SO much!! I am really loving all the videos. Thank you again for your time because I know it was a lot to put together!!


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