On Getting Back In The Swing Of Things


Returning from a long vacation is always interesting.

Towards the end of my trip I was longing a bit for home and the normal everyday routines of life.

I was also missing my kids.

Divorce is a funny thing in that it's given me a bit more freedom from time to time but also tugs at my heart in so many different ways. I focus on the span of time, that things are temporary, that I should enjoy the moment I'm in and take it for the gift it is vs. wishing it away. All things we all face in our lives as we navigate different events and transitions.

Returning home means coming back to George (Katie's Mom lovingly visited him while we were away) and his silly antics.

Returning home means checking out the unplanned tomato garden. They are still going strong and getting closer to turning red.

Returning home means a change in the seasons is coming. Back to school plans and shopping are underway. Big changes for both kids as they each enter new schools this year.

Returning home means back to work. It also means a decompression of all the work-related observations and ideas I had while gone. Ideas about products, about ways to change up the things I've been doing, etc. Thinking about things to let go of to make room. Back to school time also feels like a good time for me to take a look at all my work stuff and figure out what's been working and not-working and plan/envision what's next.

Many people experience the desire to spring clean in the spring. I usually do too but I also acutely feel it as we transition from summer to fall. I'm going through the kids clothes making room for Anna's uniform staples and for longer pants and bigger shirts for Simon. I have plans to go through closets and tackle the toys too. I like the idea of fresh starts all around as we move into September.

I'm also thinking a lot about what it means to thrive. Emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually, creatively. Lately I've felt a little like I've just been "making it through."

I realize my voice has been silent here for the last few weeks and probably a bit longer as a majority of my creative energy has gone into my Hello Story workshop. I'm looking forward to embarking on Week In The Life next month and finding new ways to share and express myself here.

As always, thank you for being here. For reading and commenting and being a part of this experience.

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