Project Life 2013 | Week Thirty


Welcome to Project Life 2013 | Week Thirty (July 22 - July 28).


Over the last couple months as I've been working on layouts for Hello Story (over 30 new layouts) I've been thinking a lot about how and what I want to be documenting. I've been considering things like: What processes do I love? What stresses me out? What tells the most complete story? What do I feel passionate about right now? How can I change things up to keep it fun?

TRUTH | I've loved doing actual layouts again. Different stories come out in those pages. Different pieces of my brain are used to bring all the elements together.

TRUTH | I want to create space for making those sorts of traditional layouts again. Maybe a goal of one per week?

TRUTH | I still love Project Life but I feel like I want to mix it up in some way. Mix up my process or my focus or my approach or something along those lines. Maybe next year I'll try a different base of page protectors or ???

Lots of things to think about for next year.

How's it going for you? Thinking about mixing things up? Do you like to have a plan?


This is the week before we left for Paris. Lots of getting ready to go.


This week I tried some new stamping ink that I loved: Memento Luxe.

I used it with my Incredible stamp set ("so totally") and with the red hearts below (from one of my new sets called Thumbs Up).


Our local fair happened a bit earlier this year. Aaron and I took all of the kids in the afternoon. Rides. Cotton candy. Corn dogs. Good times.


I used a couple of the chipboard speech bubbles from Pebbles + white letter stickers from Kelly Purkey.


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