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August 17, 2013

Sponsored Giveaways | 30 Days Of Lists


GIVEAWAY | Five (5) people will win a spot in September’s 30 days of Lists from Kam at Campfire Chic and Amy of Lemon and Raspberry

ABOUT | 30 Days of Lists is a semi-annual journaling challenge that encourages you to capture part of your right-now story in the form of easy lists.

Not everyone can make a mini scrapbook every week or an art journal page every night. 30 Days of Lists is our encouragement and challenge to you that you CAN journal just something every day — even something as small as a list.
Every 6 months, join us for a totally doable, easy creative challenge to meet other creative women and tell your story in lists.

30 Days of Lists is a semi-annual journaling challenge for Listers, from Kam of Campfire Chic and Amy of Lemon and Raspberry.

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TO BE ENTERED into this giveaway please leave a comment below (if you are reading this post on Facebook please come to my blog to leave a comment). Comments will be closed at 8pm Pacific on Sunday, August 18th. The winner will be announced shortly after. Please be sure to check back or subscribe (click here to get posts delivered to your email box) to see if you are receiving one of the items.


  • 1.
    Kaisuliina said…

    Pick me, pick me! :)

  • 2.
    Kristine s said…

    Yes please

  • 3.
    Kate aka stinkydudette said…

    Sounds like an interesting class. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • 4.
    Katie said…

    Oooo, I love making lists!

  • 5.
    Lori Page said…

    I could not survive without lists. Thank you.

  • 6.
    Lee Ann G said…

    Very neat idea. Sounds like fun! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • 7.
    MichelleB said…

    It’d be fun to use something other than post-its for lists! I’d love to win a spot in this class. Thank you for the chance to win.

  • 8.
    nancy79 said…

    Oh, I love lists! Thanks for a chance to win!

  • 9.
    ginnyrit said…

    I love this idea! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • 10.
    Darlene said…

    Would like a chance to win, thanks!

  • 11.
    Kelli said…

    Fun, I need this at this time if year journaling goes to the wayside so that I can begin what I call “life in the fall with school aged kids”…thanks for the chance to win

  • 12.
    Kara m. said…

    This is such an awesome concept, I’d love to see this come to life!

  • 13.
    Christen said…

    Sounds fun!

  • 14.
    Vicki I. said…

    Journaling is definitely a challenge for me. I would love to win a spot in this challenge! Thanks for the chance :-)

  • 15.
    Kristie S. said…

    Sounds like fun!

  • 16.
    Sara Belgrove said…

    Sounds like a fun concept. Would love to give it try. Thanks for the giveaway. :)

  • 17.
    chel said…

    sounds like super fun!

  • 18.
    Brenda said…

    Thanks for the opportunity to win. It sounds like a great way to capture some memories.

  • 19.
    heidiY said…

    This seems like a fun & helpful class… I could really use the help with my journaling skills. TFS, Ali!!

  • 20.
    Nicolle S said…

    Ooo I’ve always wanted to try this!


  • 21.
    Cynde said…

    WooHoo! I’m a list writing kinda girl!

  • 22.
    Karen Bagdonas said…

    Sounds fun!

  • 23.
    Judy P said…

    Sounds like fun.

  • 24.
    Donna said…

    Oh I love lists, cool giveaway :) thanks so much!

  • 25.
    Susan said…

    sounds cool!

  • 26.
    JessECo said…

    Yes please, this sounds like a doable challenge for me!

  • 27.
    Sandra said…

    that’s an interesting concept. thanks for the opportunity to win.

  • 28.
    ScrappyBarb said…

    Sounds cool! Thanks for the chance to win.

  • 29.
    Kawi said…

    J’aimerais beaucoup! Sounds fun!

  • 30.
    Rachel Z said…

    So cool! I’ve always wanted to try 30 days of lists. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • 31.
    candy krause said…

    I’m intrigued–gonna check this out

  • 32.
    Florence Webb said…

    Life goes by so fast – this listing seems to be an easy way to keep track of the amazing daily things that happen.

  • 33.
    MichelleElaine said…

    I love making lists! Please count me in!

  • 34.
    Cindy said…

    More than a grocery list??????

  • 35.
    Wendy said…

    Awesome! Love listing! Thanks for the opportunity to join them!

  • 36.
    Katie Johnson said…

    Lists are what keep me sane…pick me pretty please!?!

  • 37.
    Audrey said…

    Sounds fun as I love making lists! Thanks for the chance to join them.

  • 38.
    Emma said…

    What a near class

  • 39.
    Lara said…

    Ooh, sounds totally do-able! Thanks for the chance to win Ali :-)


  • 40.
    Yam said…

    Fun challenge, I want to do it again :) Thanks for this giveaway!

  • 41.
    c said…

    Super cool idea; love lists (although I don’t always follow them!!)

  • 42.
    Dorothy said…

    Looks great! Toss my name in the hat, please!

  • 43.
    Michelle Mounts said…

    Sounds like fun. I have a bunch of lists on my desk right now!

  • 44.
    Xin said…

    Love lists! Would love to win! Thanks :)

  • 45.
    Heather said…

    Yeah!!! I would love this because

    1 – Lists are easy
    2 – I need a jump start for journaling
    3 – It is a great fall activity!

  • 46.
    Debbie said…

    Documenting with lists would be fun.

  • 47.
    Narelle said…

    love love love this idea!!

  • 48.
    Karen d. said…

    Looks like fun!!

  • 49.
    Fran Chopp said…

    OMG I live this idea of defining yourself thru lists. So much fun!

  • 50.
    Julia said…

    Sounds like a very interesting class! Would love a chance to win this class.