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We’re on summer holiday and we’ve invited some of our friends to share their voices and projects here over the next 2 weeks. Say hello to Jennifer Pebbles:

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, where rain and grey clouds make up about 90% of our daily weather, basically guarantees a love affair with summertime- it's a rare beautiful event that brings adventures and laughter, salt air and starry nights and the most magical of memories.

I grew up an avid camper. From as far back as I can remember, when the summer sun finally came out and stayed out, we'd pack our car full of gear- barely enough room in the back for me (worse if I brought a friend along)- and off we'd go for a week or two or three. From the mountains to the desert to the ocean to the lake. As long as there was a campsite available in a State Park with "nice bathrooms," we were on the road. We spent a lot of time in a lot of different places, but one of my favorite destinations to camp was along the Oregon Coast, where I'd bake in the hot sand and boy watch with blissful abandon.

Now that I am a parent, I love having the opportunity to carry on the summer tradition of the outdoor life. We're putting a bit of money away and keeping our eyes open for a potential RV to pack our little family into when we camp with my parents in Lake Chelan, WA; and I've got my Accuweather iPhone app programmed to give me quick access to weather forecasts in Belfair, WA along the Hood Canal where my husband's family shares a beach house, so we can pack up at a moment's notice to escape for a few days of salty sea swimming and sunshine.

It was during one of those extended sea side trips last summer when I sat down and started sketching some ideas for prints and designs inspired by our summer life- and today I wanted to share some of those with you.




I hope you'll enjoy these as much as I do; a quirky little seagull to remind me of the simple joys of summer by the sea in the Pacific NorthWest, and a set of camping themed printables for your paper craft projects.

You can download these for free here

ABOUT JENNIFER | Jennifer is an avid collector of ideas, inspiration, memories, and light hearted moments. She is a WAHM, a graphic designer, blogger, and avid Pinterest curator, with 150,000 followers. She started scrapbooking in 2005, became active in the 2peas community, and since then has worked with a variety of companies as a contributing designer. Jennifer is a former Garden Girl and her work has been featured in Scrapbooks ETC and Creating Keepsakes magazines, as well as idea books for Autumn Leaves and Making Memories. When she isn't designing for clients, she makes custom prints and printables for paper crafters, shares decorating and craft projects on her blog and participates in a variety of amazing adventures and activities as a member of the Target Inner Circle social media group. Jennifer is expecting her second child in October, and she lives in the Seattle area with her husband, their 3 year old daughter and a 114 lb Chocolate Lab.

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19 thoughts

  1. Jo-Anne from ZA

    2013-08-15 06:34:16 -0400

    Loved the post:-)

    Will really make good use of the download!


  2. Maureen

    2013-08-15 07:21:52 -0400

    Hi! I so so love that you use the AccuWeather iphone App! I used to work for AccuWeather and they are still my "go to" when I want to know what the weather has in store! I also love your clean and simple designs!! So very cool! Thank you for sharing them with us!

  3. Dawn F.

    2013-08-15 08:04:21 -0400

    These are adorable but I only see them as a free add-on with a purchase not free as stated above.

  4. Marsaille

    2013-08-15 08:13:45 -0400

    Not that they aren't wonderful, but I was excited about the freebie too. Did I follow the wrong links?

  5. Heather Crawford

    2013-08-15 08:27:37 -0400

    I can't find the free link either?

  6. ElizabethHawks

    2013-08-15 08:30:03 -0400

    Same here, I think the link is wrong to the free download. They are lovely, so I was really looking forward to them.

  7. Debbi G.

    2013-08-15 08:31:51 -0400

    I found the on the "her blog" and it'll take you to a post talking about being a guest here.

    Thanks Jennifer! These look great!

  8. Tammy Davis

    2013-08-15 08:40:30 -0400

    Thank you, Jennifer! These are so cute! And thanks to Debbi G. for the instructions!

  9. Dawn F.

    2013-08-15 09:24:41 -0400

    Thanks for the instructions and thank you for the free printable. I enjoyed the post.

  10. laura g.

    2013-08-15 09:45:20 -0400

    Reading your little story reminds me of the times when i was younger and went camping with my parents and brothers...thanks for the reminder! and thank you for the free download! printed some up for my daughter...they went camping last weekend...i also noticed as i was downloading the freebie that Jen also designed a cute download for a "This is Me" class i took..:)..

  11. Paula

    2013-08-15 12:19:49 -0400

    Thanks so much for your post and the printables!

  12. Kristi B

    2013-08-15 12:36:20 -0400

    These are awesome - THANK YOU!

  13. Julie G

    2013-08-15 14:20:04 -0400

    This is the exact set of cards I was looking for. Thank you thank you!!

  14. P.j.

    2013-08-15 16:48:53 -0400

    I'm so excited. We just bought our first RV. Our first night in it is TONIGHT. Thank you for sharing some of the items I can use to document our new BIG ADVENTURE! Keep putting the $$ away. It took us six years to get the family settled, a 6 month move out of our house for the Missouri River flood of "11, and 2 weddings for us to finally be able to afford our dream. I know it will be worth it.

  15. Ami

    2013-08-15 19:55:18 -0400

    Loved your post. I built a home ten miles out of Belfair on the North Shore and lived there while my children were very young. I loved the canal and also the Oregon coast, especially around Depot Bay. What great memories. Thank you for sharing.

  16. Gemma

    2013-08-16 06:12:14 -0400

    These are so cute. Thank you.

  17. Stacia

    2013-08-16 11:55:40 -0400

    Thank you, Jennifer! Your post resonated with me because I too great up in the PNW with a camping family, and now we also love to go to the OR coast - our favorite destination! We love Nehalem Bay and go there every August for a week. And we now have a little RV that we can pull behind our minivan (Odyssey): a Jayco 17Z, if you're looking for specifics. Pulls pretty easily behind the van and has fabulous pop-down bunks for lots of sleeping space. We love it! :-)

  18. Stacia

    2013-08-16 11:57:36 -0400

    Ha - make that "grew up." :D

  19. Cheryl

    2013-08-21 23:39:37 -0400

    Thank you for the camping printables.

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