The Shapes Of Stories


I came across this infographic on Pinterest last weekend. So cool and totally got my mind going in terms of the shape of my own story.

Click here to go to the source and to see a larger version.

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  1. Kim S (nerdgrl)

    2013-08-20 08:19:57 -0400

    How very cool. A great poster to go up in my classroom.

  2. Kary in Colorado

    2013-08-20 09:54:08 -0400

    Very interesting & fun to look at--but I can see why it was a rejected Master's thesis!

  3. Brooke

    2013-08-20 10:54:57 -0400

    fascinating! I want to see more!

  4. Megan Anderson

    2013-08-20 10:59:18 -0400

    I love Kurt Vonnegut and love reading what he's written on writing. I love his "8 Basics of Creative Writing":

  5. Beth Holmes

    2013-08-20 11:45:46 -0400

    This is terrific and really interesting. Thanks for sharing. I too love Kurt Vonnegut and discovered him when I took a course on his works as a student studying abroad in Germany. It was an English class for them so of course we read and discussed in English. I'm also taking your Hello Story class and this is a great addition to this weeks theme of pie charts. It's really getting my creative juices going.

  6. Claire

    2013-08-20 15:55:23 -0400

    I've loved thinking about how I'd depict the shape of my story. Thanks for sharing this today! It reminded me of poet and children's book author, George Ella Lyon's "Where I'm From" poem.

    I seem to remember other bloggers writing their own versions a few years ago, so perhaps you've seen it before (or maybe I saw it on your blog, I can't remember!). Here's a template for writing one, if anybody is interested:

  7. J3SS1C4

    2013-08-20 18:40:21 -0400

    How fun! I love cute inforgraphics and this one is certainly interesting!

  8. Lynda

    2013-08-24 12:01:24 -0400

    Definite food for thought! Such an obvious visual representation of life, I think!

  9. Hannah Low

    2013-08-26 09:52:47 -0400

    Fascinating concept! I don't think my shape would have such nice smooth curves as that! :)

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    2013-09-22 02:36:57 -0400

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