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Today we're recovering from Katie and Peter's awesome wedding weekend.

These are two of my favorite people that I absolutely consider family. Getting to celebrate with them and their parents and siblings and friends and extended families was something I will always treasure. Just good, kind people.

And the dancing was pretty darn fun too.

We'll be sharing more photos as they become available. Here's two from Paolo's camera that he shared with me:


I wrote on Instagram that Saturday was really the day I actually saw Simon for the first time as a young man. He and Anna have been looking forward to this weekend ever since Katie and Peter asked the three of us to be in the wedding last year.

Simon and Anna and I talked a lot leading up to the big event about how this was Katie and Peter's day and that best behavior was expected. Simon really took that to heart and was patient and polite and mature even during all the standing around & waiting time that seems to happen on the day of a wedding when you are in the wedding party.

He was so excited for his "uniform" (suit), including the bow tie that Peter picked out for him and he got ready with all the groomsmen who were just so fantastic with him. He didn't complain once about the outfit (he tends to be pretty particular about his clothes) and he happily wore the fancy shoes we picked out for him.

Basically he totally rocked the whole day.


One of my favorite things was having some of my family there as well. They've gotten the chance to know Katie and Peter over the last four years and love them just as much.

I can't wait to show you more photos of all the cool things Katie set up for the wedding and reception. That "best day ever" sign was a huge hit of course. She and Peter and their families put in a ton of work to really make it a magical celebration. I'll have her tell you all about it when they return from their honeymoon.

Love you guys!

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