Special Weekday Giveaway | Shimelle Laine/Glitter Girl's Scrapbooking Survival Guide for Two Peas


I'm excited to announce and giveaway a spot in a new workshop now available at Two Peas In A Bucket with Shimelle Laine aka Glitter Girl: Glitter Girls' Scrapbooking Survival Guide.

Shimelle and I go way back and I'm a huge fan. She's a fantastic instructor and a tireless advocate for telling your story and I'm so happy to be able to give away a spot in this new class.


Here's the description:

Two Peas' resident superhero shares her answers to the biggest scrapbooking dilemmas in her new workshop, Glitter Girl's Scrapbook Survival Guide.  This self-paced workshop includes five chapters covering strategies for scrapping more photographs, staying inspired - not overwhelmed - by your scrapbooking supplies, getting more from your tools, working with your most precious photos, and developing confidence in your own scrapbooking style.  Each chapter includes a full colour PDF (to print or read on screen) and two layout videos, for a total of forty-two brand new scrapbook pages and ten start-to-finish scrapbooking videos.  All class materials are available immediately upon purchase and there's also a private message board to discuss your scrapping ideas and dilemmas with Glitter Girl, her mild-mannered scrapbooking friend Shimelle Laine, and your fellow classmates.


Her fun, real-world scrapbooking advice (and experience) is inspiring and my guess is she'll get you in the mood to get more of your stories told.

TO BE ENTERED into this giveaway please leave a comment below (if you are reading this post on Facebook please come to my blog to leave a comment). Comments will be closed at 9am Pacific on Friday, September 27th. The winner will be announced shortly after. Please be sure to check back or subscribe (click here to get posts delivered to your email box) to see if you are receiving one of the items.

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  1. Tracey

    2013-09-25 17:22:06 -0400

    A fan of Shimelle & would love to win this awesome class!

    * edited 08/08/14 06:02PM
  2. Bernadette Gerich

    2013-09-25 17:52:21 -0400

    Thanks for the chance, this looks like a fun class.

    * edited 08/08/14 06:02PM
  3. linda marie

    2013-09-25 18:45:22 -0400

    sounds like a wonderful class! thanks for the giveaway :)

    * edited 08/08/14 06:02PM
  4. Amanda

    2013-09-25 19:28:58 -0400

    Glitter Girl fun-it looks just like the right amount of inspiration that I need at the moment. Thanks!

    * edited 08/08/14 06:02PM
  5. Shane Cherney

    2013-09-25 20:16:20 -0400

    Looks like a fun class!

    * edited 08/08/14 06:02PM
  6. Angela Daly

    2013-09-25 20:34:55 -0400

    I love her videos ! Her class should be amazing, thanks for the chance to win !

    * edited 08/08/14 06:02PM
  7. Kim T.

    2013-09-25 21:39:36 -0400

    I absolutely LOVE Shimelle's classes! I never miss an episode of Glitter Girl! Can't wait for this new class!

    * edited 08/08/14 06:02PM
  8. Lea

    2013-09-25 21:48:38 -0400

    I always watch Glitter Girl on 2peas! Would love to take the class.

    * edited 08/08/14 06:02PM
  9. Joyce Doenges

    2013-09-25 21:57:57 -0400

    Looks like a great class! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

    * edited 08/08/14 06:02PM
  10. Rosalie

    2013-09-25 22:30:10 -0400

    Shimelle always shares some great things. I would love to win a spot.

    * edited 08/08/14 06:02PM
  11. Tanya

    2013-09-25 23:19:08 -0400

    This looks like an awesome class. Thanks for the chance to win!

    * edited 08/08/14 06:02PM
  12. Lisa

    2013-09-25 23:42:06 -0400

    Wish I could enter from Canada!
    Need a little inspiration and girly one-to-one time
    right now.

    * edited 08/08/14 06:02PM
  13. Chantal Archambault

    2013-09-25 23:45:36 -0400

    Love Shimelle's videos! Thanks for such a great giveaway! Loving Hello Story (catching up!!!), thanks for such a great workshop!

    * edited 08/08/14 06:02PM
  14. Marian

    2013-09-26 00:05:48 -0400

    Thanks for a great giveaway. I love Glitter Girl.

    * edited 08/08/14 06:02PM
  15. Anita T

    2013-09-26 00:50:07 -0400

    i would love to take this class. the class looks like so much fun. thank you for sharing.

    * edited 08/08/14 06:02PM
  16. Scrappyjen

    2013-09-26 03:08:06 -0400

    Holy grapefruit Glitter Girl! I'm in serious need of her photo-stack-flattening, scrap-stash-busting superpowers. Thanks for the chance super-sidekick Awesome Ali!

    * edited 08/08/14 06:02PM
  17. Denise Luscan

    2013-09-26 03:40:25 -0400

    I love Glitter Girl (aka Shimelle)! Would love to take this class!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

    * edited 08/08/14 06:02PM
  18. Leticia Vasquez

    2013-09-26 05:43:26 -0400

    This is awesome. Thank you for the chance to win

    * edited 08/08/14 06:02PM
  19. Heather Rich

    2013-09-26 07:59:04 -0400

    Looks really fun!

    * edited 08/08/14 06:02PM
  20. Maria G.

    2013-09-26 09:40:50 -0400

    Thanks a lot for the chance and your giveaway. It seems to be so simple when you’re describing it and showing. As for classes, here I am upset, as I can’t be present :( I’m moving, so I have lots of "odd things to be done".

    * edited 08/08/14 06:02PM
  21. Kellie

    2013-09-26 15:50:26 -0400

    Love Shimelle's classes! Thanks for a chance to win a seat in her class.

    * edited 08/08/14 06:02PM
  22. marion hearn

    2013-09-26 17:00:23 -0400

    love love Shimmelle classes thank you for the chance to win

    * edited 08/08/14 06:02PM
  23. Theresa G.

    2013-09-26 19:36:45 -0400

    would love to participate. looks like a great class. =)

    * edited 08/08/14 06:02PM
  24. Melinda Wilson

    2013-09-26 20:27:40 -0400

    I would love to win this awesome prize!!

    * edited 08/08/14 06:02PM
  25. stacie d

    2013-09-26 22:50:36 -0400

    I'd love to be inspired by Shimelle!

    * edited 08/08/14 06:02PM
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