The Way I Start My Day | Favorite Morning Reads


I like to start my day reading something positive and uplifting.

Below I've compiled a list of the things I read most weekday mornings. They all come to my inbox (and I'm pretty picky about what I invite in there) - some are newsletters, some are blog posts, and some are a daily auto-generated emails.

I actually often read these before I get out of bed. I'm not sure it's a habit I want to keep or one I want to promote. I sometimes feel like it's too much technology first thing and I should wait longer before I go directly to my screen. That said, I appreciate the daily shot of positive thinking that comes from these sources. I often read them quickly first thing and then come back to them again once I'm at my desk a few hours later after the morning routine of kids and breakfast and driving to school is completed to actually soak up their wisdom.

These people inspire me to live more fully in alignment with my own personal values and I'm thankful for their contribution to my life.

I have quite a few other blogs and inspiring sites in Feedly that I read occasionally when I have time or am looking for inspiration, but these are the ones (at least right now) that I actually invite into my inbox.

What are your daily reads? Do you read first thing in the AM or later in the day?

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