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As usual, as the week progresses I tend to take less photos. I've come to recognize it simply as part of the process.

The rest of my week will be documenting what my life's like when my kids aren't here in the house with me. It's part of the reality of my story.

Over time it's gotten easier (and I often welcome the break) but I'm still learning to really embrace the time to reconnect with myself. I miss them when they aren't here but I'm thankful that they get to spend time with their Dad who loves them so very much.

It's different, as many of you know, to document your life without kids as leading characters in the story. There's no better or worse, it's just different and to be honest I think it's more challenging. For me it means I need to switch gears - there's not a moving target I can always point my lens at and it can feel very repetitive.

But rather than looking at it as repetitive or boring or not how I want it to be or not enough, I'm looking at it knowing that I need to capture it as it is for what it is right now. How can I represent this piece of my life visually? What can I take photos of that I miss because I'm focusing on capturing my kids? How do I fill my time? What other things have become important?

Here's a look at my Thursday:









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32 thoughts

  1. Alida

    2013-09-13 09:02:01 -0400

    Thanks Ali, this WITL project actually got me to take more photo's of other areas of my life, iso being mostly focussed on the kids. There's defnitely times when I'm more switched off to photo's, mostly in the mornings when they're at school. Still good photo moments and life stories happening then.

  2. Barb

    2013-09-13 09:40:23 -0400

    This is my dilemma too as I am now divorced and the kids have flown the nest. Started the week pretty good since there was some stuff going on, but the I still have trouble dealing with the mundane feel of everyday life and taking pictures of it just makes me slip into "poor me" again. Still difficult dealing with being a family of 1 instead of a family of 5.

  3. Courtney W

    2013-09-13 09:51:17 -0400

    Less photos for me as well. I love the photo of the newspaper through the doorway. My Thursday can be found here: http://www.beautifulcrazylife4.blogspot.com/2013/09/week-in-life-thursday-words-photos.html

  4. karen c

    2013-09-13 10:26:32 -0400

    I've been thinking about this too. My son is away at college and it's been a hard change for me to adjust to. But this is life. This is my now and in a few years it will change again so it is important to me to remember this time. I'm doing WITL next week so that I can capture Parent Weekend at his college. Here is a list I came up with maybe it will spark other ideas for you. mailbox and what came in the mail each day
    each room of the house, as is
    meals in and out, grocery receipts, restaurant receipts
    treats eaten
    TV shows watched
    books read
    writing in journals and where we do it
    trash day
    recycle day
    the library and parking lot
    the lawn guy and the yard
    the clock that chimes the hour
    the inside of my purse
    walking around the block
    the gym
    my earrings each day
    feeding pets
    the farmer’s market
    washing dishes
    what am I working on
    what do I do when I take a break (Baggo, blog reading, laundry, snack, walk)
    what does my camera look like
    what kind of computers am I using (how much memory!)
    what I’m thinking as I fall asleep and wakeup (the list I spend too much time reviewing in my head)
    J’s schedule of classes
    the drive to W-burg (where was traffic, how long)
    Parent Weekend

  5. cinback

    2013-09-13 11:04:21 -0400

    My situation is a little bit different than you but in essence the same. My girls are in their late teens (celebrated 19 with my daughter last night) and just are not around as much. I am finding any sort of daily documenting to be a challenge for the same reasons that you mentioned. Without kids to photograph what is the story? And on top of that I am at work all day and there are only so many shots you can take of the inside of an office! Even keeping up with Project Life is a challenge now without the 'life' that my girls would bring to my day. ANd yet, as you are suggesting, it is causing me to rethink my own personal story after everything being about my girls for so many years. Who am I? What are my patterns? What is my relationship with my husband now without our girls at the forefront of our lives? What do we like to do now? I am being forced to find my story in the way the lighting comes through my blinds in the morning, or Mr. Jack Rabbit who frequents our backyard. I am now noticing these stories that were peripheral for so long. It just requires a retrained set of eyes. But the stories are just as important.

  6. Shannon P.

    2013-09-13 11:21:01 -0400

    I love this project--and I am so grateful you are reminding me it's ok to slow down on photo taking as the week progresses. It makes it possible to keeping going and not give up entirely!

  7. Stacyk

    2013-09-13 11:38:46 -0400

    Its so real though Ali! Thanks for sharing. I'm sure this is inspiring for people without kids as well.

  8. Jennifer K

    2013-09-13 11:58:27 -0400

    Thanks Ali, for guiding us through this neat experience. What amazes me the most is how some days I don't know what to take photos of for what seem uneventful hours, but later I ask myself, "Why didn't a take a photo of...?" This is really a great exercise in awareness of our everyday lives and capturing them visually. (there will also be plenty that can only be captured in words, love that we can combine both!)

  9. Rhonda O

    2013-09-13 12:50:12 -0400

    I too have not taken as many photos as the first couple days, but I intentionally took and will take "extras' pics that can fit into other days throughout the week and fill in as needed. For instance, dishes (clean and dirty), my home office, the garden/my yard, the sunset/sunrise, toys scattered around, diff rooms in my house, what's on the screen (tv, computer, iPad, etc), the inside of the fridge, etc. There's no rules and no ones's checking the date on my images to make sure they match up! If I missed something, I'll catch the next day or next week and slip it in! All is good.

    Ali, thank you for all or who you are and all you share :)

  10. Kristen

    2013-09-13 12:52:09 -0400

    what a gift you are giving your children - seeing their mom accept herself as an individual in her own right, as more than a mother, as someone who can accept life in its entirety, to see the blessings in the rainshowers

  11. Jen D

    2013-09-13 13:07:38 -0400

    I love this project! I've actually kept up this year because i'm uploading and editing the same day so I can post it. And I have found it sooo interesting looking a everyone's "everyday" from all over the world. It's like taking a peek into someone's world around them (and they can be across the world from where I am). So interesting!

  12. Mye

    2013-09-13 13:38:16 -0400

    I would so love some "me" time! The most I can get right now is 2-3 hours and I spend it working :)

  13. Patti L

    2013-09-13 14:12:03 -0400

    I've often wanted to scrapbook more publicly for the "single, childless" people of the world, just to show that there are so many things you can take photos of and scrapbook. Sometimes I get down on it too, like this is stupid, who cares. But then other times I do an interesting exercise, like scrapping about a book I read or something, and then I find those layouts are some of my favorite. Scrapbooking is really self expression, so its ok!

  14. Deiga

    2013-09-13 14:22:40 -0400

    Documenting this week has been a really different experience for me, too, because usually I document the week I spend with my grandkids in Oregon (which I'm still going to do when I travel there next week). But I decided to try it with my normal routine life with my hubby and stepson. And, yes, I have to 'think' harder to come up with something because our life seems so predictable. My husband works long hours (up at 4 a.m. home at 6:30 p.m.- a lot of it spent commuting on the So Cal freeways.) So, he's not home to photograph much. I work - pretty much the only person in my office on most days. So, yeh -it's been challenging, but I'm glad I'm doing a Week in OUR life. It's interesting - although it's also proof that I seriously need to clean and redecorate my house :)

  15. susan garner

    2013-09-13 14:31:55 -0400

    Welcome to my world Ali. My kids have grown up and I have no family here but I rattle my brain at night while I am in bed and have come up with some ideas for taking photos. This may gross you out but I have 3 dogs and someone has to go in the garden at clean the poop up and I do that twice a day and it made a great pic. Its what I do.

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  18. suew

    2013-09-13 16:41:30 -0400

    lovely to see a photo of your garden again Ali...haven't seen it for some time. I have no kids at home these days so my garden often comes into my scrapping!

  19. ARC

    2013-09-13 18:28:13 -0400

    The problem for me is that I'm the photographer, and need to explicitly ASK my husband to take photos with me in them, and I don't always remember. He is always obliging, though.

    I suppose it would be a good idea to figure out a tripod for my phone cam and use the self-timer.

    But I do try very hard to make Project Life and this project not just the Kid Show, because that's just one part of it. (The cutest part, and easiest to photograph, but still...)

  20. Ali Gitt

    2013-09-13 18:36:44 -0400

    What blender do you use? I'm looking to start juicing.

  21. Melanie L.

    2013-09-13 20:39:22 -0400

    I haven't been taking nearly as many photos as you and today I barely took any at all. I work in the medical field and it's been difficult to figure out what to take photos of that doesn't violate patient privacy. I wish my husband would take some photos, though. He gets the kids ready for school and is here when they get home. I would love photos of that! You do such a great job of including your self in your photos, too. After this week, I'm going to work harder to do that too.

  22. Tricia

    2013-09-13 21:32:56 -0400

    Thanks so much for this genuine look into your life. I'm especially grateful for the pic of you setting up your overhead camera. What kind of tripod arm thing are you using?

  23. Tere

    2013-09-14 01:46:33 -0400

    Ali, is there a particular filter you use in pic-tap-go? Thanks!

  24. Tracie

    2013-09-15 15:06:29 -0400

    You hit a note with me on this one; I'm struggling with how to continue my scrap booking & photography without children. It's nothing I ever prepared for - I always thought there would be kids in my life, but the reality is there's not...and life goes on. So how do I capture that? You're words & photos are inspiring. Thank you.

  25. Jo

    2013-09-16 17:29:02 -0400

    Thursday was a challenging and unexpected day for us as a family when my 8 year son broke his leg at football (soccer) training. A preseason inter squad practice match, preparation for their first league game on the Sunday. We spent the evening in A&E and the following days taking care of him and trying to manage his pain. I continued with my Week in the Life even though it wasn't at all the norm. It was certainly a different and challenging week filled with lots of different emotions.

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