Week In The Life 2013 | Tuesday Words + Photos


NUMBER OF PHOTOS FOR TUESDAY | 68 (about half & half)

Today was a whirlwind that began a little before 6am and ended sometime after 10pm.

I chose this week because I knew it was going to mark the beginning of all kinds of new things for each of us. Anna at her new school. Simon starting middle school. Driving a whole lot more. Schedule adjustments. I knew I would be tired. And I am.

It was one of those days when I was reminded again and again how lucky I am that Katie is a part of our lives.

It was one of those days where I missed some photos in the evening. I attended events at Anna's school and the kids were hanging out with Katie and Peter. Katie took the last one shown below when I got home.

It was one of those days with bedtimes that kept extending into the evening. There were tears about a missing light saber and tears about Katie going home.

It was one of those days I wished things would slow down.

It was one of those days I negotiated and asked for help and said yes and said no and advocated for love and supported and felt supported.

Here's a look at our day:






















Showering at 2pm.








Celebrating (first day at Middle School - 6th grade).






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50 thoughts

  1. laura @ luckypennylove.com

    2013-09-11 12:40:43 -0400

    love how you just posted a verb for each photo description!

    laura @ luckypennylove.com

  2. Karen

    2013-09-11 12:52:23 -0400

    Gosh, how those kids have grown! What magic food did they eat over the summer? Simon looks so tall and Anna is growing too. Where has all the time gone? So excited for them (and you) about new schools. My son just started 8th grade (he's on the spectrum too) and yes, we've had some bumpy times in middle school but it's been an overall positive experience for him. They have so many more opportunities to express themselves individually (clothing, class selection, clubs & activities) in middle school. I have found that the biggest challenge is that there are more teachers and other staff he (and I) have to deal with than in elementary and keeping track of assignments becomes more of a challenge too. Develop a good system to help him keep on top of it and enlist someone at school to help if needed. Organization and communication is the key to keeping things sane.

  3. Beth Holmes

    2013-09-11 13:15:41 -0400

    I love so many of these photos. I love the photo of you and Chris together with Simon because as a child of divorced parents it is so great that you can be together in the same room together for your child -- my parents cannot do that still -- after 15 years. I love the perspective/angle of the shot of you standing at the kitchen sink and want to copy that one. I'm a librarian so I love the photo of Anna with all the books! And who doesn't love lego minifigs. Thank you for sharing your life with us and inspiring us!

  4. amberca

    2013-09-11 13:27:16 -0400

    Love it! I am feeling super busy right now also, and this project is helping is some sort of odd way to focus on what's important. I love taking stock of what is really happening in my life, what am I spending my time doing right now. Thanks Ali!

  5. Dana

    2013-09-11 13:58:27 -0400

    This is wonderful. Thanks for inspiring me to capture the fleeting moments of the everyday.

  6. Patti L

    2013-09-11 14:02:02 -0400

    wow, lots of intense things going on in your home....then you see George just sprawled out everywhere! cats have the life.

  7. Jo-Anne from ZA

    2013-09-11 14:18:55 -0400

    Wow, beautifully captured! Looks like it was a day filled with great excitement and lots of precious moments:-)

  8. Leanne in CA

    2013-09-11 14:58:31 -0400

    Wow, you made it through! A rough but good day. Hang in there!!

  9. Nancy

    2013-09-11 15:05:22 -0400

    Ok, clearly I'm overwhelmed too be cause I DID NOT notice George in that final photo until I went back to see what people in the comment section were talking about. Uff da. I think I need a vacation! Love the photos + words.

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  12. Debra

    2013-09-11 16:53:57 -0400

    What a cool cat!

  13. Jenell

    2013-09-11 16:56:50 -0400

    I really like how you get yourself in the photos. I hate having my picture taken, but know how important it is. Love Anna's head in the bathtub and George in the last photo.

  14. CJ

    2013-09-11 17:09:03 -0400

    Sorry your day was long and hard, but you are doing a great job I think. There are some lovely photos there. Good luck to Simon in his new school.

  15. Teri H.

    2013-09-11 18:04:17 -0400

    Oh, man. That George cracks me up.

  16. Sarah @ TM2TS

    2013-09-11 18:07:41 -0400

    I love the color of your toenails. :D

  17. Mary in IL

    2013-09-11 18:33:13 -0400

    How you always find new perspectives to photograph from is so inspiring! Thanks Ali!

  18. Laura CD

    2013-09-11 23:03:06 -0400

    Wow, 68 great photos! I love your week in the life project!

  19. JoLynn

    2013-09-11 23:49:41 -0400

    Participles! Yeah! Love this!

  20. Sarah

    2013-09-12 10:06:02 -0400

    the Celebrating the first day of 6th grade photo, just made my heart ache for you and your family. So much has changed but its wonderful somethings do stay the same - love for our children.

  21. Andrea W

    2013-09-12 11:53:24 -0400

    I love this! Thanks for allowing the links to blogs. I have sincerely enjoyed clicking on them and reading and seeing about others' days. Thanks for the inspiration Ali!

  22. Nicole Russell Willis

    2013-09-12 12:27:31 -0400

    Awww that hug from Simon! I love his hands wrapped around you guys.

  23. Michelle L

    2013-09-12 14:52:46 -0400

    That picture of Simon looking at his schedule with his buddy is so cute! IT's so awesome that you were able to capture that!

  24. Lisa W.

    2013-09-12 21:13:19 -0400

    Beautiful...just simply beautiful!!!

  25. carine f

    2013-09-21 03:39:52 -0400

    love the way you've describe your day photos and one word.
    thanks for sharing, it is always inspiration

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