Week In The Life 2013 | Working With The Layered Template Set


Today I'm sharing a 15-minute tutorial on working with the Week In The Life layered templates in Photoshop Elements.

AE Week In The Life 2013 Layered Template Tutorial from Ali Edwards on Vimeo.

A couple things to note from the video:

1. These templates include the phrases "this is our life" and "this is my life." You can "turn off" or "turn on" these phrases by clicking on the "eye" on the layers palette. Choose the one that best fits your story.

2. The font used for journaling is Remington Noiseless.

3. I've included the dates I'm doing this project on the templates but you can change them using the T tool. Select the type and then input the correct date.

4. To mask a photo inside a shape make sure that your photo layer is directly above the shape in the layers palette. If you are on a Mac hit command + g. If you are on a PC hit control + g.

5. You can recolor the word art or day of the week layers by selecting the correct layer and going to Edit/Fill.

6. I'm using RadLab to edit my photos. I love it and recommend it.

I hope this is helpful to you. If you have any additional questions please let me know in the comments.

I'll be sharing my completed album (and my process) soon.

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    I have your most recent templates for 2015 and can't figure out how to change the text color for the days. I tried what you wrote above but it isn't working. Any suggestions? I have the newest photoshop elements

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