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I figured I'd keep the 10 Things Right Now theme going this week and include 10 things about me too. You can read the lists about my kids here: Simon and Anna.

1. Focusing on open, my One Little Word for 2013, has been huge for me this year. I continue to find myself in situations where I'm presented with the opportunity to open a little wider, to consider a different option, to let go, to live in the grey areas, to stretch and grow and change my mind and learn new things about myself (and who I want to be) and to take another brave deep breath. It has challenged me in so many ways and I'm thankful. This is definitely a word I will carry with me into the future. I'll have more details about a One Little Word workshop for 2014 next month.

2. I've been traveling quite a bit the last three weeks mostly related to business. I knew it was coming but man when you lump it all together it's definitely not easy. My parents have been really supportive and helpful during my recent trips and the kids love having them here. Travel for me is very much a yin/yang. I love going and I love coming home. I've got one more big trip this year coming up in the next couple of weeks with ScrapMap to China. I don't think it will actually be real until I get off the plane in Beijing.

3. Sea salt caramels in a jar from Costco. Enough said.

4. That holiday nudge to beautify my home/surroundings is starting to come on strong. I'll be hosting Thanksgiving this year and I'm so looking forward to the activity and food and family noise in my house (and focusing on that vs. wishing my walls were all white even though I would love to make that happen). Christmas will also be with family this year and I'm so, so thankful.

5. Along with the holiday decor are the Christmas gifts. I started my list today and am seriously considering simplifying things for the kids and going with the Want, Need, Wear, Read idea this year. More meaning/more meaningful interactions is what I'm after and what I'd like to have as a piece of our conversations about gifts and giving. Less stuff.

6. All my recent travel has resulted in a few new books on my bedside table (I have trouble resisting airport bookstores). New titles include: When America First Met China, Facing Codependence, and Wonder. Yes, totally random assortment but all interesting nonetheless.

7. I'm learning that the saying "it's likely that your kids need you more as they get older" is true. Navigating life with a child in middle school and all that goes along with that age is a very real piece of my right now (add on some special needs challenges and it's all the more interesting). I'm working on my own communication skills every single day.

8. I have a post in the works (I usually have a bunch of draft posts in the works but not all of them come to fruition) called Life After Divorce. That's all that I've got so far - the title. The words seem to be swirling around in my head and on my heart and I feel like I have something to say about this point in my journey, but I'm still not sure yet. It's likely it will be one of those things I'm never really sure about and I'll simply have to take a leap.

9. December Daily™ is front and center this week as I work on my new digital products and start putting together my foundation pages and a plan for my album this year. I hope to post about that early next week and you should see the first of some of my new products at Designer Digitals this weekend.

10. Last weekend I finally found a new puffy vest at H&M. I've been on the lookout for a new puffy vest for some time after Katie let me know she was about ready to burn/throw away the black puffy vest I've been wearing for years and years. It's affectionately (from my end) come to be known as my security blanket - a go-to on many occasions in my life and something that literally does make me feel protected and comforted. Katie calls it old and worn out. She's right. Of course. So I'm finally letting it go.

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