10 Things Anna | Traditional Scrapbook Layout


Today I want to share a two-page, 8.5x11 layout that features some products from Studio Calico's new collection called PrintShop!

I have to say that I love it. Great color scheme and fun, graphic prints (stars for the win of course).

Here's a look at my layout:


My layout includes content I blogged about a few weeks back: 10 Things Right Now | Anna.

The left side is a full page photo (8.5x11) with two 3x4 cards adhered on top. The second page pairs pattern paper (from the 12x12 paper pad) with four more 3x4 cards. Two of those I created myself with pattern paper and journaling from the post linked above and the other two are found in this set.

I love that 3x4 cards are not just for Project Life.

And I think I could do a full page photo for just about every layout.


"Hello, love" and "always" are white rub-ons from this set. I'm still a fan of rub ons and would love to see more of them made. And of course I love those little vellum stars.

The "AE" is part of a great transparent alpha:


Love that color scheme.


Some of the 3x4 cards in this collection are die-cut so that you could place something behind them. The arrow and the speech bubble lift up just enough to be able to add a photo or other content underneath.

You can see that a little better here:


Super cute.


Click on the images to link to the products.

18 thoughts

  1. Artfulscrapbooking

    2013-11-04 12:22:44 -0500

    Beautiful layout! The large photo works so well and love those die cut cards!! :) Evie

  2. Tawnda

    2013-11-04 12:49:01 -0500

    I was looking for ideas for how to scrapbook my children's 8x10 professional photos and I will definitely be scraplifting from you :)

  3. Debbie

    2013-11-04 13:19:33 -0500


  4. P.J.

    2013-11-04 15:16:41 -0500

    Love the colors.

  5. Dori

    2013-11-04 16:37:31 -0500

    Wow! You rock, Ali!

  6. cindy b.

    2013-11-04 17:42:30 -0500

    I just got some of this collection and i LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!

  7. jennifer

    2013-11-04 18:28:00 -0500

    Absolutely adorable - nice use of the smaller cards on top of the photo/patterned paper :)

  8. orange gearle

    2013-11-04 21:55:19 -0500

    I LOVE this! I have the letters (both sets that I'm seeing you've used) and I just love those see through ones! I wish there were more in the pack! Go Anna Go! ;-)

  9. laura g.

    2013-11-04 22:45:35 -0500

    lovely, lovely!! so happy to see a traditional layout!!

  10. Mallory

    2013-11-04 23:07:14 -0500

    Lovely layout Ali! I feel the same way about rub-ons. :)

  11. Nirupama

    2013-11-04 23:41:14 -0500

    So fabulous!! I always love seeing your traditional layouts too. Have been missing the regular dose of inspiration from you since Hello Story ended :)

  12. Alida

    2013-11-05 02:04:53 -0500

    Oh love this. Will fit right into PL even.

  13. J3SS1C4

    2013-11-05 02:14:57 -0500

    Looks great, Ali! I love the use of 3x4 journal cards on a traditional layout, and the enlarged photo, too

  14. rhonda

    2013-11-05 09:57:37 -0500

    Ali, that's a really great idea. I have so many 8x10 pictures that I have in a separate album, I never thought about doing a double page spread in a scrapbook using them. Sometimes it's the simplest things that turn out the most amazing! Thanks for sharing.

  15. Jessica @The Mom Creative

    2013-11-05 12:10:19 -0500

    I love rub-ons too! xo

  16. Carolyn HP

    2013-11-05 15:38:16 -0500

    Wow, love that you used the 3x4 cards outside of project life!

  17. patty

    2013-11-05 17:54:48 -0500


  18. Meredith

    2013-11-10 08:47:16 -0500

    Thanks for the chance to win!

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