Giving Thanks



Yes, indeed. For a million different things. Here's just a few:


Thankful for a peaceful, easy Thanksgiving with many of the people I care about most right here in my own house.

Thankful for this house that holds us. For a job I love that pays the bills.


Thankful for my Dad who cleaned out my gutters and put up some of my Christmas lights.

Thankful for my Mom who lovingly orchestrates a million different things.

Thankful for the relationship my kids have with my parents where they can't wait until they arrive and are sad when they leave.


Thankful for this one who can play and play and play.

Thankful that I'm going to be home for the majority of this month. This year has included a lot of awesome travel but man am I ready to just be here for awhile.


Thankful for these two who talk and talk and talk and sing and play and tell each other what to do and had the best time hanging out.


Thankful for silly smiles.


Thankful for sunshine and a simple table and a kitchen island to hold most of the food.


Thankful for this one who is so full of holiday spirit (and today he's full of chocolate pie too).

Thankful for my sister and Jeffrey who understand the magic of family and put in the effort to get here to be with us this year. Thankful for the love they show my kids and me.

Today I'm working and getting out more Christmas decorations and will be watching the Oregon/Oregon State game later today with friends.

And then it will be December 1. Crazy how fast it goes and I'm excited to start documenting the season on Sunday.

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