Project Life® 2013 | Week Forty-One (Studio Calico Project Life® Kit)


Welcome to Project Life® 2013 | Week Forty-One (October 7th through 13th).

Each month during 2013 one of my Project Life® weeks will be using the Studio Calico Project Life® kit.

You can check out all the new kits for December (called Blue Note) over at Studio Calico here: Scrapbook Kit | Project Life® Kit | Card Kit

Here's a look at Week 41:


As you might be able to tell with my lack of posting spreads recently, I'm behind.

I'm not worried about it, just want to carve out some time to make it happen and I think I will be able to do that before the end of the year (which is my goal).

I'm still considering how I want to approach this project next year. I love this glimpses of weeks. I love that it forces me to print photos and to jot things down. I love that it creates a home for bits of papers that otherwise might end up in a box or in the garbage.


This week mainly features photos from my trip to the Outer Banks back in October for the Click Retreat (awesome time - you can read about my experience here).

I combined images and words from that trip with a couple things about life here at home. Katie's new dog Charlotte is our daily companion in the office and Anna's class had a visit from a fire truck.


Lots of writing on photos again. I still love that - it's such an easy way to add words to my spreads. I also included a 6x8 photo that I cut into three pieces to fit in the bottom and middle pockets.


Click on the images to link to the products.

Project Life® is a product and a system and a lifestyle created by Becky Higgins. It can be anything you want it to be. The core pieces used in my album are available here. If you live outside the US check Becky’s site for more information on sources. View all my posts about Project Life® here.

12 thoughts

  1. Debra

    2013-11-28 02:59:51 -0500

    Oh my goodness, Charlotte is gorgeous. She looks exactly like my dog did when he was that age. Your pages are lovely as always, Ali. You sound like you're thinking of doing PL differently next year, if at all? I know you love it though and probably wouldn't want to give it up.

  2. Bambou Orchidee

    2013-11-28 03:26:05 -0500

    Simply love the way you keep your memories in this album. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Anne-Marie

    2013-11-28 06:33:44 -0500

    I'm with you. I live in Virginia and LOVE the mountains. I have the most beautiful drive to work. However, the beach is my happy place!! I also appreciate someone else being a wee bit behind. It used to bother me. Now, I almost enjoy being a bit behind, because it means I get to relive those memories. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Carole J

    2013-11-28 08:03:59 -0500

    I have loved my first year of Project Life! What a treasure to have all the little moments along with the bits & pieces from an entire year. I will be approaching it differently in 2014 so it doesn't become stale. I already do Library of Memories so after reading a post by Jennifer Wilson on her blog, The Simple Scrapper I am combining Project Life & Library of Memories. I'm nervous to let go of the weekly format but worry it might become stale. Everything will be there, just different. I can return to weekly in 2015 if I want.

  5. Vicky

    2013-11-28 08:23:22 -0500

    My approach to PL isn't stressful - just scrap and include what you want, when you want. My life doesn't take place in weekly doses so I don't record it that way either.....

  6. Laura

    2013-11-28 09:15:28 -0500

    I don't do a week for each month. I include things that occured, and include the dates. I find this is much more freeing. I record all of the stuff I want, more photos of big events, less some months if not much happening. It still saves so many memories that would otherwise be lost and forgotten. Happy Thanksgiving.

  7. J3SS1C4

    2013-11-28 18:09:32 -0500

    Charlotte is so cute! And I love your 6x8 photo, looks great! And how awesome that the badge fits in the pocket so perfectly!

  8. Kris

    2013-11-28 19:11:27 -0500

    I love seeing your project life, interested to see the look for 2014 - what edition will you use as your base?

  9. Sue C

    2013-11-29 10:23:12 -0500

    I do monthly. I just put things in as they occur and adjust with some filler if needed near the end of the month to fill the last page. It works like a charm for me. There is no pressure. Some months have more pages than others but that's okay. I still love this project four years later.

  10. Lynda B.

    2013-12-11 14:17:00 -0500

    I have a silly question. I really want to start Project Life but I can't figure out how to get my photos from my camera to my scrapbook. Do you do this once a week? Do you print from a home computer? Do you use special paper to print? or do you once a month have your photos printed professionally?

  11. Debbie

    2014-01-01 15:02:45 -0500

    What size format will you be doing this year for project life. Loved this weeks spread. As always, thank you for the inspiration.

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