December Daily™ 2013 | Day Eighteen


Welcome to December Daily™ 2013 | Day Eighteen.

Tonight we've got Anna's Christmas concert at her school. She is so, so excited to be a sheep and sing with her classmates. It's a good chance to practice my low-light photography (we shall see).

Here's a look at Day Eighteen:


Chris took the kids to see Santa this year last weekend in Bend. He emailed me the photo and I loved it so much - two kids who are seriously full of Christmas spirit. Wonderfully contagious excitement.

This one actually starts on the other side of the Webster's Pages star transparency.


The Ho Ho Ho wood veneer is part of the Studio Calico kit. I embossed it with the gold Zing glitter and stapled it onto the star transparency (cut to the size of the page protectors).


In past December Daily albums I almost always included a transparent page in between the days. I loved seeing this page over at Studio Calico as a reminder.

And I definitely like having other page sizes and textures mixed in with the page protectors.


On the back side of the Ho Ho Ho I added the #18 gold clip + a little chipboard white star.


On top of the enlarged photo I added a Magical Adhesive Banner, wood veneer initials & star, and a printable 2013 label.


This year I'm really liking putting embellishments/word art right in the middle of my photos.


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12 thoughts

  1. Petra

    2013-12-19 06:09:40 -0500

    Beautiful Ali. And best of luck with the low light photography. I am sure you will do just fine :)

  2. Dori

    2013-12-19 07:05:06 -0500

    What a sweet photo! And I love the way you put embellishments right on top.

  3. Michelle

    2013-12-19 07:16:44 -0500

    Love your kids boots! I have transparencys dotted throughout all 4 albums but didnt think to photograph them as such. I intend to remedy that in my very next blog post Dec 19 - gosh only 6 more days until this awesome and amazingly satisfying project will be ending. Thankfully I have 31 Things to look forward to.

  4. orange gearle

    2013-12-19 09:24:42 -0500

    Oooo I have that same transparency, cut and just waiting for the perfect spot in my album. Love it!

  5. Jennifer K

    2013-12-19 10:05:38 -0500

    Tonight is my 5th grader's school Christmas program also. I hear ya on the low-light photography! Ugh, want to capture those great moments, but its so hard.

  6. laura g.

    2013-12-19 10:10:12 -0500

    you are so inspiring!! Christmas is my most favorite holiday and I am hoping to put together an album of past Christmases...I think I have pics from my Mom starting in the early 50's...would be a fun thing to make copies and give to my kids...

  7. laura g.

    2013-12-19 10:13:07 -0500

    I am incorporating religious themed journaling cards into my DD and it's been tough to find I took 2 Christmas cards and put them side by side on my printer and printed them up on a 4x6 photo...perfect size for PL or DD pockets...just thought I'd share..:)

  8. Debbie

    2013-12-19 11:22:59 -0500

    It's lovely!

  9. Patti L

    2013-12-19 11:45:56 -0500

    That's a great Santa photo! You are inspiring me to scrap more about Christmas even tho I don't do DD. Thanks!

  10. Cynthia H

    2013-12-19 12:11:44 -0500

    Love each of their boots!

  11. Cynthia H

    2013-12-19 12:12:49 -0500

    The merry page that you linked to was also one of my favorites!

  12. Tinka

    2013-12-19 16:06:59 -0500

    Attending my almost 5 year old niece and nephew's Christmas program this morning brought back memories of the years I taught pre-school. Putting a program like that together is a lot of work but so much fun. And after the sadness of this past week, seeing the joy and excitement in those sweet faces was exactly what our family needed. And, I was able to get some good pictures since it was held in the school gym which was very well lit. :)

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