December Daily™ 2013 | Day Nine & Studio AE Blog Hop From Technique Tuesday


Welcome to December Daily™ 2013 | Day Nine and the December Studio AE Blog Hop from Technique Tuesday.

Technique Tuesday offers a monthly stamp club that features a limited edition stamp set designed by me each month. You can check out past stamp sets (some are still available) here.

Say hello to this month's stamp set: Great Memory


DIGITAL MEMORY KEEPER? Check out a similar set here: Life Blocks

Here's a look at how I used one of these stamps in my Day Nine spread:


Day Nine has two pages - one 4-pocket (all 3x4) and one 3-pocket (2, 3x4 and 1, 4x6).

My story today is simply a round up of a few photos from the last few days from around the house - little looks at things happening around here.


Page one includes a title card, a weather print out from my phone and a photo of hot cocoa for the kids.


To create the title card I stamped and embossed using Green Metallic Zing the stamp with the word "life" onto white cardstock. In the rectangle space I added a gold number 9


On each of the photos I added a cut piece from a Project Life 3x4 Grid Card (cut off tops and bottoms of cards to add to each photo) + a starburst + a sequin + a brad + a word cut from the blue word pattern paper (from the Studio Calico kit).

I like repetition.


These weather screenshots are a really fun way to add some "real-life" to your pages. To take a screenshot on an iPhone hold down the circle button and click the power button. The image is then saved to your camera roll.

From there I open the image in Photoshop and crop it to 3x4 (at 300dpi) and place it on a 4x6 canvas with another 3x4 photo before printing on a 4x6 sheet of photo paper using an Epson Picturemate Show. Check out a video tutorial on placing two 3x4 images on a 4x6 canvas here.


The second page features two more 3x4 photos and a transparent 4x6 with "merry & bright" stitched straight across. You can read more about how I set up my foundation pages here (this one was created in advance when I made a bunch of transparent pages all at once).


I set up a chair and a blanket for George to sit by our back window after I filled up the bird feeder. He liked that.


Click on the images to link to the products.


Check out what the other Studio AE creative team members made with this stamp set:

GIVEAWAY | One person will win a $25 gift certificate to someone who comments on any of the above blogs during the hop. The winner will be announced on the 15th on the Technique Tuesday blog.



Have you checked out Elle’s Studio monthly and exclusive kits (link for December live at 8am PST)? They include more than 24 journaling and embellishment tags that would be perfect for your scrapbooking layouts, cards, and even pocket page scrapbooking. Their monthly kits launch on the 10th of each month, at a special launch day price of $9.99 (at midnight the price goes to the regular price of $11.99). Don’t want to miss their December kit that is perfect for the holidays – once these kits sell out they will not be restocked!


You’re invited to include a link to your DAY NINE page here. Please link directly to your post vs. your general blog link.

45 thoughts

  1. Kathy R

    2013-12-10 16:51:12 -0500

    Great stamps this month. Love how you used it in your DD.

  2. Cynthia Baldwin

    2013-12-10 16:54:58 -0500

    Dang, it's cold there! Love this spread, especially the title card.

  3. Teri

    2013-12-10 16:56:26 -0500

    Super awesome, Ali!

  4. Denise Bryant

    2013-12-10 17:36:51 -0500

    Beautiful pages! Love the touches of gold!

  5. Isabel

    2013-12-10 18:02:39 -0500

    Love the new stamp set as always! Can’t wait to get mine...

  6. Sue FitzGerald

    2013-12-10 18:04:57 -0500

    I love this set, so awesome.

  7. Linda

    2013-12-10 19:27:05 -0500

    Great post! The blog hop is fun!

  8. Mary in IL

    2013-12-10 19:42:00 -0500

    love these stamps Ali and all the ways they were used in the blog hop. Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Laura S.

    2013-12-10 20:01:04 -0500

    Love how you used the stamp set! It really is freezing there, it dropped to negative 3 where I'm from and I think it's already cold.

  10. Mary-Anne V.

    2013-12-10 20:32:04 -0500

    Wonderful pages...its neat to see the stamp in use but also the kinds of things you include on the page (like the weather).

  11. Mel H

    2013-12-10 20:43:30 -0500

    Your December Daily pages are always so inspiring. I love the new stamps!

  12. Michelle K

    2013-12-10 20:49:12 -0500

    I am so excited every month to see the new release!! Love this stamp set...I'm a big fan of frames, and this to me is like sentiment frames!

  13. Little C

    2013-12-10 21:12:10 -0500

    Thanks for the inspiration Ali.

  14. Deb Fynn

    2013-12-10 21:23:34 -0500

    I think I'm gonna have to get these stamps after seeing all the inspiration on everyone's blogs!

  15. Kari V.

    2013-12-10 22:16:48 -0500

    Cute pages! Love this idea!

  16. Jaya

    2013-12-11 02:13:17 -0500

    Gorgeous creation! What can I say...Its so real and day today events...I just love the idea! and love the stamp set and the way you have used it!! thanks a ton for the ideas!

  17. Kaye Jones

    2013-12-11 02:57:09 -0500

    I can't wait to receive my AE Stamp of the month set so I can try it out. I love your pages!

  18. Cheryl H

    2013-12-11 10:11:54 -0500

    Love that you included George... our cats have a spot in the window to watch the birds. Their spot has a blanket as well :)

  19. Sheri E.

    2013-12-11 15:44:36 -0500

    So cute. Love your stamps this month. They work so well for so many things.

  20. Nancy

    2013-12-11 17:13:59 -0500

    Great little stamp set with so many uses.

  21. {vicki}

    2013-12-12 12:38:32 -0500

    I'm enjoying all your dd posts!

  22. Em

    2013-12-12 18:16:06 -0500

    Personally, I go back and forth between Christmas-themed layouts and regular activities in my DD. Not every day's about xmas; even in December. ;)

  23. Sam F

    2013-12-12 20:05:34 -0500

    What a cool stamp set! Looking forward to receiving mine!

  24. Lynda

    2013-12-14 10:28:04 -0500

    It's nice to see a Dec daily page spread with nothing Christmas on it!

  25. Sue D

    2013-12-14 22:23:01 -0500

    Great set for these pages.

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