Hey Friends


Hey friends.

Just a short note to tell you that I'm still here even if this spot has been quiet lately.

I've currently got over 90 drafts in my blog posting folder about everything from how to work with the 3x4 Layered Sentiment Cards to photos from my China trip to "smoochies" to 5 Trips For A Beginning Scrapbooker.

I'm writing. About life and scrapbook pages and finishing projects and birthdays.

I'm creating content for One Little Word. A new prompt will be available on Saturday and there's still time to join if you'd like some inspiration on keeping your word visible throughout the year.

I'm reading. Finished 7 and have started Packing Light. Picking up Wild and making my way through that one. Reading Charlotte's Web to the kids out loud in the evenings could be one of the best decisions I've ever made (we're almost done and will be moving on to The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe). And man it feels so good to be back into the nightly routine of reading books. So, so good.

I'm planning Anna's 5th birthday party for next weekend. Bring on the rainbows.

I'm exercising. I started. For real. And just making the choice to start and actually starting again feels so good. I bought a kettle bell. I set up the TV in my room to do it in the evening after the kids go to bed. I found some workouts on You Tube that I could watch through the Apple TV. And I did them. I went with Katie & Peter last night to the gym for an hour of cardio.

I'm practicing script writing for Kal's Life | Scripted workshop at Studio Calico (see image above). Registration closes soon and class begins February 1.

I'm putting down the phone. That post was such a catalyst for me to make a change and I've thought about it and taken action every single day since then. It's made such a positive impact all around.

I'm planning and dreaming and implementing. Always.

Hope you have an awesome weekend!

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