And Just Like That She's Five


My dear sweet Anna girl,

Last week you turned five.

People always say "it seems like just yesterday" but man it really does happen in the blink of an eye. It feels like you were just an infant. On your birthday I had lots of memories of your actual birth day - it was such a calm and peaceful experience. You were a wonderfully calm little baby girl and your Dad and Simon and I were so, so excited to welcome you into the world.

These days you're all about all sorts of things.

Just recently you've been asking me all kinds of questions about animals.

"Mama, have you ever seen an alligator?"

"Mama, have you ever seen a whale?"

You are a fish. You love swimming lessons and being in the pool and playing with the other kids in your class.

(6 months old in 2009)

You love to color and draw.

You love playing with Barbies and other "people" toys that you can have act out all kinds of stories.

You can often be found singing - both songs you've made up and songs you've heard around here.

Last week you got to travel with Gramma Pati to Seattle to visit cousins and have some special one-on-one time with Grandma. She took you to the American Girl store north of Seattle so you could pick out your very own doll and celebrate your birthday in the restaurant there. You picked Isabelle (the girl of the year for 2014) and it sure looks like you guys are a great match. I love that you got to have this very special experience with your Grandma.

You are growing out your bangs. This means I'm constantly adding a clip to your hair that is usually taken out within a few minutes.

Dresses are still your favorite. You wear a uniform to school everyday and that's made things really simple around here. You almost always choose to wear the jumper.

You love broccoli and roasted brussel sprouts and noodles and rice with soy sauce. And chocolate milk from Costco.

You have a mighty enthusiasm for life.

I love you Anna and I'm so, so thankful you are my daughter.

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  1. Michelle

    2014-02-18 15:00:36 -0500

    5 is magical. Thanks Ali for sharing this beautiful letter to your sweet Anna x

    * edited 08/08/14 05:55PM
  2. C.Robin

    2014-02-18 15:41:37 -0500

    Happy Birthday Anna, Ali she is beautiful.

    * edited 08/08/14 05:55PM
  3. JenC

    2014-02-18 15:57:01 -0500

    This is beautiful Ali.

    * edited 08/08/14 05:55PM
  4. Marti Richards

    2014-02-18 16:05:55 -0500

    Happy Birthday to Anna! I said the same thing when my girl turned 5 in November. Thankfully I have taken a million pictures to prove that she really was a baby b/c I would not have believed it otherwise!

    * edited 08/08/14 05:55PM
  5. Mary R

    2014-02-18 16:11:14 -0500

    I still remember trying to guess what her name would be years ago. She is darling Ali and you are blessed indeed.

    * edited 08/08/14 05:55PM
  6. susan

    2014-02-18 16:49:00 -0500

    Your words are like strawberries and cream, just delightful.

    * edited 08/08/14 05:55PM
  7. Stacy

    2014-02-18 16:49:38 -0500

    Happy birthday, Anna!! My girl loves AG dolls too!!

    * edited 08/08/14 05:55PM
  8. CJ

    2014-02-18 16:55:04 -0500

    Happy Birthday Anna. It makes me realise how long I've been following your blog - longer than five years for sure. My littlest boy is five, such a happy age I think, he is always so full of love for life.

    * edited 08/08/14 05:55PM
  9. Amelia Woodbridge

    2014-02-18 17:31:53 -0500

    Roasted brussel sprouts? Go Anna!

    * edited 08/08/14 05:55PM
  10. rhonda nickol

    2014-02-18 17:34:53 -0500

    Happy 5th Birthday Anna!

    * edited 08/08/14 05:55PM
  11. Christin Dukes

    2014-02-18 18:15:14 -0500

    Wow! It seems like you were just posting you were pregnant. She has grown into a beautiful little girl and 5 is such an awesome age! Enjoy it because before you know it she will be 16!

    * edited 08/08/14 05:55PM
  12. Leslie S.

    2014-02-18 18:43:13 -0500

    Happy Birthday Anna! She is so cute!!

    * edited 08/08/14 05:55PM
  13. Teresa Igo

    2014-02-18 21:06:26 -0500

    ♫♫♫ Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday Sweet Anna,
    Happy Birthday to you! ♫♫♫

    * edited 08/08/14 05:55PM
  14. young

    2014-02-18 22:23:35 -0500

    Great post. Happy Birthday to Anna!

    * edited 08/08/14 05:55PM
  15. Tammy L

    2014-02-19 00:39:09 -0500

    She is absolutely precious...Happy Birthday Anna!

    * edited 08/08/14 05:55PM
  16. Christine

    2014-02-19 00:47:02 -0500

    So sweet that Anna had quality "grandma time". My daughter is 16 and still loves having time alone with my mom.

    * edited 08/08/14 05:55PM
  17. Autumn

    2014-02-19 01:28:30 -0500

    Beautiful, Ali!

    Happy Birthday, Anna!

    I've been meaning to write my boy a letter too so I appreciate your letter! Served as a reminder for me!

    * edited 08/08/14 05:55PM
  18. Cheyne

    2014-02-19 05:54:05 -0500

    Beautiful <3 ...the first ever blog post of yours that I read was entitled "It's a Girl" when you were pregnant. I have read your blog every week since :-)

    * edited 08/08/14 05:55PM
  19. dawn

    2014-02-19 06:08:45 -0500

    I can't believe she's 5 either, keep thinking it should be four. It's been so fun to watch her grow up here on your blog. I love her zest for life and that sweet smile. I know you love having a girl to enjoy the girly things with too, Ali.

    Happy Birthday Anna!! What a great trip for you and grandma, love your new doll. I miss my girls playing with their American Girl dolls, so much fun they had with them.

    Thanks for sharing Ali!

    * edited 08/08/14 05:55PM
  20. Kirsten J

    2014-02-19 12:44:12 -0500

    Golden! Happy birthday Anna!

    * edited 08/08/14 05:55PM
  21. Margi

    2014-02-19 12:59:20 -0500

    Happy Birthday

    * edited 08/08/14 05:55PM
  22. mandy mc

    2014-02-19 13:44:38 -0500

    Thank you for sharing the American Girl experience. We did it near Atlanta, GA and our daughter said it was the best day of vacation. That is saying something because the rest of the trip was at Disney. If anyone out there gets a chance to go please find the sight nearest you and head out! Totally worth the trip.

    * edited 08/08/14 05:55PM
  23. Gypsy Chaos

    2014-02-19 19:06:48 -0500

    If only I had written letters such as these...
    The time doe fly; it's not our imagination!

    I LOVE that Grandma bought Anna her American Girl doll. It seems to be a common tradition among grandmothers. My mother gave my daughter Molly, who was born the same year as my mother. I remember my daughter's fascination. She'd read something in one of the books, and my mom would tell her about her memories of the same time and activity!

    * edited 08/08/14 05:55PM
  24. Jakki

    2014-02-22 10:11:14 -0500

    It does goe by in a blink of the eye and just like that...your five year turns into an 18 year old who has just personally bought his own car or your 5 year old turns into a 21 year moving into his own apartment...*gasp*

    * edited 08/08/14 05:55PM
  25. Vanessa Babin

    2014-02-23 10:08:12 -0500

    Ali, that is beautiful! Baby girls are so sweet. My granddaughter will be 5 this year and it seems like just yesterday we were celebrating her mom's 5th birthday. Enjoy every day, every minute and every second.

    * edited 08/08/14 05:55PM
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