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  • Started soccer. Her team's name is Soccer Chocolate Kittens. Their first game was last Saturday (3 on 3 for 5 minutes or so at a time) and it was just so fun even if they lost 20-0. I love that she gets to run, run and run and that her coach is all about building each other up and teamwork and never giving up. I also loved seeing her out their on the field and her determination when she was really into it. Who knows if this is something she will continue to love but it's great that she's trying and having fun with her friends.

  • Wants me to read Babar to her every night. I so remember reading this as a kid but I so don't remember that he meets Celeste and decides to marry her on the drive between the city and the jungle.

  • Loves school and even loves the after-care program she attends a couple days a week.

  • Smart, smart, smart. Learning all the time. Drawing a ton.

  • One of my personal intentions this year was to really connect with her and I feel that happening and I'm so thankful. She's off school today for Good Friday so I've got a couple things planned for just the two of us (most likely a trip to the library and lunch).


  • Started investing some time in golf over the last couple of months. He's currently practicing hitting balls and putting with a local coach who's also involved in Special Olympics. Looking into whether that would be a good fit for him or just taking him out on his own. He continues to like it and be happy to head out there.

  • The Lego Movie. And The Lego Movie book. Not much of a surprise - he can't wait to see the movie again.

  • He's growing so fast and is in that phase where he needs so much sleep.

  • Transitioning to the teen years. Not even sure how or what to write about this one but it's real. He's emotional and sensitive and tender-hearted and wants to do the right thing and is struggling with frustrations.

  • Has been let behind the curtain on a few very special holiday traditions and is completely embracing his new role as "holiday helper."


  • Digging in the dirt. Got my raised beds set up and started planting a few things: walla walla sweet onions, broccoli, cauliflower, snap peas, cilantro, parsley. Will do more as it continues to warm up.

  • Finally getting the old office furniture out of my bedroom. It's been in there since we remodeled the office over a year ago. Still have a few larger pieces to move out.

  • Breaking Bad. Breaking Bad. Breaking Bad. Aaron and I are in the middle of Season 4. Such an awesome, consuming show.

  • Finding my voice again. There have been many times over the last couple of years where I felt like I had no idea what to say anymore. How do I tell these stories? How do I write when I have no idea who I am anymore? Slowly, slowly feel that fog lifting.

  • Doing a lot of summer logistic planning for the kids with Chris. Attempting to find that balance between summer relaxation, camps, travel, work, camping, etc.

  • Traveled to Houston earlier this week to celebrate my friend Carrie's birthday and have lunch with Brene. So thankful for these two wonderful friends whose support and love mean so much to me.

  • So ready for our local outdoor pool to open - looking forward to swimming laps there this summer and spending time with friends.

Hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend with family and friends.

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