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Katie and I spend a lot of time together working and playing.

We eat lunch together every week day here at my house and are both trying hard to eat healthy most of the time. Most days we go downstairs, make lunch together and sit at the dining table.

Some days we chat but usually I read the paper and she checks out Pinterest while we eat. We're good with quiet and we're good with really big laughter.

We often make "plate" lunches - a combination of stuff like slices of cheese, meat, crackers, fruit, etc. Some days we have soup. Another favorite is steamed broccoli with chicken and either a peanut (goma shabu) or soy (shabu soy) dipping sauce that I often have for making shabu shabu (a favorite Japanese dish).

When the weather warms up we've got plans to eat more lunches outside.

Here's some of the fun things we are loving lately:


Pretzel Crisps & Sabra Classic Hummus | We get both of these at Costco - a big bag of the pretzel crisps & the individual cups of hummus (nice for portion control/not nice for the environment). Katie started on this snack after picking up a little combo pack of Hummus & Pretzels at a local grocery store. It's addicting.


Frosty Light from Rabbit Food For My Bunny Teeth | So I bought a Vitamix. Aaron and I were at Costco a couple weekends ago and it jumped in my cart. I pinned this concoction and we've had it multiple times recently and find it delicious - we even add the chia seeds and I'm a total convert.

Spotify | While working in the office we listen to music. This is a change from when I was working on my own - it was all talk radio all the time. Katie's definitely brought music back into my life (Aaron's helped with that too). I made the leap and am now subscribing to Spotify and I love that I can listen to the playlists in the car. Here's a couple of playlists we are listening to Twin Forks (just their album), Girls Night, Hits Right Now (makes us feel super current - ha) and one Katie made called Feel Good. Find me and the things I've been listening to by searching Ali McDougall Edwards.

Jimmy Johns | Yep. Sandwiches. For some reason Katie and I love this place. I always get the #6 (veggie) + salt & vinegar chipas and Katie almost always gets the #1 (Pepe) + BBQ chips. Sometimes we eat there and sometimes we bring it back and eat at my dining room table.

Project Life Wednesdays | I'm working on a post to share how our block scheduling has been going but I can't post about the things we're into and like doing together without mentioning Project Life. We've designated Wednesdays as Project Life days and after taking care of admin stuff in the morning we dive in and have the best time working on our individual albums together. We usually turn the music up loud and get down to business. This includes finishing up spreads, photographing them and then working on the posts for the following week. We totally look forward to Wednesdays.

Viral You Tube Videos | We like to laugh. We like to be inspired. Some of our current favorites include: Kid President's Letter To A Person On Their First Day Here, pretty much anything from Jimmy Fallon but especially the lip sync battles (Paul Rudd and this one with Joseph Gordon Levitt & Stephen Merchant) and when he sang Let It Go with Idina Menzel & The Roots (that one gets played over and over).

What's something you are really into and loving right now?

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