The Weekend Lens


Ah, a long weekend at home.

The perfect opportunity for some backyard camping on Saturday night and practice for some potential upcoming camping adventures later this summer.

We were joined by Aaron and his three kids which means all kinds of play and fun and food and dolls and legos and messes and laughter.


Two dogs added even more excitement to the mix. Katie's dog Charlotte was here for the day on Saturday and Aaron's dog Woody was here for the whole weekend.


The weather was just right for living outside.


On Friday night we stayed inside - the camping idea manifested itself on Saturday morning. We've done a handful of overnights with everyone all together from time to time - this was the first weekend of all being together two nights in a row at home. Aaron has three kids - a girl and two boys.


First sweet peas.


The peonies that I'm savoring every single day.


A new BBQ that Aaron set up.


Hot dogs (the kind we eat and the kind who run around and around the yard) and cheetos and corn on the cob and watermelon for dinner.


They all did great in the tents - no middle of the night wake-ups. We came inside for breakfast Sunday morning.

NOTE TO SELF | When camping out in the backyard make sure to turn off the sprinkler system. A little early morning wake-up and a run to the garage to turn them off. Only Aaron and I woke up for that excitement.


Eggs and toast all around.


On Monday I took the kids to a birthday party and then ended the weekend with a short swim at the pool before coming home for beans & cheese & chips.

I'm getting excited for summer and the change of routine and pace that brings with it. Planning to work on some sort of summer manifesto this week.

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