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May 16, 2014

Hey Mom | Scrapbook Layout


Hey Mom, I want to have a movie club.

The best thing happened here last weekend.

Simon had some friends over for a movie club.

For many of you that might not seem like anything to celebrate. But for him, it’s huge. I can count on one hand the number of times he’s invited other kids to come over (or that he’s been invited to other kids houses or birthday parties).

Out of the blue (actually from an episode of Adventure Time) he announced late last week that he wanted to invite friends over and watch a couple movies. I said, “Sure, that sounds fun.” and then figured we’d talk about it again later. He ended up going to school on Friday, writing his phone number of strips of paper and inviting kids from his program at school to come over at 2pm on Saturday.

Three boys ended up here on Saturday afternoon (after some good chats with parents) for a couple movies and popcorn and pizza and hanging out. It was awesome.

And he wants to do it again.

Here’s what I created for this story:


A super simple 2-page, 8.5×11 layout with some really big Silhouette cuts to celebrate a really cool day.


For the first page I set up the title and cut it with the Silhouette (font is Sentinel).


I adhered it on top of some white woodgrain cardstock.

Last week in my supply replenishment video I showed a sticker sheet from Teresa Collins – Something Wonderful Stickers – “love this” and the other stickers I used on this layout are from that sheet.


For the second large cut I used some art from my Thank You Friends set.

You can easily trace these PNG files and use them in the Silhouette software. Check out a tutorial here.


After tracing I rotated the “I heart friends” word art and repeated it over and over and then cut it on kraft cardstock.


I adhered that onto a kraft cardstock background. Love the look of the kraft on kraft.


On top of the kraft cut I added the 4×6 photo, two small stickers from the sticker sheet and my journaling printed on colored vellum from Studio Calico.

On top of the photo I added a cut out from one of the Midnight Project Life core kit cards (“this photograph”).

Go, Simon go!


Click on the images to jump to the products.


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  • 1.
    dawn said…

    How exciting for Simon!! When you shared this on your IG, I thought he wanted to start a club making movies. How fun for him to spend the day with some friends watching movies! Great layout!


  • 2.
    Michelle t. said…

    This is so beautiful, what a wonderfully intricate layout, and a beautiful story. Just beautiful. Michelle t

  • 3.
    Ilona said…

    Makes me smile!!

  • 4.
    Robin Gibson said…

    This is awesome (the story!!). And the layout is fantastic of course :) Thanks for sharing! Love when you post this kind of stuff!

  • 5.
    Luciana said…

    One of the most incredible changes in life when we become a mom is that our kids achievments turn to be most more important than our own.

  • 6.
    Kim S (nerdgrl) said…

    Love the Simon’s comment cut out. Will have to try that on some LOs. I never can fit a quote as a title. This might do the trick.

    The writer Ron Suskind has just written a book (and excerpted in the NYTimes ) and been on a number of TV news magazine shows including CBS Sunday Morning, about his autistic son finding a verbal outlet through Disney movies. His son is now graduating from the college that specializes in those very unique students and where he started a Disney movie club. Simon’s ahead of his time!

    I read the article first while at school and was crying by the time I finished. Then, Ron, his wife and their son were interviewed by Leslie Stahl on CBS Sunday Morning and I was teary again.

    • ….
      Nancy said…

      Oh wow! I read the book Life Animated and cried through the whole thing. My DD is a graduate of Riverview School and their GROW program. I loved watching CBS Sunday Morning with Riverview, Owen, Disney Club filmed in the beautiful Simon Library housed in the James Center. Ali, if you have not had a chance, put Life Animated on your reading list. Great read, especially the last chapter.

  • 7.
    4thehunts said…

    Just love it!! such a cool idea for Simon and his friends! Layout is stunning!

  • 8.
    Becky said…

    What a great story! I’m excited for Simon!

  • 9.
    lea lacoste said…

    super cute! every new layout i see you make, i think boy i really need a silhouette! maybe one day <3

  • 10.
    Michelle O said…

    I don’t have a silhouette, but I love the ideas here – the big title on one page and the tone on tone overlay. I think I can replicate with the cricut / gypsy combo!

    thanks for the inspiration!

  • 11.
    Paula said…

    I am smiling from ear to ear too – and I can very much relate to this post with my DD. Have fun Simon!

  • 12.
    Keianna said…

    Go Simon. He is really blossoming this year. Glad it went well :-)

  • 13.
    Cathy Zielske said…

    Damn girl. This is cool. And GO Simon all the way! : )

  • 14.
    angela said…

    So awesome–celebrating with you. And a beautiful layout. Gave me some great ideas.

  • 15.
    Mary Sara P. said…

    Ali, this is so AWESOME! I’m so excited for you and Simon. Yes! Have a great weekend.

  • 16.
    orange gearle said…

    YAY! I knew I would see this one soon when I saw the photo on instagram (or maybe it was Facebook?)! LOVE this! Love watching you parent so beautifully and honestly. Love watching your kiddos grow. THank you, Ali for this creative and personal blog. Go, Ali, Go! :-)

  • 17.
    Carolyn HP said…

    This so awesome! And yay for fun times with friends! Have a great weekend!

  • 18.
    Gabi said…

    This is awesome! Love the design of your layout, Ali! Have a wonderful weekend.

  • 19.
    Jenny B. said…

    So cool! Yay for Simon! Where will the layout end up? In an 8.5×11 album or as an insert in Project Life or something else?

  • 20.
    Laura said…

    That’s so awesome, Ali. A great thing to celebrate on a page. The title page is very cool and I like the added texture of the woodgrain behind it.

  • 21.
    young said…

    Love the two page layout and the great story it shares. Happy Friday!

  • 22.
    StacyK said…

    Love this Ali! I want to try it!!!!

  • 23.
    Debbie Piercey said…

    That is awesome & so exciting for Simon! Love, love, love your double page spread!

  • 24.
    Jennifer K said…

    Go, Simon! And way to be open to making that happen for him, Ali. And, I’m thrilled you shared the woodgrain cardstock link. I can’t get enough woodgrain!

  • 25.
    Tinka said…

    Way to go, Simon!! That is so awesome!

    Ali, I was working on clearing and sorting through all the papers and magazines I’ve been collecting and pulled out your book, A Designer’s Eye 2. I really enjoyed looking at your earlier layouts about Simon, knowing how much he has grown (on all ways) and all that he has accomplished since then!


  • 26.
    Maureen said…

    Ali, that is such a big breakthrough for Simon. The grandmother in me is so touched. <3

  • 27.
    Anne said…

    So happy for all of you! Big step for Simon-yeah! Love your layouts, Ali. They’re simple and clean but have a “wow” factor. Love the idea of using the cutouts like this – can’t wait to try it!

  • 28.
    KarynS said…

    Go Simon Go!!

  • 29.
    Cindy said…

    I just love this (story and layout). Your little buddy is growing up into a fine young man. What a truly inspirational story. GO SIMON……YOU’RE AWESOME!!

  • 30.
    Christine said…

    Awesome layout for about an awesome kid. Go Simon!

  • 31.
    Donna M said…

    I love this layout so much! Also with a son with ASD and no close friends (except one online on the other side of the world), I totally know how awesome this would be to see this happening.

  • 32.
    Teri H. said…

    Man, I really need to use my electronic-cutter more often. These are great, Ali.

  • 33.
    Tracey said…

    Your heart must be filled with happiness at the moment, Ali. Great steps for Simon and a great page. Love :-)

  • 34.
    Debbie said…

    This is beautiful! Go Simon Go!!!

  • 35.
    Lori Ledford said…

    Your work always inspires me to reach new creative heights, but this one in particular struck a chord. Thank you for sharing such a treasured moment, I will be earmarking this project for future reference in hopes that I’ll be able to create just such a layout for my 7 year old autistic daughter, we’re not there yet, but she is beginning to make those important peer connections.

  • 36.
    Stacey said…

    Such an awesome milestone for Simon – that’s awesome. And, of course, a beautiful layout as well.

  • 37.
    Megan said…

    What website did you get the Sentinel font?

  • 38.
    cinback said…

    Ok, that kraft on kraft effect is fabulous…

  • 39.
    Jules said…

    Looks like THRIVE might be your whole family’s word this year :)

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