Project Life® 2014 | Week Sixteen (Studio Calico Project Life® Kit)


Say hello to Project Life® 2014 | Week Sixteen (April 14th through April 20th). You can check out all the new kits for June (called Hello Hello) over at Studio Calico here: Scrapbook Kit | Project Life® Kit | Card Kit.

Never underestimate the power of the pen.

Maybe I should also say, "never underestimate the power of pink." I actually have a draft post in progress talking about my developing interest/love for the color pink.

Pink + gold = even more fun.

Pink + gold + a whole lot of handwriting = Week Sixteen.

Here's a look:


Writing on photos. Writing on journaling cards. Writing anywhere I can add-in a few more words. I really liked being really "loose" and "playful" with my pens this week.

Pink pen is a Distress Marker from Tim Holtz (color is Picked Raspberry). Super fun to work with this pen for writing out some of the journaling this time - love that it has two tip sizes.

Black pens are a Medium Slick Writer and a .03 Precision Pen.


I had a really hard time photographing this spread. I think it was a combination of the time of day, the weather, and something seems to be up with my lens creating a blur in the upper left corner consistently. Might be time for a new lens.


I've got a new set of digital art coming out soon that will include the "God Bless" sentiment above.


This was the week of Easter. Because I already did a layout that included more photos and the longer story from Easter I was fine with just adding in one/two photos here.


The little pink letter stickers in this kit are awesome.


I used another one of thoseSimple Stories 3x4 Photo Flips to hold the circle embellishment. I used a 2-inch circle punch to remove that from the filler card.


To keep it in one place I stapled it with the Tiny Attacher.

AE_PL2014_WK16_Easter copy

Great example of being more playful with my pens and using the space and lines in the photo to add words.


  • Get out those pens and use them! Get playful and mess around and think more in terms of "art-journaling" vs. "scrapbooking." If you think in your head you are "art-journaling" then you might just give yourself a little more freedom and permission to play with your words.
  • Is there a color you resist? Consider embracing it and see where it takes you. I've been warming up to pink slowly but surely over the last few years. Purple might be next.


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Project Life® is a product and a system and a lifestyle created by Becky Higgins. It can be anything you want it to be. The core pieces used in my album are available here. If you live outside the US check Becky’s site for more information on sources. View all my posts about Project Life® here.

25 thoughts

  1. Monica L.

    2014-05-28 02:09:23 -0400

    Love ur PL. I need some advise. I finally caught up with the weeks' pictures but I'm missing the journaling for the last 3 years including this one. I think I take so much time editing/deciding which pictures to go with my weeks and also planning which page design to use. How do u select the pictures or if you plan what page design u will be using? Any help from anyone will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  2. Alida

    2014-05-28 03:11:49 -0400

    Oh, wonderful pages. I've also been feeling like giving my Pl more of an art jounaling approach, but were hesitant because there isn't a lot of inspiration out there in this style. Or at least not that I've come across. But you've nailed it!

  3. Michelle t.

    2014-05-28 07:09:02 -0400

    I love the idea to use the Distress markers for journaling. Between OLW and layouts and Project Life you've inspired me to write and write some more. It's ended up being very important to me. Thank you. Oh and I just love the pretty softness of the pink and gold. Michelle t

  4. Laura

    2014-05-28 08:36:36 -0400

    I love the "words from mom" box on the pink journaled card! Beautiful colors.

  5. Kelsey McEvoy

    2014-05-28 09:14:39 -0400

    Your handwriting is THE BEST, Ali! #swoon

    And pink? Oh man, I love pink. I was actually standing over my PL album late last night, looking back and forth between what's already in the pockets for Week 21 and what was on my computer screen (to go in the pockets for Week 21), and noticed that there was so much pink and laughed to myself about the week feeling more like Valentine's Day than just a regular week.

    And gold? Gold has never been my thing, but in the last month or so I've totally jumped on the bandwagon. I am a full supporter of pink, gold, and pink + gold.

    And that HIGH FIVE card?! I need it...

  6. Susan

    2014-05-28 09:35:40 -0400

    Interesting about pink; I keep saying I don't like pink, at all and yet - it keeps cropping up here and there in things I craft and my pages too. I keep trying to hold it back. Maybe I just need to let go too. Looks like a great week for you. Carrie is still beautiful - is she still scrapbooking (loved her work!)?

  7. Mary Sara P.

    2014-05-28 10:36:47 -0400

    Love the pink! Love this layout for this week. It's one of my favorite colors and I can't get enough of it. Now gold, not so much and never thought to combine it with gold but I like that combination and am going to have to try it out.

  8. Gidget_9

    2014-05-28 11:19:25 -0400

    For years I have declared that I hate pink, that the only good pink thing is a flamingo. I'm a redhead and pink just clashes. I find it very frustating that most manufacturers think just because you are a girl you have to have the product in pink. I don't want pink golf clubs - plain black are fine with me. Even with that said, I still add pink into a lot of my spreads. My daughter loves pink and most of my spreads where she is involved include pink. I guess this is where I get my pink fix and just let it flow freely. Pink & Gold is a definite "gotta have." Somehow it makes the pink less pink for me. You nailed it with this spread. Love that High Five card. Way to go with the letterpress, hope to see more of it soon. Go Ali Go!

  9. Casie

    2014-05-28 11:22:21 -0400

    I was just wondering how to write on photos!!!!

  10. Kinjal

    2014-05-28 12:06:57 -0400

    Ali, is Hello Hello for May or June? :). Love the layout, especially that beautiful photo of Anna!

  11. Jo-Anne

    2014-05-29 04:42:45 -0400

    Just to beautiful and playful for words Ali!

    You can see you had loads of fun with the PINK pen and this layout:-)

    Isn't scrapbooking just the MOST AMAZING way to document our lives and memories?

  12. MelissaL

    2014-05-29 09:06:08 -0400

    C'mon, Ali: embrace the purple! Tim Holtz has wonderful purple colors. The lilac (can't recall the actual name) is lovely, and milled lavender so subtly sublime, and seedless preserves is positively delectable. I did my OLW cards for May with (mostly) Tim's purples, and the results are pretty stunning, if I do say so myself. :)

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  19. Katia Fratticci

    2014-06-10 22:04:25 -0400


    How do you manage to document so much with your words? Do you keep a journal or use an app? I find myself lacking in the written department because by the time I sit down to work on my project life some time has passed and it is hard to express through journaling! Any tips on how to balance out photos with words?

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  25. veronique

    2014-06-19 11:51:38 -0400

    I am new to Project Life (just started last month!) and I love finding inspiration for my pages. Yours are beautiful - I'm so happy I stumbled across this blog!

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