Father's Day Calendar


The kids celebrated Father's Day with Chris a last weekend since he was going to be out of town on the actual day.

Chris is really awesome at making sure I get celebrated on Mother's Day so it's important for me to do the same for him. Even if we aren't married any longer we still share awesome kids and he is a great Dad.

He's my partner in parenting and he does a damn good job at it.


For 2014 I decided to make him a calendar using photos of the kids from the last few years using Artifact Uprising's Wood Calendar.

It turned out awesome.

The kids loved looking through it and I'm pretty sure he loved it too.


I liked the idea that it was something he could have at his desk or attach somewhere using a magnet (comes on the back of the wood).


The actual process was super easy and quick. Like less than 30 minutes to select and upload photos. These would make great gifts for all kinds of occasions.

DISCLOSURE | Just a note that this is not a sponsored post. I selected and purchased this product on my own. I did recently work with Artifact Uprising and they supplied me with a photobook for my Kauai vacation which you can ready about here. I do use affiliate links so if you click over to Artifact Uprising and end up purchasing something I will receive a small percentage of your purchase.

20 thoughts

  1. Michelle t.

    2014-06-12 08:03:21 -0400

    That's awesome. Michelle t

  2. HeatherC

    2014-06-12 08:44:35 -0400

    I think is is so classy of you to acknowledge that marriage does not equal parenting and that even though you and Chris have ended your marriage, you still have children together and are in this together. Kudos to you for being such a great example to your kids.

  3. laura g.

    2014-06-12 09:14:48 -0400

    so happy you and Chris are parenting together and are not bitter towards one another...so wish this was the case in other divorces...put the kids first!! took my ex son in law years to realize that...my daughter was so patient with him...and we did not ever bad mouth him in front of the kids...to do so would have wounded my grandson's hearts... go, Ali, go!!

  4. Terri

    2014-06-12 09:19:59 -0400

    It's great that you see each other as partners in the parenting. I want one of those calendars for myself. They are too cute. Think I might have to make myself one:)

  5. Tracy

    2014-06-12 09:27:46 -0400

    Thanks for sharing Ali...just checked out the site...awesome! I give you and Chris so much credit! What a blessing for your children to have parents who put them first before their own feelings or selfishness. This world would be a much better place if more people could do that. Go Ali and Chris Go!!!! : )

  6. Megan Anderson

    2014-06-12 09:47:47 -0400

    This is so awesome, Ali! I love it.

  7. Karen C

    2014-06-12 10:01:44 -0400

    What a wonderful gift! I just went to their website, they have some great stuff. Thanks.

  8. Taylor

    2014-06-12 10:09:58 -0400

    I love the work that Artifact Uprising does! So gorgeous and simple.


  9. {vicki}

    2014-06-12 10:37:02 -0400

    Too bad more parents don't work together like you and Chris!

  10. Leslie S.

    2014-06-12 12:40:54 -0400

    That's beautiful and I'm sure Chris loved it. So nice to hear that you both have your kids as your priority. That's not always the case and it's always the kids who suffer for it. Kudos to you both.

  11. Shawna Zervos

    2014-06-12 16:38:46 -0400

    What a beautiful idea! I'm going to keep this in my memory bank for Christmas this year. thank you so much for sharing so many wonderful ideas.

  12. Jan From Canada living in Australia

    2014-06-12 17:26:39 -0400

    your a class act Ali…

  13. Paula

    2014-06-12 19:51:14 -0400

    This is a gift to treasure!

  14. Becky Marrs

    2014-06-12 21:47:49 -0400

    Your children will thank you! I was fortunate to have a great relationship with our two boy's Dad, they were 3 and 6yo when we divorced and are now 36 and 33; and they are so grateful for the respect we continue to show one another. Life is too short!

  15. Pam Abbott

    2014-06-13 01:23:15 -0400

    You Rock Ali! I don't know many women or men who would continue to honor their ex. I love that you make a point to do so and view the relationship as a partnership. As a product of divorce, it would have made everything a lot easier...heck, it would make it a lot easier now with their granchildren!

  16. Friday 5 | hello krista.

    2014-06-13 05:25:05 -0400

    […] Loving this for Father’s Day but really for any day! What a lovely gift. I’m pretty sure I can come […]

  17. Tammie J.

    2014-06-13 09:55:02 -0400

    Inspiring in so many ways, Ali!

  18. annie samuels

    2014-06-16 19:21:32 -0400

    I love this idea. And I applaud your relationship with Chris after divorce. Your kids are so blessed.

  19. Adrienne

    2014-06-16 20:28:24 -0400


  20. Merry Mom

    2014-06-17 10:58:43 -0400


    My parents divorced over 40 years and although I am 52 years old, I still remain so grateful that my parents never involved me and my siblings in their "divorce issues". Although I know NOW that my mother could have made cutting remarks about my dad on many occasions, she always encouraged us to maintain a good relationship with our dad. I am sure she was biting her tongue many times and she never showed any bitterness about my dad. In addition, my dad always speaks positively about my mom and always has said what a great mom we have.

    Although my parents are not "friends", they have both always separated the "no longer spouses" from "working together as parents" and through the years, can be at holiday and family events without creating any drama. I

    I am very thankful that my mom and my dad have always taken the high road and I wish more people would do this.

    My brother, two sisters, and I have reaped the benefits of having parents who act like ADULTS.

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