Father's Day Calendar


The kids celebrated Father's Day with Chris a last weekend since he was going to be out of town on the actual day.

Chris is really awesome at making sure I get celebrated on Mother's Day so it's important for me to do the same for him. Even if we aren't married any longer we still share awesome kids and he is a great Dad.

He's my partner in parenting and he does a damn good job at it.


For 2014 I decided to make him a calendar using photos of the kids from the last few years using Artifact Uprising's Wood Calendar.

It turned out awesome.

The kids loved looking through it and I'm pretty sure he loved it too.


I liked the idea that it was something he could have at his desk or attach somewhere using a magnet (comes on the back of the wood).


The actual process was super easy and quick. Like less than 30 minutes to select and upload photos. These would make great gifts for all kinds of occasions.

DISCLOSURE | Just a note that this is not a sponsored post. I selected and purchased this product on my own. I did recently work with Artifact Uprising and they supplied me with a photobook for my Kauai vacation which you can ready about here. I do use affiliate links so if you click over to Artifact Uprising and end up purchasing something I will receive a small percentage of your purchase.

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