I Love Watching You Play | Multi-Page Scrapbook Layout + Video Overview

I Love Watching You Play by Ali Edwards

Today I'm sharing a layout here and over on the Studio Calico blog that was inspired by a page in the Member Gallery by Pam:


It's likely not much of a surprise to you guys that I like two-page layouts that incorporate a full-page photo. It's hard to beat the visual impact that comes from an enlarged photo.

On Pam's page I especially liked all the white space on the second page, the enlarged type (part of a phrase) and the stitched circles across the bottom and the top.

With those design elements in mind I looked at my list of layouts I want to make and decided to get the story of Anna's first soccer season into layout form.

As you probably know by now, I like to blog many of my stories first and then turn them into layouts. Why? Usually it's because I get more of the story told since I'm focusing on the words first and then creating a design to fit my words vs. making my words fit my design. Obviously I don't do this for every story or every layout, but the ones where I tell a more complete story tend to be my favorites.

Here's a look at what I came up with ( video follows with a walk-through below):

I Love Watching You Play by Ali Edwards

This is a 4-page layout. Here's a break down:

  • One full page 8.5x11 photo
  • One full page of pattern vellum + labels
  • One photo collage (front and back) that measures 5 x 11
  • One 8.5x11 page of journaling

I Love Watching You Play by Ali Edwards

The full page photo includes just a few embellishments added to the bottom left corner. These include phase stickers from the following sets: Pink Paislee Sunshine Collection, Studio Calico South Of Market Phrase Stickers, and Cosmo Cricket Punch Me Tiny Text.

In addition I added a little white star sequin attached with a small silver brad.

I Love Watching You Play by Ali Edwards

On the front side of the  pattern vellum I added my title. The font I used is My Underwood (I say it wrong in the video).

I Love Watching You Play by Ali Edwards

When you turn the vellum over I've repeated the same label shape with a different collection of embellishments.

I Love Watching You Play by Ali Edwards

Using the punched out section of the gold-rimmed label (see video for visual) I traced the area and then cut it out of the Turnip The Beet pattern paper. On top of that I layered another sticker from the Pink Paislee set and added another star/brad combo.

I like repetition.


The next page in the layout is 2, 5 inch x 11 inch photo collages I put together in Photoshop. I printed them on photo paper and then adhered them back to back. For printing at home I use an Epson R2000.

I Love Watching You Play by Ali Edwards

After adhering the two photo collages back to back I slipped them into a 8.5x11 page protector. To make the page protector a custom size I placed it on my trimmer (with the photo page inside) and cut it, leaving about 1/4 inch of space along the edge. To seal up the page I used some star washi tape.

A single circle chipboard embellishment was added to the front of the photo collage. These were from an embellishment kit at Studio Calico that is no longer available.

I Love Watching You Play by Ali Edwards

The backside of the photo collage page includes a few more of the phrase stickers and another small white star/brad combo.

I Love Watching You Play by Ali Edwards

Along the edge I added a 2-inch plastic tab and stamped "just awesome" using my Just Awesome stamp set + Mint Hint ink.


And the last page is the full story. As I mention in the video below I originally intended to fit the journaling into about the same amount of space as Pam took up for her title in the inspiration layout. Once I started flowing my text in from the blog post it was obvious it was going to need more space.

I know including this much text isn't for everyone, but man it has my heart.


In case you are interested, the green Copic marker I used is from this set and the plain 8.5 inch x 11 inch vellum I used in the video that I didn't end up incorporating into the layout.


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15 thoughts

  1. Dori

    2014-06-25 08:52:31 -0400

    Since I do not do PL, I love seeing your full page layouts. This 4-pager in particular is absolutely stunning in its design and simplicity. Your adorable pictures really tell the story and I, too, love full page photos. Thank you kindly for the video. I learn so much from you!

  2. michelle t

    2014-06-25 09:59:44 -0400

    Love the impact a full page photo leaves on the layout. Also love that the story is a full page. The title's great too. Michelle t

  3. Mary Sara P.

    2014-06-25 10:19:16 -0400

    Ali, I just love the inspiration and heartful stories that you share. Thank you! Have a wonderful day.

  4. Debbie

    2014-06-25 10:42:34 -0400

    Love, love, love this Ali. A perfect way to tell this story!

  5. Helen Rosen

    2014-06-25 11:06:05 -0400

    Love the layout and I really love the embellishments...so simple and so perfect!

  6. Patti L

    2014-06-25 11:30:24 -0400

    I am loving how you are sharing your process lately, very inspiring! I love large photos. I am starting to love 8.5x11 more than any other size, particularly for hypbrid layouts which I can print myself.
    Thinking I may need to start blogging/writing more regularly to get my stories down, because I get too far behind then I forget details!

  7. Terri

    2014-06-25 11:43:48 -0400

    Absolutely beautiful.

  8. {vicki}

    2014-06-25 12:11:09 -0400

    My biggest problem is SHORTENING STORIES>>>>
    I need to layouts like this so I can incorporate the whole thing!

  9. Sheila Miller

    2014-06-25 12:42:03 -0400

    I love the videos because it seems to bring everything to life! Thanks for "not" shortening the stories...

  10. Michelle L

    2014-06-25 13:08:10 -0400

    You posted this at the perfect time for me! I am working on my youngest son's birth story (he's 3 months old) right now and I have so many pictures and of course a lot to say. I was trying to do hidden journaling but I didn't want to lose any of the story. I just set it aside because I was completely stumped! Your video inspired me. Now I have a better idea of how to work everything I want into the layout.

    Thank you! And I love the layout! =)

  11. Taylor

    2014-06-25 13:34:25 -0400

    The layout that you did is adorable. I'm really into the column of photos you made; it looks wonderful.


  12. Rina

    2014-06-25 23:48:22 -0400

    Love the text Ali. It would be great to see more,of it in scrapbooking. Story is so important, thanks for sharing.

  13. Sue Alg

    2014-06-26 07:36:41 -0400

    I like this idea and I'll probably incorporate as 8x10 inserts in my PL scrapbook. I agree the story is important and I often create full page or 4x8 insert pages in my scrapbook to make sure I capture the story.

  14. Melissa

    2014-06-26 08:58:30 -0400

    I love this! I've been wanting to incorporate more layouts in different sizes and this has me inspired! Thanks for sharing.

  15. Kirstie

    2014-06-26 21:34:57 -0400

    Love it!Love the four pages and the use of the vellum piece.

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