Things I'm Working On


I'm working on going through all the kids clothes - it's that time of year when I assess what, if anything, they need for summer. Anna and I tackled her closet last weekend and bagged up anything that was too small or too worn (which ended up being quite a few things). She wore a uniform for school this year which was awesome and she definitely needs a few updates for summer (a couple dresses, a couple pairs of shorts and t-shirts). Limited choices have been working well for the uniform so I'm thinking of approaching her summer clothes in the same way.

I'm working on getting to 10,000 steps each day and using a FitBit to track it. And let me tell you, as someone who works on a computer a lot of the day, it IS work. For me it means I have to go for a walk - which was really the whole point for me.

I'm working on not taking things so seriously. Ha. Always.

I'm working on loving my home for what it is right now. This book The Nesting Place: It Doesn't Have to Be Perfect to Be Beautiful is helping.

I'm working on letting things happen in their own sweet time. My timeline is not the only timeline.

I'm working on some cool behind the scenes stuff for my business. Stuff that I think you guys will be excited about. Stuff that I'm feeling pretty darn excited about.

I'm working on keeping the kitchen counters clear of stuff. Do something with the stuff rather than let it pile up. Put it where it goes. "One touch" is my mantra - recycle, garbage, or put it away where it goes.

I'm working on not working on so many things. Ha. I listened to a podcast from The Art Of Simple recently that talked about ennegrams. I don't know much about those at all but I did one of the tests and based on those results I think I'm a #1 - The Reformer. There's a whole lot of me, even the parts of me I dislike, in that description. (The next closest for me was #3 - The Achiever.)

What are you guys working on these days?

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  1. laura g.

    2014-06-17 08:58:27 -0400

    I'm working on getting my kitchen counters cleaned off too! must be a universal thing..
    working on getting more rest...being a breast cancer survivor and off chemo since March 31st and owner of a new pacemaker since March 5th and working full's tough to LET STUFF GO...and go to bed...ha! it's still there tomorrow AND the next day...
    working on getting rid of stuff...boxing up stuff..i am determined NOT to buy any more plastic totes! get rid of stuff and use the ones I have...
    working on making time for my's grandkids LOVE to look at my PL...
    most important, working on being a better, kinder person...

  2. [email protected]

    2014-06-17 09:08:09 -0400

    There's way too much happening here to mention ..
    but wanted to say that l'm excited that you're excited about your new project. Can't wait to see what it is. I need a real boost at the moment to get those creative juices going again.

  3. Allison

    2014-06-17 09:21:46 -0400

    Love Anna's hair! Just took the test and scored highest as an Achiever. Looking forward to reading more about it.

  4. Kristin Burge

    2014-06-17 09:50:47 -0400

    LOVE your website-always a source of inspiration. QUESTION: I am really curious about the fitbit...which one do you use? Love the idea of being accountable and moving more.

  5. J Allen

    2014-06-17 10:00:04 -0400

    I recently worked on a list of things I wanted to do this summer by looking back at my goals for the year. I'm a list maker by nature, but I'm also trying to NOT make any list "the law" for my life!

    I'm now working on pictures, editing, uploading to Shutterfly, putting in albums. I still love the thought of my family being able to pull an album down from the shelf filled with forgotten memories!

    I'm also working on some home diy projects. I'm a pretty descant "handy man"(for a girl, lol) but have put off some things I've wanted to do. As well as some things I've left half done!

    I'm working on completing some smaller theme albums. I fight not feeling selfish when I scrapbook or create because I do it for myself. It's great my family has the books to look at but it's my lives blood that feeds from these projects. And I would be okay if no other person ever looked at anything I create.

    So, here's to fighting the negative voice in my mind! And happy right now to you ;)

  6. Jackie Bremer

    2014-06-17 10:19:19 -0400

    I could say "ditto" to your list and it is a comfort to know I am not alone!

  7. Tanya N.

    2014-06-17 10:31:42 -0400

    This post really inspired me. I feel a bit overwhelmed by everything I feel I need to do and it paralyzes my thinking at times. I used this format on my personal blog and it helped me to realize I am really getting things done!

  8. Shanon Gibson

    2014-06-17 10:38:46 -0400

    I'm working in increasing my steps, too. I have the FitBit One and I love it, however, we have a swimming pool and now that I'm swimming more and since the FitBit One isn't waterproof, my activity isn't being tracked and my steps are decreasing. Not even getting in time on the elliptical is getting me close to the 10,000 steps.

  9. Heather

    2014-06-17 11:19:45 -0400

    Ugh I am working on trying to live in the now, not in "someday".

  10. Patti L

    2014-06-17 11:36:17 -0400

    Interesting on the ennegram, I always like stuff like that, I am a 6, the loyalist. Pretty right on and also some parts of that I don't like. Always a work-in-progress.
    I am working on my new house! After being in a state of transition for 4 years, it is a whole new world again having to take care of something new. Also balancing having a big project with the regular stuff of life, work, yoga practice, relationships, scrapbooking, etc.
    Excited to see what new business ventures you have going!

  11. Debbie

    2014-06-17 12:56:07 -0400

    I'm working on clearing my desk and boxing up all old year files or outdated in my filing cabinet. Attempting to streamline the scrapbooking supplies. If I don't use it right away it tends to take over and have a life of it's own "clutter". I want to get back on track with documenting PL as the week is happening as opposed to later on because later tends to create piles of stuff!
    I recently lost my mother in late May and I'm working through all the emotions that come with such a deep lose. I would like to include a unique tribute to her in my project life album for the week of the funeral and visitation. This is the really hard stuff of life and to help with the raw emotion I am attempting to walk, get outside, feel the sun on my face, and the wind in my hair. I too am attempting 10,000 steps and I need to get my body moving. Nike Fuel band is what I use. The right now is where I am living. My daughter asked when I was crying one day, "if I was okay?" I said, "No, but I will be someday." The stages of grief should be incorporated into our memory keeping. The celebration of ones life is so important for us all to cope and move on in a new normal. If you have any suggestions please share.
    I'm looking forward to your new products! I always love everything that you do.

  12. Kelsey McEvoy

    2014-06-17 13:40:23 -0400

    Such a fun twist on the regular ol' Currently or Around Here type of posts!

    Where is Anna's duvet from? I LOVE IT!

  13. Traci Brookes

    2014-06-17 15:33:02 -0400

    Working on: cleaning in preparation to leave on a trip for 3 weeks. Does anyone else do nutsy cleaning before leaving?

    Reading: NOT reading any more books on what I need to change, improve upon, or how dystfunctional my marriage is. Fun Reading is the goal for the summer.... starting with Kate MOrton's The House at Riverton (love, love, love her books)

    Trying to pick up my needlework again. Unfinished projects need to get done.

    Learning to BE who I am and where I am in life right now. (This is not as easy as it sounds).

  14. Jan

    2014-06-17 17:08:35 -0400

    Those of you interested in the enneagram might want to google Leigh Kramer and check out her blog.

  15. Maureen

    2014-06-17 18:14:44 -0400

    I'm working on cleaning out almost 70 years of life stuff, so I won't leave it all to my wonderful dil to deal with. Box by box.(ty Anne Lamott, Bird by Bird)

    I too am Enneagram #1, and I have to remind myself it took me all my life (and some of my mother's and my adult children's) to collect all this stuff so patience, patience, patience. That's the plan but sometimes I get so frustrated that I put it all off. Perfect or nothing. Sound familiar? :(

    I'm also working on having fun reading this summer too. And if the book doesn't grab me, into the giveaway box it goes. No guilt about that anymore.

    Thanks for the FitBit reminder. I need a new band because two of the original black ones snapped on me. I'm going to pay more money and get a colorful one now. Working on getting things that will help me even if it means spending money I 'shouldn't have to' spend. I'm worth it even if FitBit design let me down.

  16. Michelle

    2014-06-17 23:55:22 -0400

    Totally inspired to do a 'working on' blogpost... I dont mind the currently's or right now's but working on fits me much better I think.
    As for my working on ... I am working on Christmas... crazy huh! I seriously do not want to live through another crazy lead up to Christmas EVER again. I have decided that it will be a handmade Christmas so I can work on a bunch of things between now and November (my self imposed timeframe) and enjoy the creative process. December Daily was so fun and I want to make sure I have lots of time to create.

  17. doreen obrien

    2014-06-18 01:32:57 -0400

    I'm never ending on working to trust more and have stronger faith. I have a kid studying in Australia and my second kid had cancer. I'm still trying to figure out away to get some sleep.

  18. Jo-Anne

    2014-06-18 02:30:17 -0400

    Hey Ali!

    Gosh, you made me smile when i read this post. I see so much of myself in what you wrote. Like:

    I’m working on not taking things so seriously.

    I’m working on loving my home for what it is right now.

    I’m working on letting things happen in their own sweet time. My timeline is not the only timeline.

    But, in the end i guess it makes us who we are - PRECIOUS, UNIQUE, BEAUTIFUL HUMAN BEINGS:-)

  19. J3SS1C4

    2014-06-18 10:58:51 -0400

    What a fun post idea! My list is long, so I'll give it some thought and get back to this one. I was thinking since it's my birthday tomorrow and I need a new birthday challenge, of doing an unfinished projects challenge, and this seems like it's something that I would be able to tie in to it :)

  20. MaryAnn

    2014-06-18 11:22:19 -0400

    This made me make my own list. Thanks Ali.

    1. Using my Fitbit Flex to get in more walking. Goal is to walk 25km in an event in October.

    2. Clearing out and donating my daughter's clothes, toys, books that are not needed anymore. Decluttering!

    3. My daughter will be at the cottage for 5 weeks with my parents and my husband and I will be going up and back on 3 of the weekends so

    a) I am collecting supplies for craft ideas from pinterest so that we can complete some of the projects at the cottage.

    b) Planning date nights with my husband and home improvement projects to complete while in the city without a child or dog!

    Happy Summer everyone!

  21. Sandy

    2014-06-18 15:02:56 -0400

    I'm working on finding my new normal after my marriage crumbled - we were together 14 years - and have been apart over 18 months - and still I struggle.
    I'm working on finding out who I really am - I let him form who I was....and I'm slowly discovering that person wasn't really me.
    I'm working on being ok with the messes and imperfections.
    I'm working on enjoying my kids' stages rather than fighting against them......the last thing I want is for them to become what I think they should....I want them to become what they think they should.
    I am working on enjoying my job. I don't feel valued in my work but it pays the bills.....I need to focus on what I enjoy about it so I can really make a difference.
    I am working on being happy again.

    Thank you Ali for your blog....

  22. Jackie QH

    2014-06-19 01:42:59 -0400

    I have been trying to rearrange my craft room so I can put another table in there! One for scrabooking and one for all my other projects!

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  24. Jessica @ The Mom Creative

    2014-06-22 10:51:02 -0400

    I love seeing our worlds collide. Nester is a dear friend of mine - isn't her book wonderful!? And Leigh (who was on that podcast with Tsh) just helped me strip my son's wallpaper in his room a month ago. :) Good stuff, Ali!

  25. Michelle

    2014-07-01 17:43:29 -0400

    I am a cleaner too before I leave on vacation. It is nice to come home to a clean house.

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