The Weekend Lens

Summer is for adventuring.

As soon as I wrote that I thought, life is for adventuring.

While Simon and Anna spent time with Chris this weekend, Aaron and I took his three kids over to the coast for a couple of days (outside Newport, Oregon). It's been really hot (90's) in Eugene but it was significantly cooler over on the coast.

It was one of those weekends filled with walks on the beach, multiple trips to the swimming pool, special candy, and a couple movies.

Just right.

Here's a look at the weekend in photos. Most of these were taken with my iPhone + a few with my Canon 5D.

A few specific things I want to remember:

  • The awesomeness and ease of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
  • One of Aaron's kids asking me to make a "craft" of our adventures this weekend.
  • The gift of being open - to little hearts and all of it.
  • Swimming in an outdoor heated pool in the evening mist.
  • The flowers around the Inn At Otter Crest were awesome.
  • Starting a puzzle with my morning coffee and Aaron helping me finish it up after the kids went to sleep.

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